Which Social Network is Best for Business?
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Which Social Network is Best for Business?

not sure which social network is the
right one for your business this year stick around I’m gonna help you figure
this out welcome back ladies and gentlemen I’m
Dan from Millennialmotivator.CA helping you learn how to create engage
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this year Monday through Saturday putting out new videos every day to help
you guys grow your business as an entrepreneur online today what we’re
talking about is which social media network is right for you and your
business and let’s be honest this isn’t an easy topic every day there’s new
innovations coming out from Twitter LinkedIn Facebook YouTube Instagram
snapchat ready you name it the social communities out there are booming and
they’re constantly in competition constantly changing and people are often
wondering which one is the best one for me I’m going to give you some tips today
so get your notepad out get ready to jot this down I’m gonna help you figure out
which social network is best for you and your business all right number one first
and foremost what you need to consider is this who is your customer what’s your
community what base do you have that you are trying to serve now this may seem
like an overly simplified question but every business out there should have
that in mind who is it that I’m trying to serve with my product or service if
you haven’t done that already that’s that’s number one on the list you’ve got
to do that but once you’ve got that nailed down you know what your dream
customer looks like you know where those people are coming from and what they’re
doing then it’s easier for you to select a social media network if you know that
your target demographic is young teens then you probably are looking more to
snapchat YouTube Instagram that style of social network that has younger teens
that are out there and using those network to actively if you’re a b2b
service provider snapchat may not be the best place for you a network like
LinkedIn is clearly gonna be something of greater value to you because that’s
where your demographic lives so number one when you’re picking which social
media networks to dedicate your time and energy to this year know who you’re
looking to engage with now notice that on the last point I said engage with the
other part with social media is you have to understand it’s not simply about
creating content and putting it out there it’s
not taking out ads and doing product placement that’s not the entirety of it
using social media networks now more than ever is about engaging in the
community and making a point to get in there and actually be a part of what’s
happening engage in dialogues conversations with other people’s
communities other people’s concepts that’s the key so if you as a business
or as an entrepreneur are not actively using the network that your demographic
is on you have to be willing to make that shift it’s not enough for you to
simply tag into the network drop your stuff spew on people and expect to see
success so when selecting the social media network that your company is going
to use this year make sure it’s on a network that you are willing to commit
to use if you’re not a user of the network be assured your efforts puing
into the network are gonna fall flat okay guys last but not least you know
who you want to reach you know which networks you’re actively using or are
willing to actively use great last but not least what you want to consider is
the time commitment on content creation now I leave this for lesson isn’t
important part of the process you creating regular content on it on any
social platform but the reality is if you aren’t willing to do the first two
things identify who your community is and identify whether or not you’re
willing to commit to engaging with your community this third one won’t matter
but now that you’re here be aware of the time commitment it takes to create
content for that network stuff like Twitter Instagram it’s much quicker
micro content it’s fast it’s easy to apply that’s why it’s so attractive to
so many businesses whereas platforms like here on YouTube or perhaps
something like LinkedIn where you’re creating LinkedIn articles that’s a
little bit more time consuming and unless you’ve got a dedicated team
creating your content it may be more than you’re willing to put up so that
has to be there now I know for a lot of you you’re looking for a specific answer
on this one YouTube is the one for you LinkedIn is the one for you and I
couldn’t do that with any integrity I could not give you any specific answer
because these three questions are the ones you need to answer so let me know
down below which social network works for you best this year and I’ll catch
you tomorrow with another great video

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