Which Social Media Apps are Next?
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Which Social Media Apps are Next?

16 thoughts on “Which Social Media Apps are Next?

  1. Tiktok is where it’s at right now @kevinjpineau . I’m listening Gary. Producing more content everyday and growing my YouTube everyday. 500 subscribers by Christmas

  2. Instagram was my platform of choice, but IG’s algorithm updates are ridiculous! now i just launched my YouTube channel, and started on TikTok sharing my success in real Estate Investing to help others get started too. Great video GV! 👍🏻

  3. I love youtube because I created my own podcast because of you’re free advice and knowledge thanks 💜💚💙🧡❤️💛

  4. I like when Gary gives wildly different number examples like 12, 19 and 30 year olds or like that something will take 2, 12, 24 years 😂. It’s practical. I just find it amusing lol.

  5. U r great on point man! I'm watching you from Israel and you give me so much inspiration to go and do and make and change! Tnx for that u r awesome.

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