Where To Find News, Charts and Pricing Action for Penny Stocks

– In this video I’m gonna talk about the best data sources and the best spot to look for the best penny stock news and charts and price action, stay tuned. (upbeat music) What’s up, Tim Sykes,
millionaire, mentor and trader here teaching you because
I freaking love this coz there’s so many fakes and
newbies and fraud teaching. It’s my honor, it’s my
duty, it’s my responsibility to teach you what I know, what I’ve learned over 20 plus years. If you like my teachings
leave a comment below. I’m just curious like
do you guys appreciate these little videos that we do? Say I love these videos or
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was also my first hater. So there’s still hope for
everybody and I’m not perfect. I don’t know everything
but I do know a lot that I’ve learned the hard way
on my own over 20 plus years. And I wanna try to you know
speed up your learning curve. So also ask me questions in the comments. I’m answering all the questions. Today’s question is
where do you find news? Where do you find penny stock charts? Where do you find the best penny stalks? There’s a lot of websites. Trust me I know. I used to actually when I
first started trading like this was back in 99 and 2000. Funny little story down memory lane. It was like, I went to like
the high school computer lab and I was skipping classes. Don’t skip classes unless you
know don’t even go to school. School is useless these days but back then I was already in to
college early admission. I went down to the high
school computer lab. There was like 20 computers lined up. Like the old like Apple IIGS
or whatever they’re called. And the internet was
slow, it was like dial-up and to load a webpage took a while. So I would turn on all of the 20 computers and I would load one webpage per computer and that way it was like
having multiple browsers. They didn’t even have browsers back then. This was like AOL. And CompuServe back then it
was like very early days. Now there’s still a lot
of tabs that I have open if I truly wanna research everything. But the cool thing is, there’s one tool. One tool that puts
everything in to one spot and you’re so fortunate to get started now when you have this one tool and you don’t have dial-up internet and you don’t need 20 computers. I use one laptop, one tool. I’m gonna give you a special offer. An exclusive offer to this tool. Click the link just below
this video and check it out Because this tool basically
adds up all of the charts, the news, the ACC
filings even social media and I put’s it all in one place and this is why this tool is something that you should use everyday. I’m not even gonna tell
you what it’s called. You’re gonna have to click and
you’re gonna have to see it. But trust me you’re gonna love it, okay? This is the one spot you
do have to be careful. You know my team and I
built it over several years and over several million dollars. Because there’s a lot of bad news, there’s a lot of fake news,
there’s a lot of bad data out there with penny stocks. This one of the biggest dangers is that. People are reading press releases thinking that it’s like good news
when in fact the company or some insider or some
promoter put out that news. This tool that I’m giving you. Again the link underneath this video. Weeds out those fake press releases. It weeds out bad data and frankly you have to
worry about bad data. A lot of bad brokers out there have incorrect data for penny stocks coz they’re not you
know no one really cares about penny stocks except me and my team. You have bad bids and asks like it’s not the right information so when you think you’re buying a stock you might get at a totally different price if you’re using like a bad broker. We weed out those bad brokers. There’s a lot to weed
out like penny stocks it’s kind of a game of
you know good information verses bad information. And the vast majority
of penny stocks frankly the vast majority of traders world wide where 90% of traders lose. Follow bad information, fake information, bad data, flawed strategies. I can’t tell you how many
newbies short sellers there’re these days. Where they post one screenshot of like their year-end or their month-end profits and they say, “Look
how easy this game is.” Meanwhile they don’t say that they’re using six or
seven figures on a trade. Paying six or seven figures
in fees and commissions. And taking ridiculous
risks meanwhile blowing up some accounts too but not
daring to be fully transparent. There’s a lot of danger
not just with penny stocks but everywhere in finance. So you have to be very careful that’s why I’m so proud of this tool. Click the link just below, I’m giving you a very nice offer to entice you to actually use it. Because guess what the way
to make you a lot of money is using good data, good
information and good strategies. And that’s what I’m here for. It’s in my own best interest to create the most successful
students possible, okay? It does me no good If you lose money or If you lose all your money and your like, “Yo screw Tim Sykes.” I want you to succeed. Trust me, please, follow
my directions to a tee and that will give you better
odds of success, enjoy. Hey Tim Sykes, millionaire,
mentor and trader. Thank you for watching my videos. I hope that they help you. I wanna share everything that
I’ve learned over the years, you can check out more
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