When Your Facebook Thread Gets Hijacked
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When Your Facebook Thread Gets Hijacked

(typing) – Hey, did anyone see
London Has Fallen yet? I just saw it and I wanna chat about it. – You just saw it? (elevator dings) I don’t think anyone actually saw it. (gunfire) – Good morning. We are now hijacking this Facebook thread. We’re no longer talking about
the film London Has Fallen. We are now using that as jumping-off point to discuss London in general. – I visited there in the fall. It’s beautiful. – I know, right? It’s familiar, yet foreign all at once. I’m looking for the person
who started this conversation. Who is Zac Oyama? Hah. What do you think about London? – It’s fine. It’s fine, I guess. But we were talking about London Has Fallen the movie, though. – Excuse me? – But you guys just came in and started talking about whatever you wanted, but this is my thread. – Well, that’s where you’re wrong. You see, this is my thread now. You know, I spent a whole
summer in London once. – Did you get a rail pass? – I did. I visited all
of Europe for pennies. – So smart! Such a good idea! – I think I’m gonna go this summer! I know I keep saying that,
but this time, I mean it! So if you got any tips
or anything, let me know. – You don’t have to do this. Just take it to another thread. – Oh, you’d like me to take it elsewhere? Why don’t I take this conversation to this picture of your niece? – No, please. She doesn’t know what
we’re talking about at all. I don’t want my family to have to see this dumb conversation. – Relax, I was just kidding. I hijacked this thread,
but I’m not a monster. And besides, it’s too late
to start a new thread now. We’d lose the momentum of the conversation and I’d likely lose a few hijackers. – I know it’s a generalization, but is the food in England really bad? – Yes and no. You know, it gets stereotyped
as sort of similar. You know, a lot of lamb and potatoes sort of thing. London is a big city. You can find something for anyone. You know, a lot of variation. – Oh, I didn’t think about
it like that. You’re right. (phone buzzing) – Yes, hello? – Zac. Yes, I saw it. I saw London Has Fallen. – What’d you think? – I thought the first one
was surprisingly good, but then the second one — – I know, right? It’s like arguably D-acting
because they’re not in America. – Exactly. No! No! – Let this be a lesson. There
is no getting back on track. The conversation is mine. (gunshot) (screaming) – Why? – We were getting off-topic. – We were getting back on topic! – Whose topic? Not my topic. – Do it. You know what, if you
don’t do it, I’ll do it. I’ll burn this whole
fucking place to the ground. You think I give a shit about this? I’ll blow it all up! – He’s got a bomb! But he wouldn’t. – Three. Two. – Okay, okay, fine! We’ll go. Hijackers, out! Come on! – Get off my thread. – Come on, come on. (phone rings) – Collegehumor. This is Katie. Oh no, he’s dead. Thanks, bye. It was his mom. – Hi, I’m Zac from Collegehumor. Click here to subscribe, or click here to watch
another funny video. If you click right here, you can pretend like you’re holding me
and I’m a tiny person. Whoa! Let me down! Let me down!

100 thoughts on “When Your Facebook Thread Gets Hijacked

  1. Really liked this one! Although, it did make me miss Josh Reuben a bit. He always seemed to do this kind of skit.

  2. No-one shall talking about this video anymore, we are now talking about Youtube video's in general. THIS IS MY COMMENT SECTION NOW.

  3. The cliche point gun all the way up and slowly down to intimidate… that was a good voice actor, but he needs more camera experience that would of been alright if he didn't go off camera with his gun, but the camera was set up in a way that he would of put the gun near his face obstructing the image making the whole scene stupid…so that scene you could of had the camera behind him next to the gun and the Asian guy more to the right of the hijacker and the aperture very low and then high to the Asian guys face with him with a scared face and both eyes looking at the barrel… and then at the hijacker… end scene… then the next scene is him pulling out the detonator button and the hijacker looks at it and then shakes his hand with the gun stating that he's not afraid to shoot and then the Asian guy says his lines… after the likes the hijacker gun should be lower stating his demise… and also face expressions… and the rest I guess you did a good job… if you want to hire me as a director let me know

  4. wait theres a stereotype that british food is bad? what the shit XD I've been to the states once, I know theres a huge variety of food wherever you go, but I tried a cheese steak sandwich, and the "cheese" was just this gloopy bright yellow shit that almost made me throw up. why didn't they just use grated cheddar or mozzarella or something, anything except that bright yellow shit again

  5. I kind of want a sketch talking about how many times each of the College Humor actors have died in sketches.

  6. I was in London about 12 years ago. I've been meaning to go back, but then debt and kidney problems happened. Speaking of which, does anyone have O+ Blood and is willing to go to Stonybrook BY and give me a kidney?

  7. Is noone going to talk about how Zach has a bombs all over the building and the detonater at all times

  8. Really does paint the psychological picture of when your conversation online and in public is interupted…

  9. Fun fact those guns are spray painted nerf blasters called "long shots" and the pistol is a "sharp fire" send help….

  10. Why does everyone in the comments know the names of all the nerf guns? Like I liked nerf too but I just said stuff like, “the big one” or “the clear one” or “the one that shoots the disks”.

  11. “Discount Alan Rickman/Hans Gruber” Thanks Movie Sins….now I do this on almost every video I watch, even news ones….

  12. Fun fact: London is the curry capital of the world. Yes, I am now hijacking this Youtube comments thread.

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