When you Died Transfer your Google Data to your Beloved Ones

We are storing our important documents, pictures, videos & emails in various Google services such as Gmail, Picasa, Youtube… This serveral GBs of our intellectual data is stored in Google servers over a long periods of time “No body is eternal”.. What if in unfortunate circumstances death happens to you or your beloved ones? For this very purpose, there is a feature available in Google in which a user can setup to transfer ALL of their Google data to the ones they trust (over a period of inactivity of account) Login to any one of your google service Click on Account option There is an option available at the bottom of the Account Management section of this pagge Click on ‘Lear more and go to setup’ Then click on Setup button After certain period of time, before transferring the confidential data to the assignee, the service will Alert you to ensure you are ACTIVE 🙂 You can add your mobile number (and verify by a confirmation code) (I am skipping this step as my mobile currently switched off) Alternatively you can add your email address It will check whether we are alive or expired (Remember, if you are not responding then you are lost) Now setup the inactivity period Now setup whom you want to notify in the event of above inactivity confirmation (Max: 10 people) Type the TRUSTED user’s email id Chose the first option “Share my data with this contact” Now in the next step, you can specify which KIND of data you want to share with your successors If’s good idea to input your successors phone number In the Next step, type your LOVE note to your successor and press SAVE. Setup is almost done. Now in case if you do not want to carry over your personal data, alternatively you can Trash it. Thank you, Thank you very much for watching this video. Share if you like this video. Visit for more interesting techinical discussion.

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