What’s the alternative if Facebook were shut down?
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What’s the alternative if Facebook were shut down?

100 thoughts on “What’s the alternative if Facebook were shut down?

  1. It is easy to be altruistic and "not take a salary" when you have already made billions and will never be able to spend it all.

  2. Facebook is Big Brother's spying software, Lifelog. The day the pentagon pulled the plug on Lifelog happens to be the same day Facebook was "founded". 🤔

  3. The whole point of these issues is INTEGRITY .Man with his fallen nature has to choose to. have integrity , and this will always be a problem if money and power is involved.

  4. I blocked facebook since I can't in unsubscribe and they wanted 200dollars to delete my account don't trust them!!!!!

  5. I look at pictures of my sister, her daughter, and her granddaughters. that's pretty much it. they are the same people I see when I go visit 15 minutes away, so there is no need to replace Facebook with anything.

  6. A lot less drama, drunk posts, fake photos of your life being perfect. I never used it. I would watch my elderly mother use it and she'd get upset with the stupid public drunk/druggie messages left for everyone to see. Had to teach her how to unfriend. Then I went through her privacy settings. Kept changing every few months. It was insane to keep things private, they kept changing it, making it impossible to find the buttons to hide your personal details. What a scam.

  7. duh… you people must have memory problems. REMEMBER MYSPACE ? CHOP UP
    DOD FACEBOOK & ALL THE REST ! within a MONTH plenty will be there to replace them

  8. Myspace is still around. The internet is huge compared to what it was 15 years ago. Facebook can be split up into many different entities and still have great success and maybe even more so. This is a nonissue.

  9. I'll tell you all the simple alternative…go back to NOT being dumb and a target!
    Be normal and smart…don't use any of that crap!

  10. Joselico Facebook es mi cuenta de Instagram YouTube Twitter Google y todas las demás ya es tiempo que dejen de hablar tanto que me den lo que estoy pidiendo ya ya mucho habla habla habla Joselico todo está a mi nombre con mi huella y mi correo electrónico como dueño que estoy Joselico todas mis cosas se controlan con la huella y mi correo electrónico por último mi título como Jose Lico no voy a permitir ninguna cuenta falsa como las que han estado funcionando esas personas ya no le voy a permitir que se hagan pasar por mi nombre OK Joselico todas las cuenta se controla con mi huella y mi nombre y mi correo electrónico como dueño que estoy general de todo Joselico yo fui honesto con todo el mundo que dije que no tenía donde vivir solo estaba pidiendo eso como no me dieron nada ya complete los tres años exijo que me paguen todo lo que me deben como dueño que soy OK Joselico 🇺🇸🌎Joselico 💪🏻

  11. Who the F*** needs FaceBook??? Humanity lived just fine for countless millennia without it. We'd be BETTER OFF WITHOUT IT in future. There is an epidemic of near-sightedness in young people today, CAUSED by having a cell phone or computer screen only inches from your face all day. BIG BROTHER FACEBOOK IS SPYING ON YOU – END IT!!!

  12. The AWOKE people in America already knows the Chinese communist (democrat) facial recognition and some of China's rule's and law's are being put into place almost globally.

  13. My account was blocked two times by FB because I used the words "Illegal vermin" while i made some comment. I did not bother to used FB after the second incident, and I feel very proud for it. I am now much more productive than before.

  14. "What's the alternative if FB were shut down?" Oh I don't know, maybe getting a hobby, getting some sunshine or spending real time with family?

  15. FB show me my friends posts. I check in the early mornings and none of my nearly 4000 friends in every time zone have NOT posted in 3 hours; RIDICULOUS!!!

  16. We can rename it ! We bought and paid for it , it use to be called darpa lifelog ! It started as a government mission , The demonic's knew the American people would never let them be spied on , so they brought a big deceiving lie about a geek in the dorm room that created it ! Mar -ucker is a relative of one of the 13 families – pure evil – he even looks like a robot ! You notice how the demonic party NO LONGER WANTS THE FACIAL RECOGNITION ! THEY LOST !

  17. Then everyone can get out of their caves and actually communicate with real people and real life. Parents will have time to talk to their kids . Real life.

  18. we will get by just fine this is not a must-have and the CIA is tied to the hip with the big three FB, Twitter, and Youtube they are the spy agencies and that is the most terrifying part of it all we have been losing all of our privacy at all and the corrupt DC bunch and they believe we don't deserve any either and the past three years especially they have exposed themselves and don't even try to hide their treasonous acts at all like Hillary and Obama run to a camera and laugh with no concern at all for what they have done and still are just ask NYPD and what happened to the Video of Hillary and her favorite sidekick taring the face off of a child;d and wearing it around and drinking her blood and there has been a semi truckload of evidence that was told o the people and no-one has called for her arrest or Obama's and their acts are inhumane and pure evil but in DC thats just good ole fun and part our faut for not demanding they are arrested not even Trump has said a word

  19. I lived without it for YEARS, si if it is closed down I will just have more time to spend with my family, work on my crafting hobby and to read! Lol. Doesn’t bother me at all!

  20. Crypto is currency that a government or agency can take your funds if you don't do what they want. Currency, like gold, in your hand can't be taken without your concent, like crypto on a machine could be. Who ever has your crypto can control you.

  21. if it is the horwitz i talked to today from westchester please bring you kids to play this saturday for paintball. abc.


  23. I have family all over the USA, so I will be using FB to keep in touch with them. At least I can see them in their pictures when I can't in person. 🙂

  24. It's called reality. Getting off of the internet makes your life more peaceful. Going out into the world and not scrolling up and down a digital screen is more adventurous even if you just travel locally.

  25. China better remember that we live without them and doing very well, after all we are the one that made them extrimaly rich!


  27. I've been on Minds for years and I love it there. Facebook is for soccer moms, ANTIFA clowns, and the Middle East now.

  28. I had my Facebook page stolen twice. I reported to Facebook n shut it down. Facebook does NOT protect your information so I say shut it down !

  29. The alternative is that people stop pretending they are tv and cartoon characters and go out and live lives. And businesses have to start thinking and working again instead of pilfering data to take the guess work out. And creepy people like Zuckerberg, Sandberg, and Dorsey have to go out and get actual jobs. Yay.

  30. 03:20 OMG, Zuck, the guest says is doing FaceBook because Zuck really wants to do the "right thing". Coming from this idiot, what the hell is that supposed to mean? What is the RIGHT THING? Who determines the RIGHT THING? There have been untold numbers of smart, clever and ambitious people … ALL WHO HAD A BROKEN MORAL COMPASS. Zuck is NOT interested in the right thing; rather, thru his actions, he is interested ONLY in Corp Command and Control. Hahaha!

  31. Someone I don't know, through facebook, stole money from my bank account. Luckily and thankfully, the transaction was flagged and an investigation was started. I got my money back and an arrest has been made. I hope that fucker rots in jail.

  32. Actually Facebook is located in California and subject to US laws, freedom of the press, speech, which they violate. No it is not global. Their headquarters is in California. They're US criminals violating constatution

  33. +Fox Business It's about time to spend time with family and friends. Spend time with your pets. They need you, too. No more cells.

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