What’s Possible with Cloud Functions for Firebase (Google I/O ’17)
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What’s Possible with Cloud Functions for Firebase (Google I/O ’17)

13 thoughts on “What’s Possible with Cloud Functions for Firebase (Google I/O ’17)

  1. Hi +Firebase :), I am building an android apps (as client) that integrated with firebase real time-database, and I want to send push notification to client when something happen in that database. how can I realize with cloud function ?
    Please help me 🙁

  2. Hi, Thanks for this talk. Can you share code that was used to create the firesale using firebase and also code to integrate cloud function and Google assistant.

  3. I like it but I think that AWS Lambda is still better because I can use different languages like python,C#,java

  4. I love the notion you mentioned: "developers should be able to enjoy their work." I really hope Firebase can help my Android engineering.

  5. My Q: We have already the code of one Google Assistant chatbot works based on API.ai +Google Cloud Functions Service code. Now we want to build the web app displaying this chatbat that will connect with the above Cloud Functions Service code and also runs inside Firebase platform. There are few tutorials on the web for the the above new capability. Any tips and suggestions will be appreciated.

  6. Can files saved in my android device sd card or at a specific path in android device, auto upload in Firebase Storage? if Yes then how?
    I am making an android app in which I used Firebase storage. I want that my app data files can be auto upload on Firebase Storage, there is no need to manually upload it. How can I do this?

  7. hi, thank for your work.
    I am try on cloud functions de current user id active in de session…. help me!!!! thanks…

    const admin = require('firebase-admin');
    const firestore = new Firestore();

    exports.createGroup = functions.firestore.document('groups/{groupId}/group/basic').onCreate(event => {
    const currentUserId= ????????????????????????????

  8. hello I love the ease of firebase functions, but I would like to be able to program anywhere I am and I have not found how to do it. They should have how to do this from an APP, or from the web. thus nothing would program the code, I give it to save and it should be published. Thank you

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