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What’s on your mind?

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100 thoughts on “What’s on your mind?

  1. So he complains once and people start hiding his post? 😂😂😂😂 so glad I don't have facebook

  2. Thats why I dont have a facebook and wont ever get one! Plus, there are a lot of creeps on there. All of my friends told me I should get one, but I'm like the only one who dont have a fb. idc

  3. Hi nice video, made me cry. I just want to say when you added your status update "My Life sucks" these days people /your friends will surely like that status too.

  4. it's been a long time since this was released

    yet i keep coming back every now and then to watch it again.

    shaun higton and the team did a good job here.

    funny how the guy who was suppose to suffer had a better life than some of us here

  5. Halo Highton Bros,..can i use this video for my youtube social media lie video….i will add your youtube link as owner on the description,….or a special thanks on the video …what do you think ?

  6. I hate when people say social media can be depressing or it will ruin you. it all depends on you and how you use it, so stop blaming social media for everything.

  7. Social media makes you think that you connected with someone, somewhere, ultimately with yourself- but it is fake because no one is on the other side other than lucifer. Facebook is only a tool. Take a shortcut- talk to yourself, it's safer.

  8. I'm just a walking lump of social media irony, I post miserable comments on Facebook but you'd think I was fine if you met me lol.

  9. And too facebook just only got a bunch of phony people on there who doesn't really care about you or what you do. I couldn't figure out how to delete mine but i did delete my "friends", changed my profile and name, and set it to private. Facebook is just a waste.

  10. Hello, we are in first ES in france and we realize our TPE on the theme of social networks and we would like To use your video.

  11. This video shows the difference between the reality and its simulation which is the environment of social media .

  12. After working for Facebook for one year and see people that literally kill them because they did not have enough followers or likes it is really sad.

  13. Hello Im Joe Kumar from a production company In kuala Lumpur would like to check is we could use or purchase certain footage on this video to use it for a government campaign video. looking forward for your reply

  14. the first time I watched this I agreed with the message. After perhaps 2 years and coming across this again, I feel the impact. This is so much more relatable than I thought. I now leave my social media deactivated for longer periods than I ever thought I'd imagine doing. It's refreshing

  15. Esto es un claro ejemplo de lo que pasa en facebook o Instagram por eso odio las redes sociales,además que cada vez entró me deprimo x eso mismo ,la gente sube como que tiene la vida perfecta ,muestran una realidad diferente.

  16. Facebook can Not be Destroyed it Is unreal, Useless, mind addicting, uneducational, unprivate, and a great waste of life 😥

  17. Σπουδαίο βίντεο . Μπορεί να έχουμε ελεύθερη επιλογή να έχουμε μέσα δικτύωσης , αλλά η ζωή μας δεν είναι τα μέσα δικτύωσης , οπότε για ποια επιλογή μιλάμε , δεν είναι πρόβλημα ? Άσε που τα μέσα δικτύωσης δεν είναι η πραγματική ζωή . . .

  18. Excelente vídeo! Por trás das redes sociais, muitas das vezes existe alguém solitário(a) querendo mostrar algo que, de fato, não é. Geralmente enganado a si mesma, querendo mostrar aos outros o quanto está feliz, quanto é bem sucedido, o quando curte a vida… enfim, existe muita gente vivendo no mundo da ilusão. Muito além do vivem de verdade…

  19. I wonder how you can be off fb for a moment return back they showing stats & ads of what you were just thinking about? The strange thang its like in order. Or how they controlling emotions with emojis as if we cant just feel we have to use their feelings. I guess its a game & since ppl feel obligated to tell their every mood "whats on their mind", sites they visited shared etc..isnt hard to play on ppls mind as if you gave them a key to your mind. All along they had the master key waiting for you to move in..lol

  20. Social Media isn't evil. It's how people use and look at it. People nowadays look at social media as a bad thing, but if you look at the bright side it also does some pretty badass things. It's like life. You choose on how you will live it. Will you mope around and be just sad forever, or will you live it lkke there's no tomorrow? You decide.

  21. I deactivated my fb account by this ,this event occur in my life , breakup gf and her boyfriend got 2.9 k likes , i will disappointed and tears comes from my eyes , and stop using fb

  22. People tend to misinterpret their lives to feel better about themselves, but I'm not saying its wrong. Yes, if you've got it then flaunt it but people have to understand that sometimes it's not all that it seems to be. It's okay if you don't have the luxury like others but it shouldn't stop you from moving on with your life and making the best out of it.

  23. Social Media isn’t inherently good or bad. It’s how it is used that comes into question. And currently I don’t think that many are being virtuous when using it.

  24. This is the reason why social media is dead.

    I've been on facebook, sharing/posting things I like all-day even doing FB live but it turns out to be a 'ghost' on everybody. It's like no one cares about things I did mostly.


  25. Hey Honey from the otherside, take a second and come beside.
    Come sit down and be aware thatyou could feel wrong somewhere.

    When People think there life sucks because social media tells them, why shall this people delete social media instead of using it to feel better. The less people use social media, the more problems they will have to stay in contact to friends in the world or friends they life far away. In a world which is changing instantly and expand constantly, it will be more difficult to stay in real contacts, having face to face conversations to your "friends". So why shall people resign the opportunity to be better to feel better and make themself a better person via internet, when it wasnt easier to do so than with Facebook,twitter,tinder,Instagram,(Photoshop) and so on – its the opportunity to get rewards from youre environment you dont know, because you dont have the (sometimes/more often)opportunity or the chance to know it ( according to time). My Theorie now is, the more you can use soscial media the easier it becomes to feel better.
    Than: Where is the diffenrents between a feeling that you feel in opposite of persons and the feelings you feel after getting rewards about youre "life" in social media. They are both feelings. They are both real. So there is no reason to resign on good feelings via social media i think. ( i dont accept the argument that feelings in "reallife" feeling more real, because its not via internet)

    See YAA

  26. so many jealous and angry people in the world. Everyone wishes they can travel or eat nice meals and expensive clothes. So when they see that stuff of social media they get so jealous and say thats not what life is about! to make themselves feel better

  27. Honestly, if you’re life revolves around social media constantly, then you’re life isn’t a life at all. But, that’s just my opinion though. Especially if you post every aspect of your life.

  28. Whats in my mind? Well, lets see

    -Video games
    -Ice Cream

  29. ok, nice short. one question, about the cast list – 2:25
    isn't the girlfriend the one who cheats? the other guy is not cheating on anyone, as far as we know.

  30. Lives in reality have become really crappy but instead of coping it from in the real world people try to find refuge online. They wish to see at least happy things online. Left facebook and instagram a while a ago, adopt digital minimalism 🙂

  31. I like the black mirror feels on this mini film. I also felt the strike and the saw the vivid black and white contrast between the fantasy world created within us by social media and the real world.

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