What’s New with Microsoft To-Do in 2019

So Microsoft to-do have had an eventful 2018 with the launch back in 2017 2019 looks like an exciting year as the application begins to catch up with the competitors So in the last 12 months Microsoft to do have been adding plenty of new additions to their application And I’m going to play catch-up with many other resources They have a long way to go, but we’re gonna talk today about what’s new with Microsoft to do you can tell I really wanted to say that title So let’s begin with a timeline obviously we know that Microsoft to do was created back in 2017 as a replacement to vendor list, although vendor list is currently still available They have not given a date to this sunset of the application So to do is the new personal productivity application for task management for Microsoft in the last year they’ve added a range of features including list sharing they’ve also added steps steps quite simply are Subtasks and it did take a while for Microsoft to do to add these Starring a task to important allowing you to add the most Important tasks to a list and recently they’ve added the ability to attach files This is a great new addition and something that a lot of people enjoyed They have also been working and crafting the Android and Windows applications to be more of a beta experience for users For example they announced dark mode on Android allowing you to see the application in dark mode They also have that available in the Windows beta to know windows also got an addition of live tiles Recently allowing to view all of your to-do updates inside of live tiles on Windows The application is in its basic format, but definitely looks exciting for 2019 They do have a few things listed in their user voice as things they want to build for example They have an outlook integration allowing to send on emails in Outlook a calendar view allowing you to see your tasks per calendar day Which is quite exciting a group list to improve the list sharing abilities Multiple counts in case you have maybe a family account and a work account Also the ability to see weekly plan of view, which is something that a lot of people want to see They also have plans in springtime Which they actually announced in their Microsoft ignite talk That they have plans to add planner and to do allowing you to connect your work planner Which is a project manager from Microsoft to your personal to-do list Well, the integration that we’re going to be releasing will bring your assigned task and planner into to do so you can have one central place to manage them all Or in this case. It could be your work to-do list, but they do have plenty of updates in the woodwork So let’s look and Microsoft to do as a package as a task manager. It does offer a great experience It’s available on android iOS web and windows Although currently not available Mac. It does offer a pretty cross-platform experience It also offers all you need for basic task management for example You can add a task and organize it into different lists or even organize it in my day and they also have features like suggestions where once press you can access all of your overdue tasks and Organize your day ahead in the my day view They do include notes and also subtasks now So you do have that ability to go a bit deeper into each task Many people will say this is slowly creeping up on what the under list was like, they’re also making it a really sturdy application I’ve seen a lot of reviews that people have been rating Microsoft to do very highly now and Actually using it as their daily to-do list, but let’s take a moment to compare it to other such applications Let’s take a larger application like to do it that has a bit more grounding now Obviously we know to duyst has features like labels and also filters as well as smart Reggio Intelligent input and many more features like this But it’s actually not too far away from this application if Microsoft to do and add onyx of a calendar view and also worked on some of its integrations and Maybe added the ability to add contacts or even a filtered view they would be on level pegging with todoist Within the next couple months, but let’s also compare it to the application. Google Tasks now Google Tasks is very basic You can add tasks very simply adding subtasks notes, but not really much more You can’t add it to a customized list Which you can do in Microsoft to do allow you to add a lot more customization. You don’t have any of the my de Suggestions or any of the planned or important areas and inside Microsoft to do so What I would say is when comparing to these two applications, I would put it bang in the middle I’d say it’s a perfect balance between two Duis and Google Tasks allowing you to get the best of the breed of these applications. So if you’re looking for a robust application that doesn’t really do the advanced stuff that applications like to do is tick tick and navona do Then you’re going to be looking at Microsoft to do but if you don’t want an application that does things like Google Tasks Apple reminders or some of these basic experiences then you want to upgrade to Microsoft to do So this application sits happily in between now right now, it’s currently free The team seemed really active on social media on Twitter specifically and they’ve seemed to be updating pretty routinely now I highly recommend you go and watch the Microsoft ignite talk they did recently back in October about Microsoft to do because it might give you an outline of what they plan to bring to the application And also if you are looking for a resource This one will be sticking around at least with the short term as they phasing applications like vendor lists So guys let me know in the comments what you think of Microsoft to do let me know whether this was a nice round up To Microsoft to do because I would definitely be doing more features like this soon. So guys Thanks so much for stopping by today If you like to this video do hit the like button if you enjoyed it do subscribe as well It’d be great to have you here in the community. So guys. Thanks very much for stopping by I’ll see you guys super duper soon Cheers

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