What’s are the best times to post on Instagram? 3 Tips For Maximizing Instagram Engagement!
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What’s are the best times to post on Instagram? 3 Tips For Maximizing Instagram Engagement!

– I’ve taught you what
time to post on Facebook. I’ve taught you what
time to post on Twitter. And I’ve even broken down what time you should be posting on LinkedIn. But what about Instagram? We can’t leave out that social network. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel
and today I’m gonna share with you what time you should
be posting on Instagram. (mellow upbeat music) The first thing I want you
to do is sign up for a tool called Iconosquare, and I could be saying it off, but you get the point. You go to the site, you
sign up for their tool, and it’s analytics but it’s
analytics for Instagram. The reason I’m saying is
using it is it breaks down what regions your followers are from. Are they from the United States? Or are they from Mexico? Are they from London
or are they from India? Who knows! But using Iconosquare,
you’ll be able to see a visualized report, a map,
that breaks down where your followers are from and what
percentage are from where. This will give you ideas of what time frame you should be posting. So once you have that, the
second thing you need to do is post during the
mornings of the time zone that most of your followers are. So if most of your followers
are in the United States, you wanna post mornings in
either Pacific Standard Time or Eastern Standard Time. I’ve found that when you
post during the mornings, you get the most amount of
likes, engagements, comments than if you posted at night,
’cause during night time people fall asleep, your
content’s really old, they wake up the next morning,
and then you know what? Instagram’s algorithm’s
like, oh not a lot of people saw this and they looked
at it, let’s just bury it, and let’s just show ’em the fresh content. The third thing you wanna do is really understand your audience. I have a friend. Her name is Jessica. Jessica’s a model. Jessica, I always tell her, hey, why don’t you post in
the morning on Instagram? All your audience and your
followers, a lot of them are from the United States, so why
don’t you post in the morning? It’s a logical thing to do. I’m like, is there something
wrong, like, what is it? And she’s just like, Neil, most
of my followers are models, and a lot of us sleep in, so
if I post early in the morning I get very little engagement. But if I post in the
afternoon, they’re all awake and they’re seeing my content. So I like posting around
10:00, 11:00 a.m. so right when they wake up around Noon,
they see my content. I was like, oh that’s kinda smart. That’s actually not kinda
smart, but it is smart. And I was like, hmm, I
never thought about that. You shouldn’t just be posting
based off the time frame your users are in, but you
also need to understand and communicate with your audience. If you find that they all wake up late, then post later. For me, I’m a business guy. I know that my audience is up early so I post early in the morning. And by doing that, I’m
gonna get the maximum engagement based on my follower account. (mellow upbeat music)

15 thoughts on “What’s are the best times to post on Instagram? 3 Tips For Maximizing Instagram Engagement!

  1. Analytics already available on Instagram if you made your account business account by linking to Facebook ! And thats sufficient.

  2. I think with me ,morning time doesn't work ,evening time is best when it comes to Indian audience ,and this I realised from seeing the analytics of last 10 posts and evening time around 6-9 is better and I have reached more than 7k impressions on one single post and almost more than 30k impressions in last 7 days so most of the points are contracting,atleast for me !

  3. Hey neil! I love your videos. I want to ask you something. My friend visited a business' site from an ad,after sometime he got a message from them on fb messenger,how is it possible? What type of Digital marketing is this?
    PS- He wasn't subscribed on their chat bot.

  4. Hello brother I already subscribed your channel 2 months ago but Google showing your ads to me .Why Google do this I mean to say if your ads money is wasted by Google then how can I trust that my product going to Right and relevant audience

  5. Thanks for this video. I have a question please. So my posts have had good engagement even with the algorithm change in January 2018, but since February my engagement dropped badly. I’m not Shadow banned (I checked ) and I don’t do any spammy activities (follow unfollow) etc I also follow the new rules with the algorithm change so I’m really confused as to why my engagement has dropped. I even tried posting at my prime times on different days but my engagement is still bad.
    Can you help me figure this out please? Thank you!

  6. Do you find best time from India , I'm photographer I live in India and I am searching best time and day to post photo on Instagram, I don't have such research I just need a time and date

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