What To Put In Your Instagram Bio
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What To Put In Your Instagram Bio

It’s time for biohacking. We’re talking
Instagram bio and what to put in them so stay tuned. I’m actually going to pull my
phone, I’m going to share my screen with you and we’ll walk through the whole thing
together. Okay so, you got an Instagram, now it’s
time to make a really awesome bio and there’s some hacks like, I guess they’re bio
hacks technically but we’re going to talk about how to get that bio really rockin’
and solid so I’m going to actually open up my phone so you can go explore it with
me and see how we’re doing really cool things in our bios. Bios are the only
place in Instagram where you can put hyperlinks. I mean, you can’t even put
them in the comments or anything like that so you want to be really wise with
how you’re using that and linking to whatever site you want people to go to
so let’s dive in, I’m going to show you Instagram on my phone. I have actually
five different Instagram accounts so I’ll show you little tips and tricks
along the way so you can really get in depth with each one of those. Okay, so
let’s open up Instagram, see what’s going on here. I’ve got a new comment.
Cute babies in the tub. Okay, let’s go ahead and go to our profile. Right here
I’m on my light travels blog Instagram, this is one that I’m actively building. I
started you know, just a few months ago and I’m working on some new tips and
techniques, it’s kind of an experiment for me as I go along and I’d love to
travel so it’s perfect and right here is a really good example of what your bio
should look like. So let’s just go from the top down on our bio.
First and foremost, first thing they’re going to see it’s your profile picture. Now
this profile picture that I’ve got up here is a super cool picture that we did
at a professional studio, had some really fun lighting, I’m in like my full lotus
position, feeling super flexible on my yoga and all that fun stuff but it’s
really dark so I would actually change my profile picture just something
different, let me show you what I mean. I’ve got other profiles. This is a great
profile picture, I use this for my photography and that’s a profile picture
that shows a bride and a groom so I’ve got other one, this one shows my logo,
okay, for my jewelry site, that’s another option for a profile picture, okay.
And let’s look at just my personal profile, this is just for me. Again,
another experiment I started about a month ago. This one’s kind of funny, I’m
really having fun at this one. My profile picture is the same match as I have on
Facebook, same pose, same photo, same photo shoot. I have only posted 18 posts on
this and my last post, I posted them all in one night and it was on January 6 so
a few weeks ago, about a little more than month ago and I’ve got 56 followers so
I’m kind of experimenting why that’s going on as soon as I correct the code
on that one, I’ll send you all the information. So let’s go back to this
profile that I want to show you. Light travels blog that has this full profile
outlined. Now I used to think that emojis weren’t for professionals, that if you
had a professional business or you had a professional business account somewhere
that you couldn’t use emojis and that was totally wrong, I was totally
backwards on that. Emojis are where it’s at, people love them, well we love
books with pictures, right? Instagram is all about pictures so the more colorful
and the more picture-full, that’s a word now I guess but you can make it the
better. So the first thing on your profile is going to be your title. Now
interesting thing when you go into your settings and you’re editing your profile,
you’re going to click this little cog right here and that’s going to take you over to
your options. Now you’re going to edit your profile by clicking edit profile and
right here it says give them your name. Well, it says name but you can do
whatever you want there, this is the first thing they’re going to see right
after your profile picture so I’m going to say something different you know, I’m
going to put a picture of the world, I’m going to picture of a camera. What does that
tell you? You know, it tells you that I travel the world and that I bring my
camera with me and then I’m going to say travel blogger you know, that you can
think of a more creative name, this is what I’m trying out today, I update my
profile probably once every three months and try something different and new just
to keep it fresh and live so I just changed this one this morning, I’m going to
try it out, see what I think. I just had my name there before so I’m trying out
something new with emojis so put something in there that’s relevant to
you, put something in there that’s fun and it doesn’t have to be even your name,
it could be a motto that you have or a way you live your life like, live
inspires or something like that, it could be anything you want, the
thing in the name side, it’s going to show a big and bold right up at the top. Okay, so
let’s go to the next line down. The next thing you’re going to see when you go to a
bio is what it is, a little grade area so this has personal blog. Again, let’s go
back in here, go to edit profile and check out what this is, this is your
category, okay. Your category is an auto-fill, not an
auto-fill so selection from Instagram, okay. So it’s
this something that you can choose, choose a category, you can’t really type
one in so I’m just using personal blog, okay. It’s not a travel website and you know,
it’s got all these suggestions in here you just pick what fits you best. Okay,
let’s go to the next line down, the next line down we’re going to see in our bio is
this text. Now Instagram is funny, I don’t know why they do this but they don’t let
you hit return on your text within the app, it’s odd, I don’t know why but here’s
a hack. Let me show you. A really cool thing you want to use with any Instagram
comments, hashtags, bio, everything is you keep it in your notes. So follow me over
to my notes. Over here on my phone, I have my notes section and right here in my
notes section I have my bio typed up so this makes it super easy for me to go in
and edit and change things without having to go in the actual Instagram
account and look at things differently so in my notes, I have my
Instagram bio title right up on top so I obviously know what it, I know what I look
for and so I have all of these things. Now Instagram also has a mint or a
maximum count on their characters for your bio so keep within
that realm, keep within that limit of those maximum characters but use as many
of them as you can while you still make sense, alright. So I have photographer,
travel and business mentor, you get it? Okay, cool. Then I’ve got an emoji. Soon
I’m going to Europe and Cambodia. Guys, if you want a really cool hack, go to wowair.com,
their fares are super cheap right now, you can go to Amsterdam for
like 150 bucks, check it out. Side note. Okay so, next we’re going to Europe, we’re
also going to Cambodia this summer, we’re visiting the UK later on this fall or I
should say we, I mean, I and then I’ve got the
American flag with 28 out of 50 that any travel blogger knows that’s 20 out of 50
states any and then I’ve got my countries down below that 13 out of 195.
I have to double check my countries because I think there’s actually 199 now,
they’re always making new ones. So I’ve got out of the world, I’ve been to 13 out
of 195 countries, all clicks, all belong to me. So when you’re posting on
Instagram, guys, post your own content, post your own pictures. The
copy and paste stuff, I mean, that’s cool to have a collection but you’re not
going to get as many followers because it’s not yours
so make sure it’s all your own stuff. Okay, then I have a call to action at the
bottom. Come to Cambodia with us this summer. Now and when I make a post, I say
check out my bio. I have an opportunity for people to sign up to come to
Cambodia with me for a couple thousand bucks, spend a week to ten days, we’re
going to Thailand, Cambodia, all over the place and I want people to know about
that so I’m going to whenever I make it an Instagram post, I’m going to send them
right back up to my bio and say look, come to Cambodia, check out the link to
see how to do that. In my link, it’s going to take them to my website, my website’s going
to tell them how to sign up. So when you have your bio, you want to have your bio
in a way that has a link to something that’s active and current,
something you don’t have to change every single time you write a new post,
alright. So if it’s linking to your website, keep your website current, keep it
updated with the current information. If it’s linking to a Shopify store, keep
your Shopify store current and relevant, make sure whenever you have a call to
action that takes them back to your bio, that matches, alright. So let’s head
back over to Instagram, I’m going to head over here and you can see that I have
copied and pasted what I have in my notes right here right over to my
Instagram and because I did that, I was able to hit the return key on my
Instagram bio so all of these numbers aren’t mashed together all in one spot,
they’re on the next line which just makes it more aesthetically pleasing and
easier to read so when you have all these in one place, you have, okay, I’ve
got my photographer, travel, business mentor, next line down, Europe, Cambodia, UK,
next line down my country or my State, next line down, my countries, next line
down, all photographies then I say, come to Cambodia with us this summer.
Here is the magic potion, at the bottom of your Instagram bio, you have one shot
in all of Instagram to have a hyperlink. You know, you can post the link in your
comments or even use it in a photo but when someone clicks on it, they will not
be able to do anything with it because it’s not a hyperlink, it’s just a picture
or a text so here you’re going to want to use this wisely.
You have one shot, use it wisely. So my hyperlink will take people to my website.
I’ll just give you an example. Here’s what it looks like. Instagram is going to go
zoom right over to my website right over here, I’ve got my blog up, I’ve got, excuse
me, I’ve got my blog up. Come on, come on. There we go.
Okay, takes a minute to load, give it a second. I got my logo, I got my pictures
going on here and people can you know shop, around my website, read my posts,
read my articles, they can you know, just tour things from there and see that
hyperlink directly from my Instagram link.If you’re using this for business,
make sure it links to your pins in this site. You can link it to anywhere you
want, you can link it to Facebook, you can link it to YouTube, anywhere you want.
Just understand that’s your one shot, that’s your one shot with your bio, okay.
Use emojis, use copy and paste, use that copy and paste from your notes, always
keep and copy of your bio in your notes, you can update it all the time. Updating
your bio is key. Now let’s do a couple of another example. I have a my hair stylist
Christina Kreidel, she’s an Instagram maven, love her, she’s got a super high
following. Let me just show you what her bio looks like, okay. I’m going to go right
here, she’s using her Instagram stories. Again, you’re seeing the same thing here.
She’s got her name, she’s a public figure, you’re seeing this line by a line with
emojis and it doesn’t matter if you put the emoji at the front, it
doesn’t matter if you put at the back, you can see motherhood here in business
real and feels. You guys, put some personality in there. I love Kristina’s
personality. CosmoProof Artistic Team, she’s amazing, owner of Intrepid
Studio Salon, Hogwarts alumni and then she’s got again her link and she’s
also got a physical brick-and-mortar store so she’s put that in there as well.
So again, you can see motherhood, you know, she’s like, she’s a sassy girl, if you
ever meet her, you’ll know this about her, she’s like total sass, love her to pieces.
Have some fun, show some spunk. Her Instagram is absolutely beautiful, she’s
got great photography, she’s got high followers and her bio is on point so
let’s go back to our bio, let’s go back to the editing
right over here. Edit profile. You got your bio, this is where you’re going to
paste it right here in this spot when you copy it from your notes and get all
your emojis where you want them to be. Fill in your business information, fill
in your page. Again team, if you could blur out my phone number,
appreciate that. Okay, fill in your page, make your category contact options, you
know, please blow out my phone number. Make sure all of that is, and guys, I did
blow out my phone number cause I can’t handle all the number of texts I would
get from you so love you guys. Make sure everything that is available
is used in your brow and don’t be vanilla and if you are vanilla, like be
be authentic vanilla, be like raw vanilla beans. Be vanilla because people go on
Instagram to see something new, to see something different so be new and
different. Be you, you can’t be anyone else, they’re already taken so let that
show in your bio, show some of your personality, show some sass, show some
authentic version of you whatever that looks like because people, they will
follow or unfollow based on your bio alone. I know, I get it, it’s crazy,
you could have great content but if your bio is less than stellar, you could lose
your followers on Instagram so for all those tips, go line by line, use that
notes feature to copy and paste, you can get those line by line, have fun with the
emojis and let people see who you really are. Okay so, now you’ve got the backstage
hacks for your Instagram bios, make sure you’re using your notes section on
your phone and creating new and interesting content, feel free to update
it whenever you want to especially if you’re traveling all around the world, let
people know where you are. Anything else you want to know Instagram wise, leave it
in the comments below, we’ll check it out, make a video on it and I’ll talk to you you
guys tomorrow.

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