What To Do When You Find A WINNING Facebook Ad
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What To Do When You Find A WINNING Facebook Ad

What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here and in today’s video I’m gonna break down something extremely important and that is what to do when you find a winning Facebook app right now. Just kind of like give a definition to the term a winning facebook ad Let’s say that on average, you know to generate a lead in your business. It costs you something like $10. Okay, $10 per lead is what you consider good? so you’re okay if it goes up to 12, maybe 13 14 dollars, but if it’s anything under 10 bucks, you’re like That’s awesome. Well, let’s say you go through you create a new ad for your business and people are just loving it People are connecting with it. They’re engaging with it tons of people are opting in as leads and this ad is generating leads for two to three dollars per lead and Let’s just say for this scenario because if you’ve done any advertising before with Facebook, you’ll kind of you’ll understand this let’s say your budget right here is $20 per day So you’re like I’ve got this ad it’s running to this ad set. So this specific audience for 20 bucks a day It’s generating leads at 2 to 3 dollars per lead and you freak out You’re like, oh man, I’m gonna scale this to 50 to 100 to $1,000 per day I’ll be generating all these leads making all this money all these sales and so you go through and you Change the budget to 50 or maybe $100 per day and What happens now if you’ve done Facebook advertising in the past You know exactly what happens here and what happens is your 2 to $3 per lead does not jump to $10 per lead. Okay, if it did you actually that’d probably be a best-case scenario What happens is it ends up jumping to 20 to 30 dollars per lead? It completely wigs out your ad stops performing your ad set size performing and you’re sitting back kicking yourself Wondering what the heck just happened. Why did I do that? I screwed everything up. So now what you do? is you take this hundred dollar day budget you go ramp it back down to $20 per day cuz you’re like Oh was working at $20 per day So I’m gonna scale it back down because then I can get back to this two to three dollars per lead Well, guess what? You’ve already screwed everything up unfortunately because I know this because I’ve done it multiple times Luckily, I’ve learned my lesson and I want to teach you guys that in today’s video what to do once you find this ad That is performing extremely well generally least four to three dollars per lead and how to go through and properly Scale this so you don’t screw everything up with your ad set that is performing extremely. Well, okay So first of all, let me just erase this because we think I think we understand This whole concept here. Okay. So let’s say you’ve got your ad right here so we got the ad and let’s say like this first audience that is working extremely well is Your own warm audience. So put right here warm audience Okay warm up. That’s that’s supposed to be two words there. But your warm audience is anyone that’s already become a lead It’s anyone’s visitor website, maybe engage with your Facebook page. So long story short. They know who you are They may be like you hopefully they like you they might trust you I don’t know but this is kind of that warm audience. And this is where you’re getting those two to three dollars per lead Which to tell you the truth once we go through and scale this this to three dollars per lead if we have a great ad It might go to a more like four to six dollars per lead But if your average is ten dollars per lead, that’s still amazing, right? So the reason why I’m saying for this example? We’re starting with your warm audience is because any time you go through and launch a new ad campaign A new ad set a new ad I highly recommend Launching that to your warm audience or in other words people who have already visited website people already engage with your Facebook page people that are already leads in your Database because if your ad is not going to perform to this audience right here It is never going to perform to a cold audience alright So keep that in mind if your ad is not going to perform well to a warm audience people who know like and trust you It will never perform well to a cold audience So now what we want to do here is we want to take this ad So this ad and then this is an ad set Right because the ad set is going through and choosing who targeting is and let’s say this is at $20 per day well, depending on how you want to go how much you want to go through and scale this there’s a couple of things that we Can go through and do We don’t ever touch this daily budget So if it’s going to two three dollars per day We don’t touch that that like that is kind of that as a clear-cut winner We don’t want to mess with anything with Facebook’s algorithm because it can be super Finicky super picky on any changes that you might make. Well what we want to do right here is we want to duplicate this ad set right here and Then what you can do is actually use the same exact audience use the exact same ad and just Double or triple or however much you want to scale this so we want to duplicate and set the budget to fifty dollars per day now We don’t want to go through and shut off this warm audience right here Even though it’s going to the same exact audience The reason why is because sometimes when you duplicate this right here and bump it up to fifty dollars per day It’s still not going to perform as well as the two to three dollars that you might already be getting And so because it’s not performing as well or you don’t know that yet. You don’t have enough data We want to keep this running right here until we know this one is Equal to this app performing right there. And then at that point once you see that’s equal then you can cancel this one off Because you don’t want to necessarily be competing with yourself Then the next thing that I would do and this is obviously depending on how much of a budget you have how much they want to go through and scale this because for a lot of people Spending $50 per day on Facebook ads that’s already a lot of money, right? That’s like that’s like $1,500 per month which you know, if you’re getting start with Facebook Ads, that’s a significant amount of money well if you’ve been running ads for a while and you really want to go through and scale this thing and you’re like I’m I have No fears, how kids can go scale this to the moon. What you can do is then duplicate this ad set again and the reason why I duplicate it is because it makes it easy because It’s the same exact add within that ad set but then I changed this audience. Okay? Now the first audiences that I’m gonna do is gonna be my 1% Look-alike audiences, okay so my 1% look like audiences now my audience is that I typically go through and use our Audiences of all my buyers that I’ve ever had. Okay, and then also the lifetime value customers so something cool with custom audiences with Facebook is you can upload all of your customers that you’ve had over the number of years or months or weeks or however long you’ve been doing your business and then put a value next to each email or phone number or name or whatever type of contact information you have and Let’s say that one customer is spent a thousand dollars with you another one $50 another one $10,000 So then Facebook can go through and make a look-alike audience based off of the lifetime value Now if you’re just starting out and you don’t have over 500 buyers or 500 You know lifetime value customers then start out with the first place you want to start is usually your website visitors or your Facebook page Engagement, okay People have gone through and engaged with Facebook posts like your Facebook page because that’s usually like the very first interaction with your business now if you’re like I already got a lot of people engaging with my Facebook page A lot of people on my website the next tier of look like audiences you want to do Is all of your leads okay, so that could be emails that could be phone numbers or you could even separate emails versus phone numbers because lots of times if You get a hundred emails. Sometimes you only get 60 to 70 phone numbers or accurate phone numbers and so you could even segment these two emails and phones Just so that you have these separate audiences that you could even go through and scale this ad to more audiences because If you go through and you have like you duplicate this and you set a new audience of all of your leads I have $50 per day. Well, that’s great You scaled it another $50 per day But if you go through and say hey I want to do $50 per day to all my emails and all my and having those separate then you Immediately double the amount of money you can spend which if this ad is continues to perform Well, like I said at scale and going to colder audiences it might jump to four to six dollars but it’s a great ad and so That’s gonna totally benefit you big-time All right So then after we go through and hit up our one percent look like audiences. What I like to do is then duplicate again and Even do one to two percent Or even two to three percent look like audiences and remember guys. This is depending on how much budget you have How much money you actually want to spend? I’m just breaking down all the different ways You can go through and really scale the heck out of this thing. Okay? So now we go through we’ve got our warm audience. We’ve got our look like audiences and then we’re gonna go through and get specific to our industry Okay, so there’s gonna be different pages or Groups or interests like for example in the real estate is niche. There’s gonna be Trulia. There’s gonna be Zillow There’s me homes calm realtor calm all these different interests all these different targeting options that you can have And target with each one of these audiences So now let’s just kind of put all this together and see how much we can actually scale this one ad that’s performing amazingly well at $20 per day and see how much we can actually go through and leverage this so we now we got our one ad so we’re just going to go through and create over here and Now we’ve got our warm audience And let’s say $50 per day. Okay, and then we’ve got our one percent Will say look-alike audience of phones and then we got our 1% look like audience of emails and then We can even say our one to two percent of phones one to two percent of emails and Then two to three percent of phones you guys can kind of see like the how I’m going with this okay, and then two to three percent of Emails and then we go and we get specific to the industry. Okay. So like we could say Trulia Zillow and let’s say you’ve got like I don’t know eight to ten interest right here that you can go through and target Well now we’re at fifty dollars per day and you can start at whatever you can start at $20 per day $25 per day Depending on how much you want to scale. There’s been times where I just go through and start everything at $100 per day So the painting on how much you want to go through and push this this is the way to do it So now you got let’s say 50 hours on one two, three four Five six seven and then we’ve got eight to ten right here. So let’s just say eight. So that’s 7 plus 8 15 15 times 50 I Can’t really do that math right off the top my head, but I think that’s like $750 per day Right there, which if we’re generating leads now for the four to six dollars Probably let’s just say it’s five dollars put a per lead to make the app math a little bit easier So divided by five dollars per lead. I had to get my calculator out really quick. But that is 100 and put this up here 150 leads So we went from getting leads for two to three dollars per lead at $20 per day. So that’s gonna get you roughly I don’t know eight to ten depending on like the the day if it’s two or three dollars So let’s say say two dollars twenty dollars per day that’s ten leads so we went from ten To a hundred and fifty leads with one add and just going through and scaling it the proper way Instead of going and taking this bumping this twenty dollar per day budget to seven hundred and fifty dollars per day now I know a lot of you guys are probably going through and looking at this and be like man Jason I don’t have seven hundred fifty dollars per day to go through the scale things. Well, there’s a couple things here one you don’t need to you don’t need to go through and scale of this many audiences the ones I would start out with are your Warm audience, you’re looking one percent look-alike audiences on your phones or emails or buyers or whatever you’ve got Whatever the best data you have and if you want to go through and scale it up from there You can go through all these other audiences. You don’t have to start at 50 dollars per day You can start at 20 dollars per day. And then what I always do is I let this run for About three to four days and the ads the ad sets that are not performing well So basically not within my KPIs of ten dollars per lead or less Then I just cut all of those ad sets and I’m not spending $750 per day over the course of a whole month because if you go through and do that 750 per day over 30 days that’s like over $20,000 which I know would scare a ton of people, but the truth is you’re not spending that much you’re only going to go through and be spending money on the ads the ad sets that are performing well for you and Bringing in sales bring in profit in money for your business. All right So anyway guys this was a little bit more advanced in-depth training on how to go through and really scale your ads So I hope this was helpful. If you guys want my free Facebook Ads mini course, I basically break down Strategies like this plus a whole lot more I’ve got a link in the description as well as in the top comm and you guys can go through check that out Tons of free content in there and how to go through and create these custom audiences custom conversions Generate leads scale your business. So check that out in If you’re a brand here brand new here and make sure you subscribe hit that notification bell and if you enjoy this video give it a thumbs up to help the YouTube algorithm show this video this content to more people. I would greatly appreciate that And with that said guys, thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video

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  1. Love this! Makes my life easier. Btw, this question is off topic but if I'm traveling and I log in Facebook would a different IP address would get my ads manager banned? Thank you in advance!

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