What the Tech: Facebook Messenger scam
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What the Tech: Facebook Messenger scam

(–MELANIE–)A SCAM GOING AROUND FACEBOOK COULD STEAL ALL OF YOUR PASSWORDS AND EVEN INSTALL MALWARE ON YOUR COMPUTER…. THE MESSAGE ASKS YOU TO CLICK ON A VIDEO…AND WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU CLICK IT IS NOT PRETTY….WE ASKED OUR CONSUMER TECHNOLOGY REPORTER JAMEY TUCKER TO FIND OUT MORE.((–JAMEY TUCKER REPORTING–)) Have you gotten one of these Facebook messages yet? it’s from one of your Facebook friends and includes a link to a video and asks something like “Did you make this video?” or “Is this you?” The one I got even had my photo on it and showed that over 44-thousand people had watched it. Normally, you don’t click on something like this right? But it comes from a good friend, a person you trust. It shows up in a string of other messages between the two of you. First off…don’t panic. There isn’t a video. Let’s see what it does. I’ll click the link on my iPhone. I don’t want to risk infecting my home computer. The link takes you to a website that asks you to login to your Facebook account. Don’t do it. It isn’t really Facebook. Sign in and you’re giving the bad guys everything they need to use your account. The hackers want your Facebook login information because so many people use the same password on Facebook as they do on their other accounts. If they have it, they can log into your email and get credit card information and more to sell on the dark web. What do you do if you’ve already clicked on it? Run a virus malware scan using a tool like malware bytes, avg virus protection. These are free tools you can find online. Change your passwords. Not just Facebook but on any account that uses the same password as you’ve used on Facebook. and under settings for security, look for get alerts about unrecognized logins…make sure it’s turned on. Facebook will send you an alert if anyone logs in to your account from a device or computer that isn’t yours. aThe Better Business Bureau, the FBI and AARP have all issued warnings about it. Don’t click on these messages. Delete them…then, relax. No one’s seen a video of you. That’s What the 3 Tech? I’m Jamey Tucker 3

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