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What the Media Won’t Tell You About China | reallygraceful

Hey internet friends. With China being one
of the ancient civilizations along with Babylon, Maya, and Egypt, its history is riddled with
the rise and fall of competing powers, strict adherence to the ways of old, marked by revolution
and revolt to bring in the new, and recently, a century of shame and humiliation—but crafted
from the rubble of a broken society, a new future manifested: a future that experts have
claimed belongs to the Chinese. As the red sun rises in the east, a shadow looms over
the west, accentuated by the western media with reports of tensions mounting between
global superpowers. While mainstream media has villainized the Chinese threat to the
global hegemony, many a alternative media source has praised the Chinese for fighting
what they call “the New World Order”. But is China fighting this New World Order? Are
they forging their own world order? Or is China just another actor on the global stage?
Well, hopefully you’ll be able to tell me after we examine what the media won’t tell
us about China. In order to understand what’s going on with China right now, we must connect
the past to the present with historical context. To vastly over simplify and summarize several
millennia of Chinese history, imperial China was once subject to the dynastic cycle: one
dynasty fell and was replaced by another, time after time—with a society and culture
shaped by Confucianism, under which moral behavior was celebrated. The philosophy of
Confucius served as the basis for creating a functioning society: upright moral behavior
exhibited both by the government and the average citizen provided a sense of order that was
enhanced by a person knowing his or her own place in a series of hierarchical relationships
and acting accordingly, between government and society and even between individual family
members—particularly between father and son. Confucianism placed emphasis on mutual
respect, and if this principle was effectively implemented within the home or even between
the emperor and his country, then society would be successful.
And for a time, China was successful as a leading civilization and dominant global economic
superpower…well, until British imperialism rocked China. Which brings us to the 19th
century, a century that brought about political and social change globally. Western merchants
set their sights on China, and what made China such a desirable trade partner was its trade
range, innovation, production capabilities, and large commercial ships. However, China
wasn’t too keen on the Western sphere of influence, and they were wary of these foreign merchants;
thus they limited trade to certain ports, and traders weren’t allowed to step foot in
the empire unless in the designated area. All these rules fueled resentment in the barren
hearts of those who saw great potential for profit doing trade deals with China, more
specifically, it fueled resentment within a certain empire who desperately needed those
trade deals to remedy the financial burden of starting all these pesky wars! So Great
Britain got a little creative—that’s putting it kindly. They started what we now know as
the “Opium Wars” with China, during which the British grew poppies in India, turned
those poppies into opium, and sold that opium to the Chinese to both profit and get the
Chinese addicted to opium so they would buy more. Opium was illegal in China during that
time, but that didn’t stop shady merchants from selling those drugs on the black market.
China responded by attempting to completely remove the opium from their country by burning
it, but that didn’t really work so eventually war broke out, and it didn’t end so well for
the Chinese. A government promoting illegal trade and flooding a society with addictive
drugs all to profit and subvert a threat to the empire? By golly, who’s ever heard of
such a thing? If we examine history as a whole, we’d notice several patterns emerge, one of
which being: the strong targeting perceived weakness, especially if that weakness possesses
something the strong desires, doesn’t matter if we’re talking Rome, Japan, or Great Britain
as blanket statement imperialists. To rule the world, or at least attempt to, aggressive
strength must be exerted, and in the great jungle of greed, bloodlust, and intoxicating
power trips: there are predators and there are prey. China’s century of shame and humiliation
began with the opium wars, but things were about to get a whole lot worse before they
got better. The Aftermath of the opium wars resulted in more trade ports opening for foreigners
and merchants gaining rights to travel within China, which is how the infamous Rothschild
banking family secured their spot there, along with the notorious Rockefeller family with
their Standard Oil business, both families now heralded as “philanthropists”. A fragmented
and war-torn country meant the spoils were up for grabs. During the Boxer Rebellion at
the turn of the century, China attempted once more to get the foreign invaders out of their
country. The once-united China dissolved into regions that became states ruled by warlords.
And the tried and true divide-and-conquer tactics of the enemy became the kiss of death
for the ancient imperial dynasty, and gave way to what we now know as the modern communist
state. Following the Boxer Rebellion, the former economic powerhouse went into a period
of decline, with a suffering peasant class and no clear leadership, creating the perfect
opportunity for a new order to emerge. At odds with each other were the nationalist
and communist parties of China—the communist side funded largely by the same folks who
funded the Bolshevik revolution, all sides of the world wars, and even the wars taking
place today. But while the entire world was at war during the 20th century, China was
struggling internally: not only was China battling it out with invading Japanese imperialists,
but the Nationalist and Communist parties were feuding amongst themselves, too, not
trusting each other while fighting their common enemy. A changing of the guard occurred during
the 6000 mile trek of Chinese Communists that secured them as the governing system and Mao
as their leader. This was known as the Long March, which harnessed the frustration and
enthusiasm of young Chinese to accomplish their goals and push their agenda, which was
driving imperialism out of China. The people’s republic of China has been ruled by the Communist
party since 1949…And by definition, “Communism” is a socioeconomic structure and political
ideology that promotes the establishment of an egalitarian, classless, and stateless society
based on common ownership” and essentially, there’s no private property under communism.
One of the first things Mao did was take the farms of the wealthy farmers and redistributed
it for communal farming in what was known as “The Great Leap Forward”, but unfortunately,
it was a great leap forward into famine, as many millions of Chinese peasants starved
to death as a result. Despite all of that, Mao is still praised by the Chinese government
for reunifying China, modernizing the country, and lifting millions out of poverty, though
millions suffered and died. What rarely ever gets mentioned is who Mao really was or with
whom he was connected. Hold onto your butts—things are about to get interesting. Remember how
I was talking about the opium wars? A company by the name of Russell & Co. was the largest
American trading house in China before, during, and after the opium wars. The founder was
a man by the name of Samuel Russell, cousin of William Russell, an infamous founder of
Skull and Bones at Yale University, a secret society and fraternity whose skeletal hand
has extended to every corner of the world to recruit global leaders. In 1903, Yale established
a number of schools and hospitals throughout China, and guess who was a student there?
Commie Mao. Coincidence? Let’s see if we can establish a pattern of Bonesmen in connection
with communist China. George HW Bush, who comes from a banking family who funded the
rise of the Nazi party in Germany by the way, followed the family tradition and was a Bonesman
at Yale. He was also the first US diplomat to the People’s Republic of China in 1973,
Yale in China was managed by Bonesman Reuben Holden, husband of Bush’s cousin. When Bush
returned home, he was appointed as head of the CIA, later becoming President of the United
States, securing his own Bush Dynasty. If you think about it, wherever Bonesmen go,
wherever they target, death follows. The Gulf War, the war on terrorism, the war in Afghanistan…just
to name a few bonesmen endeavors. The CIA has been in China for quite some time, and
over the course of decades, has repeatedly stated that China’s growing economy is a threat
to the United States. After his death, a struggle for power occurred, but ultimately a leader
who was friendly with the west was installed, and established diplomatic relations with
the United States in 1978. While Mao ensured China’s sovereignty by enforcing an autocratic
socialist system, those who ruled after him focused on market oriented economic development.
China’s “open-door policy” opened the country to foreign investors which allowed a sprinkle
of capitalism to dust over the communist country. Despite some privatization of economic factions,
the governing body was still communist, and in 1979 China imposed its one child policy
on the basis of population control.In the summer of 1989, the west got a full view of
communism at work. During the Tiananmen Square “Massacre” of 1989, the global rift between
the east and the west was reignited, and as a very public changing of the guard occurred.
China’s general secretary was forced to resign in 1987 and demonstrators gathered in Tiananmen
square for weeks. Western journalists were also conveniently present, and they documented
this alleged massacre with a series of photographs and witness accounts, stating that party leaders
sent their troops to open fire on unarmed protestors, After all, the Western media reported
these unarmed protestors were promoting democracy and were massacred bc of it, though the official
death toll was never released. Sound like a recent series of protests? A certain “spring”
in Arabia? Maybe?The Chinese government had a very different recollection of events: citing
armed protestors who were voicing frustration over the economy, not begging for democracy,
and they were attacking the military presence in the surrounding area, and stated that the
majority of casualties were soldiers, not civilians. Years later, CBS News Correspondent
Richard Roth, who was on the scene at Tiananmen Square in 1989, later went on to say: “we
saw no bodies, injured people, ambulances or medical personnel — in short, nothing
to even suggest, let alone prove, that a ‘massacre’ had recently occurred in that place.” So what
actually happened during this attempt at political revolution at Tiananmen Square? Did a massacre
occur? Or did students led by CIA-trained agent provocateurs protest for weeks, their
frustration eventually turning violent, and the military responded, and then everyone
went home? Regardless of what actually happened there, the effects were the same, the violence
portrayed and relayed on the global stage drew international outcry. Some of the top
Communist party leaders were forced to step down. Freedom of press and freedom of speech
was even more suppressed than before, and foreign journalists were expelled and restricted
from China. Within a year, the Soviet Union fell, and the world waited for China’s communist
regime to fall, too…only it didn’t. Between Tiananmen Square and now, China became the
second largest economy in the world, being the world’s largest manufacturer and exporter
of goods. According to one study, “Imports from China by Walmart, the nation’s largest
retailer and biggest importer, eliminated or displaced over 400,000 jobs in the United
States between 2001 and 2013”. As of 2018, China owns over trillion dollars of US debt,
though the federal reserve owns double that, making the federal reserve the largest creditor
in the world, though recently, there’s been a trend of China unloading its bonds—maybe
they decided that US debt was a bad investment.The alternative media has praised China for standing
up to the global world order by asserting itself on trade deals and establishing itself
as a global force in investments, while simultaneously shielding their population from outside influence,
like banning Justin Bieber from China, censoring weaponized pornography, and establishing reeducation
camps for Muslim extremists. But the mainstream media paints a very dystopian portrait of
China, one of rampant internet censorship, worrisome social credit scores like that of
the Black Mirror show, along with an alarming amount of cameras and artificial intelligence
for its surveillance state, tough crackdowns on public dissidence against the authoritarian
gov, a massive DNA biobank with data on any and every Chinese citizen perceived as a threat,
a general lack of regard for human life, and a growing sense of hostility between China
and the West, as suggested by recent events like trade wars, tariffs, rampant espionage,
as well as sonic attacks on US diplomats that mirror the attacks that occurred in Cuba last
year. As I’m always saying on this channel, while it’s interesting to analyze news coverage
across mainstream and alternative media, I’m more interested in the information that’s
being suppressed rather than propagated. Recently, China announced its petro-yuan to rival the
petro-dollar: while the petrodollar is the standard currency for oil-related business
globally, the actual US-Federal Reserve dollar is a tangible representation of all the debt
the US has incurred as a country, backed by our confidence to exchange it for goods and
services. However, China’s petro-yuan is backed in gold. China has established trading relationships
with its allies like Russia and the supplier of endless oil, Iran—which I’m sure British
Petroleum is pretty salty about, as they were in Iran for some time but got the boot—and
the implications of this petro-yuan could have detrimental effects on the US economy.
The multifaceted-threat of a gold-backed petro-yuan was made even more complicated with the proposed
European pipeline, one proposed pipeline being Us-backed and the other Russia-backed, both
of the pipelines running straight through war-torn Syria, where foreign infiltrators
are currently battling it out, one side rooting for regime change. Could an oil-war be one
of the motives for destabilizing Syria, with the continued war on terrorism serving as
the never-ending excuse? If we look to the past, Saddam Hussein proposed selling Iraqi
oil in euros instead of the petrodollar in 2000, and years later Iraq was invaded on
the false pretense of weapons of mass destruction. Gaddafi proposed selling Libyan oil in gold-backed
dinars, and encouraged others to do the same, and of course, he was overthrown and murdered
in the street shortly thereafter.So, looking to the future, how will China fare in their
gold-driven monetary revolution? Will they entice other countries to join in their parade
away from the dollar? Or will they suffer the same fate as those who attempted before
them? What do you think, internet friends? Is China fighting the New World order by taking
a swing at the Federal Reserve? Is China forging their own world order, separate from the pack?
Or is China a testing ground for the Brave New World of 1984, with an infinite amount
of distractions and surveillance cameras?Let me know! You know I always look forward to
your comments. Thank you so much for watching, subscribing, and supporting my channel on
Patreon! Bye.

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    Thank you, your fine work! Love, from Reno.

  3. I think There's no doubt China's leaders are struggling to assert China's dominance at the expense of the existing world order dominated by the US. However, they do not represent any radical change from the existing social status quo, that is China's rise won't liberate the world's people's from oppression and exploitation. In fact, China is more ready and able to use the high-tech tools of state control than the West has been. Also, China seems keen to make common cause with many of the dark business forces (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc) along the way.

  4. I think the seeds of World War 3 are currently being sewn. And that soon a major global conflict will take place and that, that’s the agenda of the global elite. To reduce the global population through a huge war similar to world war 1 and introducing a pandemic that’ll act as clean up. Just speculating of course. Since wars aren’t fought conventionally anymore with boots on the ground and with a clear enemy.. Also with the advent of social media it’s harder to control public opinion as a whole. So I think they’ll be 4 more years of Trump a possible civil war to consolidate his party’s power and once that’s accomplished they can decimate what’s left of the world to a more controllable number of people in the world at large.. sufficed to say who knows

  5. Communism IS the NWO plan under a different name, total control, domination, monopoly capitalism, totalitarian rule, surveillance state, Orwellian dystopia.

  6. China, Russia, and “our greatest ally” are all working together. The United States is going to be tossed aside once the merchants are done sucking everything out of us. My suspicion based on some articles about Bibi and X getting along so delightfully.

  7. I am worried, overall, but i lived in China for two years – and not fun, European China like Beijing or Shanghai, but real China – and I can tell you that China is a fucking shit show. In the long game, they have one great strength: unity. And in the long game, they have many great weaknesses:the main one being that their citizenry, generally speaking, are fucking crippled psychologically. To specify, theyre extraordinarily single-minded and unable to be creative actors in an increasingly complex world.

  8. china is part of a plan, all government types was a test too see which one would be best tobe used in the one world government. chinas type won, so you will see china form of government to spread world wide

  9. Queen Victoria was severely addicted to opium. There's a documentary on YouTube that shows some of her "dope" pipes, spoons, etc. etc. The Zionists were behind the creation of "synthetic" opium, too….opiates and opioids. Just some trivia for you! Allegedly…we have this big "opiate crisis" going on in the U.S. At first, it was pinned on the military veterans, but NOW….they are pinning it on the FARMERS and those in rural areas. This is no joke…look it up in the recent "Farm Bill." I hate the liars who run the government and media and we know "WHO" they are.

  10. Does anyone know what happened to the author of this youtube channel? Nothing has been posted in 11 months? Did they kill her? Or was she just threatened?

  11. I am so happy to hear some truthfulness about China, one of the oldest civilizations on the planet. I don't think they are a threat, confucianism is a strong influence in their culture, albeit being thrown out briefly after the revolution. President Xi Jingping is a virtuous leader, and we need that in the world. If we could co-operate with China, instead of opposing them. The Communist Party of China has an English website. You can read their constitution, which is so inspiring, I think the US should have a new constitution and model it on that- all for the people. You can also read Xi Jingping thought from talks he's given.

  12. i think that all countrys are in the game , china russia , europe the usa are all in the game to gett a nwo they are not enemys off eachother , we are the pray !!

  13. What is really interesting when we look at this history is that countries end up the way they do, because foreign sabotage in those countries, so to protect themselves from this, they become extremely paranoid and and take extreme measures, then you see what they turn into as a result, and no matter what they do, that is used against them, it highlights and demonstrates that there is a force out there trying to take over their country and trying to run the world. But if you say that, people label you a conspiracy theorist or some other bullshit, because it is an unknown and unseen force, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. otherwise why would we have all these issues. This stuff is all manufactured, it doesn't happen by accident like some people would believe. Some people just act like this is all normal and shit will sort itself out. No. you might be enjoying it now, but one day you won't be able to enjoy any freedoms. And you won't even realize it's happened until it's too late. Then you would wish you had taken this more seriously.

  14. Didn't expect your videos to be high in quality for such a small channel. You won my sub. Keep it up!

  15. Regardless, China is as evil as the NWO its trying to replace. Talk to the people they are affecting with their "business deals" in third world countries (S/C America, Africa, and SE Asia). They are as predatory, only with a new face.

  16. You lost me on this video. You took a lot of history jammed it into 16 minutes and left the viewer to decide. 👎🏽

  17. I've confirmed in my own research much of what you said here, but… I don't believe for one moment that China isn't executing their own world domination plan. It's human nature to dominate everything around us. Even the fake women, the Feminists, are trying to do that… it's normal.
    Pinky: Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight? Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky – try to take over the world!

  18. Her syllabus is extensive. I'm so glad she earned the value learned and pursued to pay it forward.

  19. The gold standard is a jewish zionist invention and the zionists control the price of gold completely. China is – like most countries in the world – a ZOG (Zionist Occupied Country). Don't fall for the lie.

  20. . .

    . . . CIA.. ..provocatures.. .. You can see the CIA…in movies now, because Hollywood does research and uses it for authenticity- effect. So when you discover, that ,the CIA..behind scene project creators , resemble the same model of human. …you might wonder what the protocols are which…place them in their seats.
    Well of late we see the recent past decade…described ; " The Intelligence War "
    So we will naturally begin to wonder who has more power, these special intel- elect, or our organs of democracy- elected officials. That's just normal stuff.
    But, if the budget to hold this intel- secret- puppeteer gang in place, if that $$$…is primarily taxpayer…?
    I have no faith in the system- ability to change anything. my seems like it's shut- closed-locked- down. Without oversight in sight..we are just made now to endure whatever this behind scene s society figures out for us.
    So when you go to sleep at night, rest assured. . there are leagues of . …teddybear – Radar ( from Mash ) type people awake 24 seven…who are scrambling to effect what you think.
    But who decided on a teddy bear army ? Who put these people in place ?

  21. Grace…you had an interesting video until the Cultural Revolution…and Tiananmen. These are examples of the real face of Asian Communism…a willingness to kill millions or thousands – as in these two cases – to maintain a vice-like grip on society. (There is NO dispute about Tiananmen…you almost appear to be Disinformation-ist by this proposition!) This is the same gov't that is NOW imprisoning a million Uighur Muslims!

  22. China can't become a superpower without Africa fun fact. youtube search confessions of a banker and then research Africa and China.

  23. Remember th domino effect shit' n it felll! so what,no more deathcount in s.e.a jz boardgames fear mongrr, now it mddl.east Jenga build! ! They really likes board games!!and wow!unbiased! u go grrl!its already in order, in phases 4mayb, now a reprog,calibrate before ww3 ,..a reset..badguy win, a revo..

  24. DDD of course it's for OIL and GAS pipelines & THE FACT they all want to have GOLD BACK MONEY. They can't EASILY STEAL wealth with REAL MONEY!
    I think it's IRONIC for IRAN to have an OIL Company/CORPORATION called ANGLO IRANIAN.

  25. I hate communist china… but this is a good video. It dhows china was mistreated, like every other nation in the world 🙄

  26. Anglo-Saxons are ruthless. The most efficient killing and domination machines every seen on planet earth. Any wonder why they want to destroy the US Empire ECONOMICALLY in retaliation for the exploitation of the 1800s. Only AMERICA wants to wage war. China will use the teachings of Sun Tzu to conquer our decadent, war-like, wasteful culture without firing a shot.

  27. The tyrants motto is if something worked last time, keep doing it, like how long has it been that everyone is suffering their asses off waiting &working for a better day, relief, while chasing that ancient old "NWO" dangling carrot, only to find out that "NWO" meant a giant orgy of inbred mother-fucking sodomite satanic kuru prion diseased brain damaged retarded psychopath incestuous pedophile pedosadist faggots

  28. Sounds just like what the Obama regime did with the Opioid epidemic here in America!!!

  29. Hey reallygraceful. Love your content. Especially this series about what the media won’t tell us about. I was curious if you’ve posted an episode about Sudan & maybe it was censored or if you are in the process of making. The Sudan situation is becoming more known in the west but I fear ppl are too ignorant/ill informed to understand what is actually going on.

  30. China and Russia are Allies…The Old world order that TRIED to become the NWO…Is Afraid, It's AWARE of the GREAT AWAKENING all over the planet. THEIR GIG IS UP!

  31. What you missed was the destruction of Christian churches and vast number of Christians who are silenced and imprisoned for their faith ..for not worshipping the dictator of China.

  32. Other very important thing that the Chinese government won't tell you about is how they put Uighur Muslim people in to the concentration camps!!! This is happening right now, and they are going trough something you won't even imagine. Search this up if you don't believe…

  33. Thanks Grace! I always enjoy your work, and particularly enjoyed this piece. Well, as much as I can enjoy learning more about being controlled by dark forces.

  34. You're one tough cookie madam. Have you read the book 'Silk Road: A new history of the world' by Peter Frankopan? He did not include much of the 'shady' history of the world. Barely touched it. I suggest you write a compilation of your research so far. It will sell like hotcakes.

  35. China is slated as the economic engine of the NWO… look at their emerging relationship with Israel (The House of Rothschild)….

  36. Before watching, I believe China IS the "New World Order". In some ways, culturally good in philosophy. In most ways, socially appalling, tyrannically oppressive, smothering control and the end of the hope for civilization because of "shadow governments". Culture and humanity on ALL of the planet MUST unite to ascend above this evil we've lived under for many hundreds of years if we are to survive and provide a future for our kids, literally. Make no mistake. The Revelations are HERE and NOW and not pushing back in any way you can will allow it to take total control. I'm pushing 70 years old, never had children and "don't need to be concerned". I AM ((( DEEPLY ))) CONCERNED. Not for me, for EVERYONE that follows me.

  37. 中国人别看了,这里没有一个中国人!让他们意淫呗!前面都已一笔带过了,主要是抹黑89年的,估计是当时政府把他们来中国负责煽动的间谍爹杀了不高兴吧!哈哈

  38. Great video and I'm very happy I stumbled upon this channel! I believe the zionists, and other Secrets satanic organizations, will get there one world order however they can. So the East will team up against the west and they will be the biggest most horrific world war that has ever been seen, and Through This World War 3, they show create their One World Government. Order out of Chaos is thier Moto, they use this same tactic over and over again, in many forms. They create great wars, or a big event like 9/11 blow it up as much as they can, that way they can make the people fearful, and ready to compromise to save their own skin. This is how they get in power, and this is how they expand their power. Get ready for the one world Currency, the One World military, and the One World Government, the mark of the beast is close now to happening we are all being conditioned and prepped for it to take place.

  39. Nice
    My thoughts governments at the most basic level are evil or malevolent with the fake false image of benevolence

  40. They set up Hitler Germany too (and Bolshewik Russia). Grace suggests they turned on the Chinese economy. (which might explain that odd Chinese determination to begin shaping an oligarch class?)

  41. As trade war intensifies between America and China, and China doesn't seem to be playing ball with the American government, we see manifestations erupted in China.

  42. China is not fighting the new world order they're attempting to become a new world order in and of their self

  43. Well… that was extremely informative young lady!
    The second video of yours I have watched, (so far)!
    Keep up the exceptional work

  44. -I've watched several Chinese historical dramas which doesn't make me an expert but I do feel I at least have some insight. A recurring theme is the emperor always has a lust for the throne and to conquer the "whole world (all of Han China)". It's usually presented as for the peoples good and stability. They don't mind sacrificing people as long as the equation comes out a net positive of those saved. Subordinates often have to grovel when communicating with the emperor especially when expressing different opinions.

    -Consider also the fact that China is officially atheist. In a way it's almost like Jesus and satan. You must bow down to the state and the lower you bow the more they'll give you the world. The "re-education" camps of the Chinese Muslims to force to forsake their belied in god and replace it with state worship.

    -No don't get me the West definitely lies about China but China seems to have their own version of Jewish media control and lies so it's like trading one devil for another.

  45. Where are the photos of armed protestors? Literally all the footage you used in this video they appear to be unarmed. Got footage of the armed ones? And how many of the protestors were armed? Evidence please.

  46. Well, and well…Iraq was one thing….Libya another. Both beautiful, progressive countries before US terrorism landed there. Who murdered Ghaddafi? Why don't you say? It was the US that murdered him, and plundered his wealth…or did he and Saddam actually just move underground?
    Confusion there. About China, and how this relates…with China's alliance with Russia, this tandem poses a BIT stronger threat than did either Iraq or Libya, where US "democracy" bombed the citizens…in the name of humanitarian wars.

  47. "British" imperialism was never really British. Although it was centred in what was known as , "Great Britain" , the power was then , as now , in the hands of the supranational Banksters. Whoever holds the purse-strings, calls the shots. If I hear the word, "global" on this channel again, when the correct word is, "worldwide" , I will assume the host to be pushing the "Globalist" agenda. We do not live on a globe. (Edit typo)

  48. for the US to be on top we have what we have, for the US to not be the the global hegemony you would have poverty. i know we've been sorry bastards at times but so was every other global hegemony in its time. these are the waning days of the empire. what comes next is hunger. count on it.

  49. I dunno if this true but some believe that William Russell the cofounder of skull and bones may be the uncle of Charles Taze Russell, the founder of Jehovah's Witnesses. Also William Russell's wife was Mary E. Hubbard…dunno if there is any connection to L Ron Hubbard

  50. Even with all this Truth you give us, there are still Americans that believe every war the U.S fought in was for good and since the U.S is a Christian Nation it could never be evil.

  51. Game of Thrones is a great TV series that shows perfectly exactly how the real world operates and how the so-called elites view reality. Understanding how the enemy thinks is key and this is something even most of the so-called Truther Movement refuses to do.

    Just like in the TV series, all of the super powers are "frenemies". Though they may bicker and back stab each other in global theater of distracting the masses, they all seek the same goals and have the same basic world view. Which means they will cooperate with each other where it suits mutual benefit, and stab each other in the back where it suits individual dynasty benefit. But ultimately, none of the factions are "good guys" and they all have their own versions and visions of the ultimate shared goal, as they compete with each other to see which variant of the shared goal is most efficient and workable.

  52. I'm going to die really soon and that makes me released I don't have to hear any of you lie to me again.

  53. So you know. You murderers are all going to be killed soon. As many of you as I can kill I am going to kill. I never stop until I'm dead. I never forget. I never forgive. I'm here to kill as many of you as I can and that's it. I hate you with every fiber in my body

  54. China is busy taking over the African continent and the people are too stupid in the world to stop them from destroying Africa and they are definitely NWO look at there new control cities

  55. No level business playing field.. all Chinese companies are owned by a handful of family's who are government.. dealing in drugs etc and all backed by a nation/country.. massive resources human and more

  56. Excellent presentation! Thank you for all of your hard work in the Truth Movement! May God forgive us and protect us!

  57. Chinese are still under the thumb of British Imperialism. "Communism" developed by a Jesuit named Karl Marx in Imperial Britain was funded, exported by the European powers as an industrialization and control scheme.

    If China was this independent power, which it has not been since the 1500s thanks to Roman influence then Westerners, especially women like Anna Louise Armstrong, cousin of Maurice Strong, David Rockefeller's puppet for founding numerous UN institutions would not have been permitted to live with Moa personally for three years.

    The the history of the Chinese people is an unfortunate one. A tale of slavery and brutal feudal subjugation by foreign powers.

  58. Nazi Germany's need for raw materials saw them train, and fully equip two divisions of nationalist Chinese forces with German style helmets, weapons, equipment, and even tanks they needed at a premium at the time.

    Germany sent them essential equipment to industrialize their country and now with western companies sending so much of their manufacturing to China to make them the world's factory is ironically ruining their own countries.

    China has not forgotten the Opium wars and is now punishing and subverting the west with fentanyl production.

  59. The East India Company was a Rothschild company, they first came to India as traders and slowly cunningly took over the entire sub continent. Sultan Tipu of Mysore and the Sikhs of Punjab fought hard but treachery by the sold out princely states helped the invaders.

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