What Social Media Network Should I Use
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What Social Media Network Should I Use

Hi, its Fadi Semaan from Financial Media by
Solution 416. The question that we are addressing today is: what social media network should
I use: Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn? The reality is that there are four major networks
– there is Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube. Which one should you decide to use?
If you are the type of person who likes to make friends, and wants to communicate fast
online, within 140 characters – that means that you don’t like to write too much – then
Twitter is your platform. If you’re the kind of person who likes to communicate and
write longer updates, and to be able to write a full essay or full blog post and notes to
people, then Facebook is your platform and Facebook is the largest of the networks And
if you are a business or person in business who offers services to other businesses then
LinkedIn is your platform because LinkedIn is not just for fiding jobs it is for businesses
who are looking for other business providers to give service. Finally, if you are the kind
of person who does not like to read, and you know there are many people who do not like
to read, and you like to convey your message via a video, then YouTube is your platform.
The best of all, you have to be – and my recommendation is – you have to become very
active on all networks, that is, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube because all
of them together will give you an advantage over all of your competition and will give
you not only a social existence and proof but give also to your website and business
an SEO advantage.

7 thoughts on “What Social Media Network Should I Use

  1. Many of us work with social media but many of us too doesn't know what social media should we use for our work, actually I also don't have idea about these before I found your channel.

  2. I guess facebook and twitter are one of the best social media that many of us is using to build a network.

  3. As we all know, facebook and twitter are being used by most of the people nowadays. What we don't know about linkedIn which is also a nice tool to succeed.

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