68 thoughts on “What shut down Facebook today?

  1. I'm worried more about my messenger… the 2 way authentication doesn't work… I cannot receive any code via text message

  2. Lol!

    I notice how people make up any excuse as to why they don't use normal phone functions like calling/texting because "facebook is easier" ! What kinda bullish is that !?!

  3. Oh no what will we do without our poor Facebook and Instagram outside doesn’t sound like a good idea at all

  4. The FB investigation could explain FB outages, but not the larger pattern of social media outages. What the outages did was to distract people and prevent them from organizing demonstrations in response to the university bribery scandal. And now people have basically forgotten about that. So it worked.

  5. I kind of felt bad for that old lady. You didn’t have to make fun of her like that, you could’ve picked somebody your own age. 😂

  6. FB probably deleting and scrubbing their illegal spy and conservative censorship programs because of upcoming federal investigations.

  7. When facebook went down I couldn't instantly make witty and insightful comments on other peoples posts, and it gave me time to realise that my posts were neither witty nor insightful and I had been wasting my time and my life, so I resolved to dedicate the rest of my life to ignoring that insight and making even more 'witty and insightful' comments while I still can.

  8. I did just fine! We lived 30 years ago without the internet and Facebook. Sure I couldn’t post what I wanted but I survived.

  9. #facebookdown is very possibly the result of a decision to do a data dump that was so massive that big pieces of the system had to be taken offline. FB had to announce that it was not a DDoS attack to protect their PR image, which may soon become toast anyway as it has hit the headlines that FB is now under criminal investigation for data sharing with certain corporate biggies.


  11. Mark zuckerburg the founder of faceboom messages us on messenger there will be a shutdown and he said dont use your cellphones at 10 30 pm to 3 30 am because radiations cosmic rays and nuke atoms are strong enough it may kill people im doing this for your sake people around the world.

  12. I sense a “scrubbing” scheme… This sounds fishy cause many of my conservative facebook pages…… are gone…..

  13. Deleted my account 9 months ago. Don't miss it one bit and what a change it has been… for the better that is!

  14. I hope FB and whatsup and all that crap disappears and we go back to normal old school Nokia and just text cuz since that came up people don’t talk and don’t have good family time anymore . It stinks .

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