What Should Have Happened at the Facebook Hearing
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What Should Have Happened at the Facebook Hearing

Thank you for coming today to this masturbatory
display of political theater. Yup. Alright, who can ask the stupidest question? What exactly is Facebook? Anybody bring props? I believe the constitution generally applies
to government. Yeah! I love a certain kind of chocolate. Relevant. Your user agreement sucks. Your budget sucks! Do you have any idea how many of your users
actually read the terms of service? Probably more than the amount of congressmen
who read the budgets they pass. And even if they read it they may not understand
it? No sh*t. I’m a lawyer, I have no idea what that means. But I bet you still vote for it. Mumbles. How many apps there? Is there an alternative to Facebook in the
private sector? The rest of the internet? Second rate Wilford Brimley, go! You are hurting people. You’re bombing countries. Congressman meat sweat, go! Congress is good at two things, doing nothing
and over reacting. Oh and spending, there’s three things. Diane what should Facebook do? Take millions of Americans’ personal information
without their knowledge. Jesus I hate this place. The NSA already does that. That’s alarming. But it happened! Are you angry about that? Yes! You’re upset about this, we’ re upset about
this. Are you? Pretty obvious to me that someone is uh listening
to the audio on our phones. You voted for that, is no one reading any
of the bills at all? Small head, big shirt, go! My name’s Mark Wayne Mullin and feel free
to use that name. Small head, big shirt. How do I keep that from happening, is there
settings within the app that I need to go to to set to block all that? Do you set your shirt for medium? I just googled, I just put on your website
Andrew Kinzinger, and he looks a lot like me. To be fair, you look like every quarterback
who peaked in high school. You are tracking everyone. No you’re tracking everyone! Low rent meatloaf! I don’t want to be having information on me. Yeah it’s creepy. Chappaquiddick junior! We’ve seen that with a foreign actor. Cumberbatch? Budget Matlock! I’m a little disappointed in this hearing
today. I agree. What do we tell our constituents given what’s
happened here. I think you should just apologize. Yeah, you know what let me, let me just announce
I will not be seeking reelection next term. Do you believe you’re more responsible with
millions of Americans’ personal data than the federal government would be? Yes?

100 thoughts on “What Should Have Happened at the Facebook Hearing

  1. The Chinese government now has my personal information because of the an OPM slip up. So Feds and FB you both suck!

  2. People give their information to facebook in exhange for using facebook.
    The NSA steals peoples data so you can have a free chance at accidentially ending up in jail.

  3. That's actually a big challenge. How to handle both government and corporations like FB and Google taking away our privacy and freedoms? You may get rid of one monster just to give way to another one consuming you. That other one is even more subversive, because it tricks people into giving what it wants.

  4. The bottom line is, all the plebs with Facebook pages could just as easily NOT HAVE Facebook pages which makes the problem of Facebook's shitty service something each individual can deal with themselves. So please Congress, go balance the budget, reign in the powers of the ever-expanding Executive branch, fix immigration, build the wall….fucking do the things that fall within the purview of the Legislature.

  5. Can we pass a Constitutional Amendment that ever Senator and Representative must listen to this video twice a day for the rest of their (un)natural lives?

  6. I literally don't know a single person who has found this funny, they think it's being serious.

    Why the fuck do I only know idiots…

  7. This topic has me very torn. On the one hand, I hate Facebook. On the other hand, I hate the sanctimonious hypocrites raking Facebook over the coals. Is it out of fashion to still be rooting for the sweet meteor of death?

  8. There's never been a more perfect opportunity to observe the idiocy of Washington than the Facebook hearings. Sound the alarm, it's time to start over and elect some people who aren't completely out of touch with reality. Preferably under the age of 50.

    At the same time, I am in no way defending FB.

  9. This was terrible but the difference is Facebook controls what we see, it tracks non users on other sites, you get their ads, you delete your account they still track you… As does Google (with no SIM card & phone in airport mode). It's bad, this was terrible, but between Facebook and Google they'll control our information by their algorithms We can vote out government (allegedly) but Google & Facebook are the affecting every area as well, with much more data & even less accountability. I miss Netscape!

  10. Idk about you guys but I personally liked the original better than this fan fic version. I mean robots vs dinosaurs just isn't as good without the robot!

  11. this was amazing. George Orwell was right….this Orwellian nightmare has got to end, good ppl need to stand up to this. Remember when you go to vote or speak to any congressman or senator, deliberately bring this up to them. Don't humiliate them, just expose their narratives

  12. I would have respected Zuckerburg a lot more if he had some balls. This was ridiculous. People sell your information, that is how users are able to use the site for “free.” Security issues are a problem, yes, and Facebook can do what they can to ensure that it doesn’t happen, but they are not gods. And, what’s more, everyone who makes a Facebook account signs a terms of service agreement. Fuck me, this is irritating.

  13. While this hearing didn’t accomplish much, I found the whole argument put forward Reason a bit insincere. Yeah the government sucks, doesn’t mean major media institutions with virtual monopolies shouldn’t be held accountable. This is why I can’t be a libertarian.

  14. People who voluntarily choose to expose their data to everyone are responsible for everything that happens with it, lol. It's well known for ages that Facebooks sells your data, if you still are on this platform, it's your fault. It's not as if the citizens are small childs and mommy government has to take their phones away if they make wrong decisions 😀

  15. It's galling for politicians complaining about the user agreement when it's their stupid laws that caused it.

  16. people on facebook are all victums of their own narcicism. Facebook doesnt provide you a social medium for free. They want your info. Your info makes facebook solvent. Facebook has no legal obligation to protect your data. Facebook sucks so dont use it. or do and shut the fuck up about your privacy which you prove your disreguard for by joining facebook. people are dumb and we are all doomed

  17. I'd rather have my information bought and sold to spam me a million times than to be spied on "by the people we need to trust: experts, leaders, and the press." Basically I am saying I'd rather be inconvenienced with stuff I may like than a chance to be placed on some watchlist with arbitary requirements which could send me to GITMO or on the Disposition Matrix.

  18. 0:13 "The constitution generally applies to government" – Can you state anything more obvious? water is wet. Breathing air is good.

  19. "The government does it" shouldn't be an excuse to let private companies do it. At least in theory, people could change government policy through the democratic process, however unlikely it might be. But Facebook can't short of people leaving the platform or threatening to, or starting a massive grass roots movement demanding change.

    I get that this is a libertarian leaning channel, but clearly the way you deal with both these entities is different. Some would argue that one is easier to change than the other, but its not an excuse to tolerate either.

  20. If Congress wasn't so stupid I would be on their side but even tho Facebook should be forced to not infringe our first amendment

  21. When a law only applies to government then any person or business can do things that would be considered illegal if the government did it.

    Individuals can go to incredible lengths to shut someone else up yet seemingly aren't illegal.

    Businesses that control near 100% of a thing can do the same in this instance Google, Facebook, twitter control virtually all online information and actively censor conservative.

  22. Sorry guys, but this one was bad. Yes, Congress sucks and most Senators are dumb, but I never thought I’d watch libertarians defend a clear monopoly. “Hey, we’re a company that advertises as a place to share photos and play a farm game, but really we load your computer with cookies and track everything you do online so we can sell that Infortmation to whoever wants it and not tell you. Also we control about a quarter of internet traffic, so yeah…”. This is the reason antitrust laws exist and then applied in the early 1900’s causes the largest economic boom in history.

  23. Heavy handed but funny. Regulations and government are very necessar. The problem is our country is departing from the federalist system in favor of centralization and the advent of television culture being the meta of our time in which tweets etc stem.

  24. I don't care what issues government has, Facebook (Big Tech) is currently violating the rights of US citizens unlike any other industry in our time. They need to be held accountable and I don't care who does it.

    Problem is, Congress is more concerned with appearance than action. But who's fault is that? Maybe it's US Citizens. WE voted them in and continue to reelect them after all.

  25. Chappaquiddick Junior. Goddamn my sides hurt. Yeah, if those inept clowns were half as concerned about running the government efficiently as they are about trying to make brownie points with their clueless constituency this country wouldn't be in the ridiculous mess it is in.

  26. Despite the vulgar language (see beginning of the video), this is a great example of why I follow ReasonTV. 😁👍

    Btw, if the creators read this might I suggest lessen the vulgar language? Not using profanity or inappropriate language would make it so I can share the videos to more people. 😏 Thank you for the great content! 😃

  27. Cellphone metadata (phone number, number dialed, and the time, date, and duration of the call)–AKA, the data the government definitively has–does not come close to mounds of detailed and intrusive data Google, Facebook, and the like have collected from us. I'm not endorsing Congress' work at this particular hearing, but I think people could use reminding that the data the government uses to neutralize terrorist threats is far less invasive than the data private companies use to market products to us.

  28. Never go full libertarian.  Conveniently ignoring the special immunity social media has based on being neutral which they have not done.

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