What Is Instagram Hiding?! HUGE Debate Sparked, Youtube CEO Responds, Barr VS Mueller, & France
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What Is Instagram Hiding?! HUGE Debate Sparked, Youtube CEO Responds, Barr VS Mueller, & France

100 thoughts on “What Is Instagram Hiding?! HUGE Debate Sparked, Youtube CEO Responds, Barr VS Mueller, & France

  1. Thoughts and prayers to Editor James
    , and here are those timecodes:
    Instagram Tests Hiding Likes (0:20), YouTube CEO Addresses Concerns (4:18), TIA (8:53), May Day Protests (11:55), Controversy Around Barr’s Summary (15:29)

  2. I'd rather have Instagram to make it users to clearly state if the post was sponsored and also if photo was heavily edited

  3. 15:47 wait wait wait you're telling me the attorney general only had to submit a FOUR page summary! Just about every college student has had to write a ten page essay about some topic we don't care about but the attorney general only had to submit 4 pages. All that research and work concluded to 4 pages. You got to be fucking joking 😑😑😑

  4. I don’t know why YouTube “picks” trending videos at all. It should be purely based on the community, and if they want to block “unfriendly” content, that should be available as part of YouTube Kids

  5. I don't like photos on instagram, surprisingly it has curated quiet obviously that what photos I open instead of like I don't like photos. I will if it is a friends photo about their life as its cool and to me its like sending a text saying nice or congrats. I would be more than okay if the like button disappears my concern is how do we understand why a video is on trending. Understanding trending page to me should always be transparent…

  6. what, i need a moment after i just saw a clip of logan paul where he makes a coherrent statement i can agree with, fml

  7. Susan Wojcicki's words are just empty bullshit. She says they're trying their best to listen to creators, and that hearing the issues from the creator was vital. Fuck off, they literally ignore any concerns from almost every creator until fans start spamming them. A right balance between copyright holders and creators? YouTube kisses up to copyright holders while literally not giving a shit about content creators who even spent money on the licensing problems. Seriously, fuck Susan Wojcicki and fuck YouTube. If not for creators, this shitty platform would've died long ago.

  8. Subverse stole the name from Tim Pool. Anyone who donates to that game is going to lose their money in the lawsuit that was filed

  9. Im from Canada and they just rolled out the new instagram changes. I don't understand how it improves anything, but also don't know how their algorithms work. On a personal, person by person case, it seems silly. Note: I'm not an influencer or anything, just random insta user.

  10. "Did I do something wrong?"

    Yes Logan Paul, you filmed a suicide victim in the Aokighara Forest.

  11. Has anyone else noticed how horrendously slashed into pieces the poor butchered notifications tab has been lately?

  12. I live in Canada and I’ll tell you, this whole like thing really sucks. I run a couple meme pages where likes are very important. How am I supposed to know if people enjoy my memes if there’s no like button? Also, why is Canada being the test dummy when we don’t even have Instagram Music yet??

  13. The only time I worry about how many likes I get is if a bad post I put up gets more likes than a good post I put up. It's a little frustrating but I don't care that much 😂 I post whatever I feel like sharing ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  14. I am told the French people want Macron head cut off Like Louis the 16 got! You did ask me so there you go!

  15. Joos don't even have to put fluoride in the water and xanax in their meals, fucking social media Jewish propaganda, ever since those white faggy Europeans got charity they've been raping countries.

  16. Omg season 2 Handmaids tale was SO HARD to watch I don’t know what was going on in the writers room. It just turned into a lame wife vs baby mama drama with like nonsensical character motivation. I am not planning on watching season 3, I dont need that frustration in my life haha

  17. I’m Canadian. Im loving that Instagram got rid of how many likes pics have. I hope they keep it like that! Better yet, they should get rid of showing how many followers people have.

  18. I find Facebook way worse for mental health, I have to deactivate it from time to time just to give myself a break from the toxicity.

  19. To me…the like button is like…giving you a throat punch for an awesome video…But, really the number of likes/dislikes means nothing to me personally, and doesn't sway me either way when I'm watching something.

  20. I think hiding the likes is great. I'm in Canada and have been using the update for a week or so. The content feels like more of a focus where before the number below it was distracting. Users can still see their own like count if they want to have that gratification but they don't have to worry about what other people see and can be happy just posting better images/content.

  21. I wish people would consider how devastating this would be for artists. We depend on likes and comments to get sponsors and get noticed. I hope this doesn’t screw us over like the algorithm does now.😞

  22. It sounds really amazing and exciting- the idea of not seeing how many people liked, or viewed, or favorited on whichever platform. You could just focus on what you're making and put your all into it, because either way the end effect is the same. It's nice to get positive feedback but whether it's a lot or a little, it can seriously throw off a groove for people who crave approval and have difficulty knowing what they want to put into the world or who they believe they are.

    It feels kind of peaceful the idea of being able to work hard on something and throwing it into the void. Knowing people will see it, it exists, but also it doesn't matter how many see it. I don't know how to explain.

    It's not anonymity or lack of, it's just the freedom of living up to concepts of expectations or a desire for positive attention? Idk

    Like… An artist really wants exposure when it comes to their art -aaa I'll think about this more.

    Anyhow yeah though

    Gnight LMAO

  23. In regards to insta; I like to post, especially recently, photos of things like flowers and scenery, animals. No one really cares. I still post them because I like it, but people like what they like no matter what you do.

  24. So like we’re gonna forget that Instagram is basically a magazine but about ourselves? Like anyone gonna grab their pitchfork over the billions of photoshopped magazine photos shoved down our throats all the time?

  25. I'm in Canada, and I LOVE the feature to remove how many likes you have. I think it is bringing back a human element to Instagram. I was pretty much sick of IG and purposely stopped spending time on it, and at the same time they added this feature. I think they are being smart and listening to real human user feedback. In terms of influencer marketing, you can still see how many likes your photo gets. It's similar to your YouTube analytics. Only you know your audience, where your clicks come from, etc.. and you would show that to a potential client just as you do with YouTube deals. Thanks for the great content as always Philly D!

  26. w̸͚̄a̴͚͆i̴̥͗t̴̤̑i̶̛͚n̶͊͜g̷̻̒ ̷͈̓f̸͎͘ǫ̵͐r̵̢̉ ̷̣̔y̷͎̽o̷̮͝ù̵͔ ̸̤̑ says:

    You’re going to hide my likes!? I’m an artist! I need to see what people like seeing from me! unless I can still see them cause I have a business insta. I couldn’t careless about my personal insta. I want people to like my art not how I look.

  27. If likes are based off of my personal self worth… it is low and at a 2 out of millions. But then again… I'm closer to #1 than most! 😀

  28. As a musician I think Likes is a helpful metric for judging what content is popular. If they kept the like function and hid the like count on the front end but kept it viewable in analytics then that wouldn't be as catastrophic.

  29. Maybe something instagram can implement is allowing individuals chose if they would like to publicly display their likes and followers. I feel like that would work for me because I feel like I'd be more happier on the app without the pressures of likes and followers. But on the other hands, celebs/influencers/anyone who wants to, can still chose to display the likes on their posts and the number of followers they have.

    It could be something they implement in their privacy settings (like how you can chose to be public/private).

    Idk. That's just the best win-win situation I can think of.

  30. I generally like you and I have no fucking clue how many followers or likes you get. For products though, likes do matter. However I don't buy shit cause others did. I buy shit because I want/need it, but the popular version of whatever it is does take precedent though.

  31. Trending shouldn't be based on anything but how many views the video is getting in how much time. That's what trending means. Simple calculation. Views per hour. Update every hour. Problem solved

  32. Mayday demonstrations are something so of course. Its for the working class to show themselves and to make themselves visible to parliment. Every 1 May. /Swede

  33. So it's up to the people to let people know do an individual with now online accounts are fake and people who are on their usually fake even though there's filters for every kind of picture on there how about we make each individual conscientious on what's real or not instead of having to control and dictate everything they do

  34. I think that your aversion to violence against an oppressive conservative, capitalist state is sad, Phil. It's something I can't abide.
    Violence is necessary, moving forward with our society, and protests will always turn violent when they are ignored, and we have been ignored for a very, very long time.
    It's time to stop pretending.

  35. Id say as a normie on sns I dont care that much about the number of likes – I care about who's seeing my stuff. But as someone who used to write online, I would say the feedback and lack thereof in writing online definitely contributed to my passive falling out of the community. I don't write anymore. So for content creators its definitely an important factor.

  36. I only have a hobby-centric IG, no personal one. I do use like counts as a gage of how my content is being received (what posts are people enjoying most) and how many other people in my small niche hobby I'm able to connect with. It really has no bearing on my self worth. Honestly it's great not posting selfies and trying to make my life look more interesting. Instead, I focus on one element of my life that I enjoy.

  37. I think logan paul has a really astute, mature take on this situation

    shoots self in the head 20 times

  38. I'm a photographer.
    I post on Tumblr, and I don't have a huge following (1K) For me having 'likes' simply means that my photos are being seen by a wider audience which is the reason I post in the first place.
    I'm sure that for other people, posting other things, it's very different. But personally, although I don't actually post for 'likes', when I get them and a photo is very well received, it's obviously gratifying.
    However I don't base my self worth, or my talent as a photographer, on that reception. If it goes down well, then awesome. If it doesn't? I'll probably reblog it later, at a different time, so that a wider audience can see it.
    I think it's very different for people posting for other reasons, though, and I can see how damaging it can be (especially to far younger creators) to put something out there and get a very low number of likes. For that, and for no other reason, I'd welcome a platform that doesn't do that.

  39. the "id love to hear from you" comment farming is a little too strong this episode. Love your show, I dont love the comment farming.

  40. It sounds like in Sweden they only threw rocks at police is because they wouldn’t let them throw them at the neonazis.

  41. How many of those so-called protesters, who were setting fires and destroying things, were actually government agents who were being used to taint the entire movement! That's one of the main questions that you need to ask yourself! How many of them were plants, either manipulated or paid by the government, to turn public opinion against the movement! People, it happens all the time both there and other places around the world! Open your eyes! #QAnon

  42. Regarding all the Instagram likes, people will find a way. there are third-party apps that track all these likes and stuff so it stands to reason with someone who truly cares about it they're going to find a way to keep track of it.

  43. I don't care about numbers of likes but i really like to see who else (out of people i follow) liked the post. I hope it will still be there.

  44. They want to remove the ways people have to interact with content, so that the only thing left to police is the content itself. Think of all the "scandals" where controversial posts or videos get hundreds of thousands of views, likes, etc. proving that people actually do care about the things tech companies say they don't care about. They want to minimize grassroots movements.

  45. Likes, views, reblogs and followers matter to me only because I'm a small artist just trying to gain traction. I'm trying to make a living man.

  46. 4:40 Correction… ya know that little brainwashed kid named desmon is amazing…the 11 y/o tranny, funny how his comments are still up.

  47. I'm actually quite impressed with Logan Paul recently. Seems like he's maturing super fast and putting his energy in positive areas. Good on him.

  48. I like the reddit approach where we have both up and down vote delegated as "karma points". fuck this removal of the like button.
    I can see the points though.

  49. The thing that bugs me the most about likes on Instagram not being shown is that, as a hairstylist with a page specifically for my business… i want to see what my followers like seeing. If they prefer simple colours or dramatic changes..

  50. Gosh as a yellow vest since the begining. Violence comes from the police here. 15 people lost their eyes and 4 their hands, plus one death due to police. So it's not about being peaceful or not. It's about defending yourself or not.

  51. yeah just like her other completely biased removals… "wide range of viewers would find interesting" yeah cause i totally want to watch some over the top fool rambling and cooking poptarts, trending is absolutely a joke it took congratulations over 30 mill views to get on trending…. like wot…

    god she needs to be removed. Youtube needs to take a more active roll in these false claims. They need to step in and say and lay down the fair use law. Small channels really get hurt.

  52. You wanna improve your mental health? Don't use shitty social media applications, especially if you're emotionally underdeveloped.

    6:20 Oh great, we're bringing affirmative action (discrimination) to YouTube now. I'm disgusted.

  53. My question is were the Logan Pauls of the world speaking out before? Is this a case of Do what I say not what I do? A bit of hypocrisy like Trump claiming to close tax loopholes that without would have reduced his wealth to a fraction what he claims to have.
    Just skeptically convenient to demonize something one willingly used themselves Logan has the fame and fortune but the best way to protect its value is make it harder and take more effort for anyone else to achieve. So genuine concern or strategic defense? 🤔

  54. Phil this is precisely why I don't hit the like button regardless of your pleas and guilt I might feel. Instead I leave you my thoughts as requested believing them more genuine and meaningful than a mere 👍. I hope they're seen and taken as such.

  55. I'm all for this! Literally all for it! Make social media in general real again. It's sickening! I know so many people holding themselves back because their scared that people won't like their content based on LIKES. I always have way more insight engagement than the actual number of likes on ig. Example.. My last post got 162 likes and 9 comments but 1,750 of my followers clicked the link. People don't understand that behind the scenes is way more important than what people see on the outside. I think this would fix that.

  56. Thoughts on yellow vest vs. occupy movements – at least yellow veststers have points/policies to which they’re in favor. Occupy just had a list of complaints.

  57. I love the new instagram update! I stopped posting on Instagram a couple months ago but after the update I’ve posted a bunch!

  58. I only look at the likes and shares because I want to know how my friends liked or felt about something I posted if I get extra likes, that is great, but it really doesn't matter that much to me. Social media has always been about staying connected for me, Especially when I was at University halfway across the country. I have a few FB groups for my friends that I curate, the likes let me know if I should post more of the same stuff or try something different. Same with Instagram I like to let friends and family see what I am up to , but people do have a point about kids linking their self worth with likes and re-tweets. I don't think that removing those features is the ONLY way to solve that issue, but if it does get removed for the sake of mental health, I will be okay with that.

  59. People, don't forget Muelle was actually the guy behind the Iraqi WMD lie too – just for some context of who this guy is…. actual video proof https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4719428/mueller-testifies-iraqs-wmds

  60. Hiding likes is stupid and seems prone to eventual abuse. Same with Youtube casually considering removing likes/dislikes.

  61. SHOUT OUT TO EDITOR JAMES!! I've been watching Philip DeFranco for a really long time. If I could meet your parents right now, I'd have to start off with. "I'm a huge fan of your work. You're son is a kick ass editor." Just like the other 6.4 million subscribers who can back me up on this. (If you've been around like I'm assuming) You're such an intrical part of one of the best and most successful channels on YouTube. Nothing is better than being able to scroll through an the Philly-De-verse. Yah know like catching up on the lastest/most dependable/stick-to-it-ness scheduled videos man.Every one watches these videos and leaves feeling informed. When it cuts to different products you don't feel the need to skip the graphics. All while being as close to unbiased as a news source can be. You can trust me on this. I've been watching for years and this is the first time I've left a comment (and not simply read through).

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