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What is a Facebook Watch Party

hi everyone I am so glad that you
enjoyed that Facebook watch party and I just wanted to give you some quick tips
about it and also a reminder of who I am I’m Ileane Smith and you can message me
here if you have any questions about using live streaming or podcasting for
your content creation and so the Facebook watch party was such a success
that I thought it would be a good idea for me to just come on and let you know
how it works in case you want to use it on your page you can use it on your
profile or you can use it in your groups so how this works is you will be able to
get together with your friends or your fans to watch a previously aired
Facebook video now it also could be a Facebook live as long as it’s public so
if there’s a public live video like right now you can have a watch party
with the video that you’re watching right now you can invite your friends
and it just becomes really one big party so I’m glad Facebook came up with the
idea to integrate watch parties because it’s really a unique experience so let
me just do a little bit of a screen share I’m not gonna hold you up too long
I just want to give you an idea of how you can get started with watch parties
and but one of the reasons why I think this is such an important thing for me
to mention to you especially for those of you who have Facebook pages this is a
fantastic way to resurface some of that content that you’ve posted on Facebook
it’s just fell off it’s so far behind the times that you know people are not
gonna go digging through all your videos to see what you have going on but with a
watch party you can resurface that content but I also recommend that if
you’re queueing up more than one video that you mix it up don’t just have your
own videos there you want to also offer some popular videos from others that
will have the same kind of focus and the same kind of interest that you have so
with that I just want to show you really quickly what it looks like in case
you’re just not sure what I mean by a watch party so this was the watch party
that was held recently and you can see here the videos that were aired and this
was really I wanted to showcase this video where Ross Brand and I from
Livestream Universe Ross’s with Livestream Universe and he and I talked
about for live streaming apps and that streamyard and I see that Geige from
streamyard has already come to the broadcast today and then also we talked
about EcammLive which is the software that I’m using right now to live stream
and then there’s Stage Ten and also Belive so if you missed that go back and
definitely check that one out but I also mixed in a little video short video that
Rachel Moore she sort of repurposed some of her
content when she was live on YouTube and I had given her a superchat so I’ve put
that video in the queue and then I aired my gear unboxing by the way I’m
on my new microphone right now it’s the Samson q2u and then I also added in a
video from Mari Smith talking about watch parties so basically what you want
to do when you setup the watch party you’ll see the
icon that has the little box of popcorn and that’s the watch party icon and then
you start that up now you can’t schedule these ahead of time but you can still
let your fans know that you’re going to do a watch party just by posting onto
your timeline and letting them know we’re gonna do a watch party and let
them know what time if you know if you want to do it that way but it really can
be and very impromptu and like I said you can do it on your page your profile
or your groups any public video so now if you’ve done videos and your groups
before and they were private groups or close groups you’re not gonna be able to
use those right and one there’s only one warning that I want to give you about
using these watch parties is you want to be there of course to interact and
engage with everybody who’s there but at the end you want to end the watch party
yourself because if you don’t Facebook will put random videos in the queue
because as long as people are there I guess and I don’t know if they just do
that until I don’t know how much time would go by before they would stop
throwing up videos but you don’t want to have a watch party and not be there you
know so try to be there and have fun with your community so really quickly I
just want to say hi to a couple of folks that’s James Moulton hi thank you so
much for coming and boogie with the bull a good afternoon thank you so much I
think that boogie but the bulll is holding a watch party so if you’re and
boogie with the Bulls Facebook page and you’re seeing this hi and this is what
I’m encouraging you all to do and so since this was really gonna be just a
quick and this is Dave and Dave from boogie with the bull so I so appreciate
you guys for coming and for enjoying the watch party I will
be doing more watch parties in the future and so if this is your first time
and if you’ve got any questions like I said about creating content especially
live-streaming about using social media platforms then go ahead also my friend
Andrew hatchett is here as well I appreciate you so much Andrew the zoom
master and if you guys have any comments or questions or any kind of feedback you
can use that link that I put in the description here you know each of us we
have a Facebook page we have a URL that opens up messenger now let me just show
you that really quickly because I I know about this before and then I forgot and
then you know there’s so many things you can do with a Facebook page okay and so
this is one I want to show you really quickly I want to get it all set up
before I go into my settings as you go into your page settings and you come
down here to where it says messenger platform right here and then you’ll
scroll down and you’ll see that you all have a link so this is my link m.me/msileanespeaks that’s the name of this page Ms Ileane Speaks so you
can click that on and it’s going to open up a messenger facebook messenger and
that way you can send me a message and Yalanda is here from dryer buzz and she
says you’ve got every kind of URL well I try I try to make it easy I want to make
it easy for you guys to contact me because I know sometimes when you’re in
a group and if you’re not familiar with everybody or maybe you have this
question that you think is like I don’t know if I want everybody to know I have
this question but I know Ms. Ileane has the answer and believe it or not people
message me almost every day with questions and I try my best to get
back as promptly as I can even if I don’t have the answer because believe it
or not sometimes it happens I don’t have the answer but I have resources I have
lots of friends and they will help me out and Andrew says URLs unlimited and
in fact andrew is a great example of that someone asked me about zoom and I
said you know I have a friend who I called the zoom a master Andrew hatchet
so if you have questions about zoom look him up okay that’s not my area of
expertise but it always pays to have friends
so guys enjoy the watch party feature let me know if you have questions about
it and Yalanda from dryer buzz hashtag dryer buzz she just shared this out in a
watch party and so this is how we make our connections with folks and then I
can also share some of her live streams or some of her past videos as long as
it’s a public video then you’re able to share it and yes thanks for the shout
out much appreciate it you’re welcome my dear okay so I’m going to keep things
short here and I also want to use this to add to the watch parties at the end
of them because I’ve now just explained to everybody what the watch party is
because that sometimes people will come to the watch party and say what is this
in fact that happened yesterday and then when I explained it what it was
and they were like oh good cool so you know there’s so many new things going on
I try to keep my finger on the pulse in this watch parties not really that new
but I think what happens is when they first introduced it you only could do it
with your groups but now you can do it on your pages and watch parties opens to
a wider audience that’s exactly the Yalanda was reading my mind yeah
you could only do it with your groups originally but now you can do it on your
pages now on your profile you may also just wonder what maybe there’s movie
trailers things you know with your your your real friends and family your the
folks that you know offline as well they may or may not want to sit and watch a
watch party with you but because you guys know that I’m into trainings and
I’m into making sure that you guys know how to use all these tools that we have
at our disposal you know if I have a watch party it’s going to be really a
fun learning experience and it’s also about community because I love giving
shoutouts to my community like Barb Tomlin is here howdy watch parties can
be a lot of fun they can and yesterday I had a ball with the watch party and when
I air this again that means you’re watching my latest watch party and now
I’ve explained to you what it is and how you can take advantage of it and watch
party audience is bigger and better than Live Well yes and you know why because
Facebook when they get something in their mind now they want to send out
these notifications for your watch parties now you guys have gotten
notifications for this me going life today but yesterday there was a ton of
people that came to that watch party that I don’t see and I don’t they
probably have liked my page but I don’t know them and so you guys I know you
guys so you guys may even have it checked off that you want notifications
when I go live or something like that but the way the watch party is working
if you’ve got a page I’m pretty sure they are notifying the majority of your
people who have liked your page so this is a way to bring back your page get
your fans get your Facebook fans back that’s the
so for the watch parties now in six months it may be some other tool that
Facebook introduced but right now it’s the watch parties and don’t forget
Facebook premium premiers is also another cool feature when you’re
uploading your video try to always upload the video at least an hour before
you’re ready to hit publish so do it as a premier that way it gives Facebook a
chance to send out those notifications that you’ve scheduled a premier and a
premier just means that you’re actually going to be sitting there at you know on
your phone or at your desk so that you can take comments and I like of course
being live because I can actually pin up the comments but I have so many pages I
have a Facebook yeah sometimes you you know you start a new page every time you
have an idea or something and then you turn around and I know barb has tons and
tons of pages oh I like what your land to say use it before Facebook lose it
that’s right because you know they like to hide to cheese and they like to
switch things up and this is how they keep us coming back because we’re the
leaders where we are the tribe leaders right so even when we get disillusioned
because we’ve got these other apps pulling and tugging at us we’ve got
YouTube pulling and tugging at us and we’ve got twitch and we’ve got Twitter
you know getting us distracted but when we come back over here to fight a what’s
going on Facebook got some new stuff let me go check it out huh and that brings
our tribe or our friends and our followers it brings them out and so
watch parties I definitely think is a way to resurface the content now you
don’t want to wear it out right because you know if you get in
notification that every day somebody’s having a watch party you know you’re not
always go to the watch party I mean you know think about your own behavior right
you’re not gonna always go every time so you know maybe you want to do them once
or twice a week you have to these things we’re gonna actually have to test with
our own individual audiences I can’t you know give you like a rule of thumb only
had have done to myself and I think both we’re good because the first one I did
was kind of like a test and an old group that I haven’t been posting in that much
and someone came out so to me that one person actually two people came out one
is somebody that you know I always talked to but this other person I hadn’t
taught I’d never talked to before they had joined the group but I’d never
interacted with them so to me that was a major win and we had a good time and so
I needed to do that just so I can test how this thing works and I also have a
little bit of a bonus tip for you guys here because I was talking about how we know maybe I maybe that didn’t work
nevermind I won’t share the bonus tip yet I’ll share it later
oh I got it I can’t do that I have to give you a bonus tip I haven’t I have
another one over here to my right Oh Facebook page stories you know I
thought they’d gone away I could not figure out I spent at least a half a day
trying to figure out how to post to my stories which I’m going to do right now
because I also once it demonstrates to you guys how to do them and you know
Facebook has two apps really for us to use for our pages and one is called the
Creator the Facebook creator app are you familiar with that
one let’s see if I could get this right screen share going here the Facebook
creator app actually has the circle around it it’s the one that’s one my
left the left of the screen and it’s right above the get vocal app okay so I
was on this app trying desperately to figure out how in the world do I post to
my page stories and I seen my stories here and I’m clicking all these buttons
down there I couldn’t figure it out turns out you have to search for your
page in order to get to your page okay that’s number one then when you get to
your page you can scroll down oh that’s funny that’s meta cuz I’m alive now
right but here’s where you create the story from the Facebook stories app I’m
yeah I’m sorry Facebook creator app hey guys I’m live
over on the page hope you can join and I’m just gonna post that I’m not gonna
add stickers and all the other good stuff okay so yeah it took me half a day
to figure that out and a ton of tutorials and you know you ask people in
groups and you get crickets cuz you know nobody know when you get crickets and
the social media I don’t know gurus groups I’ll just call
them the Guru’s groups cuz I don’t want anybody to be offended and nobody knew
how to do it cuz they didn’t answer me I still didn’t get an answer to that
question and I’m not even gonna go back over there and tell him but I’m telling
you Andrew said oh no we saw that one already
yet more clicking and scrolling well these developers never learn
yeah I I think like I said in this case Facebook is trying to hide the cheese
and I’m not sure why like maybe they came out with page
stories and they want to get rid of them but developers are working on something
else so they’re like we’re not gonna work to get rid of it we’re just gonna
hide it I don’t know who knows I I can’t even speculate on why they moved it over
it because if you go to the Facebook pages app you will never find it
I’ve tried okay and the other question that came up all might as well share
this with you guys too is about scheduling a Facebook live scheduling a
Facebook live from your desktop without a third-party app you know cuz you know
you can go live on Facebook you don’t need it cam even though I love you camp
and you don’t need stream yard and all that you can go live but you can’t
really schedule alive from your desktop you need a third party app now what you
can do is schedule it like three minutes in advance because really the three
minutes is just that green room time it’s not the same as scheduling it you
know so took me 24 hours to get that answer but you know this is why it is so
important to have a community have these resources where we can all call on each
other and ask each other questions and you know this Facebook watch party I got
really excited about it because I saw Mari Smith doing one and I saw the
beauty of it as she was doing it and so I said you know I’m gonna try it
and sure enough it worked out well so thanks for watching the watch party
thanks for watching today’s watch party and

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  1. Hi Ileane, I tried yeasterday to stream on my PC via Streamlabs OBS to Facebook.
    So I have a pretty big Facebook Group and also a pretty big Page and also almost 5000 friends in my Profile, so what do you recommend to get the most people to see my livestream ? Is there any possibility to use Restream or any other utility program or tool to stream to all 3 Facebook things…I just streamed for 4 hours to my Group, but not many members saw it…Hmm…So what is the best setup to get the stream the best reach and distribution ? Many thanks. Regards. Stefan.

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  3. Well for earning Money withyour videos Youtube and Facebook is dead.. Youtube scams you withthe Ad rates and censors you to death like Alex Jones and Facebook did only enable 3 videos out of hundreds I had uploaded for Ad breaks and is twisting back and force when asked why they will not enable more Videos for Ad breaks…only lame excuses then from Facebook .. So all in all the conclusipn is to upload your Full videos to Bit.Tube and drive your watchers traffic thereto and remind the watchers also to register at Bit.Tube asthey can even earn money from just watching videos. Also there is the Bit.Tube redirector addon for Firefox and Chrome so you can watch every Youtube video via Bittube and earn money doing that where you if you just watch it on Youtube you would not earn any money…

  4. I received the following message "something went wrong. Please try again", when attempting to start a watch party. Any suggestions? Thank you.

  5. Came to this to learn how to do a party, but 6 minutes in and your still just saying HI to people, had to leave sorry. Get to the point faster

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