What If Facebook Was Indian Government Office ? | Angry Prash
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What If Facebook Was Indian Government Office ? | Angry Prash

“Noise of many people chirping while standing in a long line” Ayye Ayye ” SILENCE keep SILENCE” I am doing your work “Ayye in line” Everone in line, I want everyone to be in line I don’t have 10 hands, come one by one Munshi say cutting for me(cutting=name of tea in India) MUNSHI SAYS CUTTING “Everyone laughs in the office” Eyy Gashole I mean cutting tea, got it TEA OK OK sir getting it for you different types of master pieces are filled in here YES NEXT Guy in line: Sir my data is getting leaked no data leak enquirers here, go to counter no 5 NEXT GNK: Sir I want to open an account in Facebook Uhhh come after lunch GNK: Sir Lunch at 10:00 its injustice on common man I WILL RAISE MY VOICE Oh, common man sit sit… If Big Boss will get a wink of it, he will leak your data even before creating your account Tell me what to do? GNK :I want to open an account Sir Have you bought Identity proof?GNK: Yes Birth Certificate? GNK: Yes Food Stamps? GNK: Yes NO Sir I don’t have it What you don’t have food stamps? Now you will require a gender changing card It will require 200 bucks GNK: Yes Sir do it Tell me your name? GNK: Gopal Kharate Any nick names? GNK: Means? Means Gopu, Gupu, Guku, Gotiya must be something GNK: No nothing sir Tell me your E-mail id? Sir I dont have a E-mail Id, will college id work? In Extreme Anger ” YES GIVE GIVE ME your college id, and put it in my butt!!!” where do these types of people come from Munshi: SIR CONTROL SIR CONTROL Where is my tea? Munshi: Yes sir its in process So are you here to get kisses? Munshi : No sir GET LOST RETARD And you tell me your E-mail id not college id Sir I don’t have one sir Why were you born huh , no food stamps, no email id no nick names, how will your account get created huh GNK In crying voice : Sir those without E- mail cant open facebook account its injustice on common man I WILL RAISE MY VOICE ohh ohh Worshiper of injustice, calm down wait I am doing something See it will require 300 bucks ok Sir I don’t have 300 See injustice retard I won’t take a penny less than 200 OK If you want an account its ok or get lost there are so many people waiting behind you GKN: ok do it, now what? Tell me the name of your girlfriend? GKN: But why Sir? We need to keep a password right? yes yes GKN: Note it down Mayawati ok Maya_wati (maya underscore wati) what of maya? We have to write down underscore for safety GKN: ok got it Now you will recieve a conformation letter on your E-mail id, have to tell me the code written on it Where will I find that Sir?Ok listen as soon as you go out nearby on the right you will find a Google walmart There ask anyone where will you find Gmail bai,they will tell you. Then with that bai you will find a letter on which the code will be written.UNDERSTOOD!!yes Sir understood..understood Arre!(rage)Where is my tea!Did you go to the jungle to find the tea leaves. a**h*le.Getting it Sir,Give me two minutes Ok now give your photo.Take it sir.What is this!? This passport size photo won’t work.Then which photo Sir.Give a photo in which you are wearing a black glasses and sleeping like a beggar and in the corner of the photo PAPPU PHOTOGRAPHY should be written Only this type of photo will be accepted as a profile photo.Sir but i don’t have that type of photo.Then 100 rupees extra will charged. But Sir i am a poor man. This is injustice for the common man.I will raise my voice against this.Arre! Cut his injustice,unecessarily “it” stands for every word I say No,no.Ok fine Sir,then get it done.OK! Now your profile is ready.There are some rules, which i will tell you beforehand.Ok Sir. Rule number 1.Look at the photo on the wall Angel Priya MOST WANTED if get any request from this type of account. Then you will have to report it to us.Rule Number 2 Every week you will upload a photo and on that photo,by hook or crook you should get 300 likes.It doesn’t matter Whether you personally message your friends begging them for likes. But whatever happens you should get 300 likes otherwise you will be hanged to death. Rule Number 3.He is our “Big Boss” and he can sell your data to anyone,anytime and you CANNOT! lodge a case against him, as you have clicked the agree button without reading the terms and conditions. Sir this is unfair!. This is injustice to the common man.I will raise my voice against this. ‘YOU’ will raise your voice,yes Sir i will(x2) Then even i will.ARRE!(rage)Bring me my tea you SISTER FRITTER Here a common man is not getting his Tea Even i will raise my voice.”Long live the Revolution!” If you liked this video,then smash!!! like and share If you are new then smash!! SUBSRCIBE In the future if you want to see these type of videos,then smash a comment below I will meet you again with a new video on new topic.Until then…..Goodbye…(outro)

100 thoughts on “What If Facebook Was Indian Government Office ? | Angry Prash

  1. Iss officer ka Pant colour change kar raha hain πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ek bar orange ek bar red πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Mind your language on your youtube channels, as you are on public channel, childrens are watching your channels & learning the same language & same is the way to their seniors.

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