What I Learned Being Off Social Media (for 8 months) || Savannah Lewie
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What I Learned Being Off Social Media (for 8 months) || Savannah Lewie

100 thoughts on “What I Learned Being Off Social Media (for 8 months) || Savannah Lewie

  1. U r beautiful n it sows that u r not posting pics on fb like other people what ever we wear we like to show other whom we r showing may be jealous n have evil eye its good to know that what i m thinking people already done i m going offline bcz i was kind of dumb n idot when i was kid but now i become extraordinary people now likes ne etc but learning new things in life for eg religious n homework what we get we cant cimplete bcz we spent time on it so getting close to god fb cones between i was taking new sd card for downloading snapchat or instgram but later i saw it ruiend my life but i want to be famous so i used it but i saw many good people see our talent n when its good time to expose god do miracle n we r famous at the top position.

  2. Thank you for this video! I watched this because I want to know how to cut my social media usage. And unexpectedly, we had the same reason which is insecurities. I can see that God is really moving in your life!! ♥️

  3. I just extricated myself from Twitter today, after almost 9yrs. I used to speak to lots of different ppl from only English speaking countries.
    I found some to be very cold to me at times and like a best friend, at other times. I definitely believe there are ppl their who only interested in the amount of followers they can get. I had 1 friend who refused to give me her email address so I could keep in touch from time to time. Even when I said goodbye she didn’t respond, in fact, she blocked me, then took the time to tell others to do the same.

  4. I'm so glad I found you on YouTube, I can definitely relate to this in so many ways! You're awesome and beautiful!

  5. I’m doing this right now, i’m 7 days in. I’m so thankful that I have done this. Your video about it is really great!!!

  6. I had a same problem and this video really helped me to realize what I need to do -grow for 🙂 A big , fuuuge thank you for sharing this word ❤

  7. I'm getting these feels too about social media, it's crucial for what I do in terms of my activities as a Musician. But I try to keep a personal life now and just post in order to get clients / business etc for work. It's a balance. I get more enjoyment disconnecting entirely from internet and cellphone and just cycling or being outdoors etc or spending time with ones I love.

  8. Just deleted all my socials felt my last week was not christ centered and I need to reboot myself thankful for this video ♥️

  9. I love this. I’m currently going thru a social media detox after a breakup. I figured I just need sometime to myself to heal myself. Your video is so inspiring. Thank you and god bless!

  10. I love you and your channel and what you believe in. You really opened my eyes and helped me realize what I need to do in my life. I cried when you said the image of God thing. Thank you so much.

  11. I did it too and now its been 2 yrs, y i gave up on social media was bcoz i started feelin jealous and discouraged by lookin at their luxurious life 😔

  12. I just stumbled across this video and it really spoke to me! I’ve been debating on doing a social media detox because it has the same affect on me as it did you! I’ve never thought of it how you put it though I can control how it affects me!!!!!!!

  13. I just deleted all of my social media a few weeks ago & I already feel God moving in my life! I needed a change & it feels so liberating! Excited about what else is to come! Thank you for sharing your heart!

  14. I must say, you are an extremely bold, brave and beautiful girl with an amazing heart to share this message. It takes a lot to be honest and talk about these things and you could really be making a huge difference a in large number of lives! So thank you for being such a bright soul and thank God we have awesome individuals like you who seem genuinely relatable doing his work 😀 <3

  15. Social media is the most updated drug, and we are knowingly or unknowingly making ourselves and future generations addicted to this drug

  16. I don’t want to leave social media all together I just need to not be so invested. Because I express my opinions a lot and challenge people who have ignorant and uneducated comments to put out there. I end up getting in some trouble and it’s not a great thing. This was insightful nonetheless x

  17. i already delete my twitter , i felt just like you , i compare myself to other , specially smart people . i always wanted to be samrt and make people like me but not anymore . I left it and now i’m focusing on my life , family , friends and college . Thank you and god bless you ❤️

  18. Closed my facebook 7 years ago and never looked back. Got Instagram and Pinterest around the same time. Only lasted 6 months before closing.

  19. There are times I log in on Facebook twice a day or I be on it 15-30 minutes a day anyway God Bless You and I like your comment

  20. I deleted my Twitter and Instagram account back in October. It was ruining my life as well and my happiness. Once I got a few weeks removed from social media, it felt refreshing and God was telling me as well to leave it alone and focus on me, my future and my family. Best decision I ever made and won’t be turning back

  21. I think the reasons why people a close their social media are same, to feel the real life, to be more happier, to stop comparing people's life with our. I really agree with ur opinion about social media.

  22. I finally got fed up being ignored with my posts, while my country music superstar sister continues to brag about her recent #1 Billboard and Mediabase country smash. I'm in her shadows and it kills me. I don't have the singing and songwriting musical talent like she does.

  23. I definitely think that reminding ourselves that we're all made in the image of God helps us to be less judgemental towards others because it reminds us that we were all made by the same Creator. I'm going to try to remind myself of this often!

  24. I realized social media was taking over. I would sit and aimlessly scroll for hours, and it took a toll on my relationship considering I wouldn’t cook clean feed/take care of my animals or myself for that manner and my boyfriend was doing all the work. I decided to reflect and put my phone down in order to be more involved. In the end, I felt closer to my pets and my love.

  25. The best one I’ve seen yet!! It’s so important to take a break from social media, especially if it’s keeping you from quality time with the Holy Spirit because I noticed that with myself! Thank you for this video Queen & God Bless!!

  26. I’m deciding to delete my social media rn. I need the detox and to keep my focus stronger on God and where he’s leading me in my life right now. Thank you for this❤️

  27. I faced the same issue on social media.. it made me feel miserable and depressed. Until I deleted all except for this app. Now I'm happy far away from facebook, Instagram etc

  28. I deleted all social media accounts I dont miss anything it was full of trolls fake friends, people you once knew in real life dont even attempt to add you as friends screw it! It's all for teenagers where the scum of all scumballs are looking for bait! Especially perverts yes! FB is one of them!

  29. Thanks Savannah! All truth. Let’s all remember the greatest motivation behind this: Knowing Christ and his love in a greater way, and how he gives us our created identity.

  30. Well now I feel discouraged, not because of you, but because of most of the people in these comments being so against social media. I want to get social media so I can spread positivity and my faith, yet everyone is so against ….

  31. Hi there,just want to say thanks for your sharing ,Savannah ! I do have the same feeling /problem that you mention and I am trying fully over come this problem now.By the way I am christian who from China.

  32. The ONLY social media I have is YouTube. I deleted everything almost two years ago, and I truly feel like I am living a more freeing and authentic life. The people that are meant to be apart of my life will find a way to keep in touch, even if I’m not in their digital space.💆🏼‍♀️😌

  33. I deleted all my social media years ago and never returned. My life is so much more peaceful without being controlled it. I can live my life without worrying about getting a good picture or whatever lol!

  34. "Purple hair and winged eyeliner" I started to wonder if I went to chipotle 😂 Awesome video. I'm a few weeks into my social media break and I relate to everything you said about resentment and self hate. I'm working and praying about it too 💜

  35. You’re super authentic, and I appreciate so much how down to earth you express yourself. The world is so fake and pretends that if you hide your weaknesses then you’ll be fine and all that matters is your image, but that just so not the truth! Thank you for being vulnerable enough to share your heart. ❤️ I have some serious things to consider with my social media 😉

  36. Girl you are gorgeous so its surprising to me that you had the tendency to compare yourself onto other girls. I recently decided to take a break from social media because it was taking a toll on my mental health. I kept comparing my life onto others, and often times find myself comparing myself to other girls. I too feel what way, i tend to resent other girls because they make me feel less(even though I'm the one who is making myself feel this way and its not their fault) I really like your overall message to appreciate one another without feeling insecure ourselves, and view others good

  37. I'm so inspired!!! Social media has really been pulling me away from my priorities and distracting me from my time with God. This just gave me the push I needed to take a break from all of it! Literally just deleted all of my apps and I'll re-download them when I graduate in 6 months. It's time to focus. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  38. I'm only half way through this video but I relate so much. I didn't love myself which is why I hated everyone else. I want this to be a fresh start for myself and for self love and I want to embrace people's happiness. Thank you so much for this, I have been so inspired. Can't wait for this new journey x

  39. This has helped me alot am trying my best to get rid of it and am seeing a very big change in my life and getting me more close to God.Thanks to you Savanna.We are a new Christian channel,please check us out lets serve God and change our lives.Blessings🕺

  40. But you are so Beautiful yes FB has taken me away from God. Thanks I really needed to hear this. Now I know what I need to do. 🙏🙏

  41. Thanks you for sharing this, You just gave me more confidence about myself and that I am made in the image of God and that I am supposed to look at other people and not judge them cuz they are made in the image of God😁❤Thank you so much 😁

  42. so irony that you had your social media account links in description and all purpose of this video is just the opposite !!!!!!!

  43. I recently deactivated my Instagram & Snapchat and let me tell you… It changed me. I’m so much happier. I spend more time with God. Social media is temporary. Jesus is eternal.

  44. REmember JEsus peace on him prayed and is a Muslim. the bible has been corruupted the original bible proves Islam to be true!

  45. Tips:
    -Follow Things on social media that send you good or positive messages
    -Unfollow people that give you a bad self esteem
    -Dont get on social media all the time
    *Social Media can actually be a very helpful tool if used in a certain way to where you control it and not the other way around

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