100 thoughts on “What Facebook Is For

  1. Woooooowwww youre a fucking badass. Congrats. Youre probably a middle aged douche bag who lives with his mother and feels the need to act like a bad ass over the internet to compensate for youre pathetic life. Like I said congrats tough guy.

  2. Hey man, I know this is an old video, but I just saw you on TV. It was a show talking about the dangers in social networking.

  3. I wonder why (or indeed IF) you were ever subscribed in the first place, considering the nature of this channel. You know who you remind me of? Isaac Hayes. He had no problem with South Park lampooning and insulting just about every religion on the face of the earth, but as soon as the spotlight turns on his own pet delusional fairy tale, it's time to quit. Unlike Hayes, however, who contributed his talent to the show, your presence here will be neither noticed nor missed.

  4. I like how you seem to have enough free time in your life that you could watch a video whilst posting ridiculously stupid hate comments that no one really cares about, especially the author of this video.

  5. who? justin timberlake? justin chambers? justin theroux?
    or is it just in: stop making mindless comments on the internet and learn to speak clearly?

  6. I PMed him after posting this on here, but this was like 2 months ago… I don't remember what the name of the show was.

  7. Really? You find that EXTREMELY REVOLTING? Were you actually EXTREMELY REVOLTED by it? Or could it be that you got the feeling that someone, somewhere, might be so delicate of sensibility, insecure and frankly stupid that they might be EXTREMELY REVOLTED, and so you decided you too should be EXTREMELY REVOLTED on their behalf, just in case they didn't see it.

  8. Chris Hansen brukar säga så i "How to catch a predator", dom skämtade om det i south park avsnittet "Le Petit Tourette". ^^

  9. *fuck
    *your own a life (LOL, yourself, but anyway)
    *yourself a life

    Oh Gosh, I really think someone should put a school/teaching system into Trolllandia.

    *You left your sense of humour on the bus again, I stole it. 🙁

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  16. I come back after 7 years and youtube has recorded me as downvoting this video!
    The thumbs up/down thing didn't even exist back then did it?

  17. Facebook is for very attractive women and male celebrities to get attention. Everybody else ignores each other. Good place for some to get worshipped.

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