What Every News Reporter Wishes They Could Say…

Why am I even here? Why am I even here..? Hey there, Paul… Can you hear us? Are you ready to go? Yeah. I can hear you, Sue.
Loud and clear. Yep! Well, “The Beast from the East”
has certainly arrived Let’s see how we’re looking
out and about across West Yorkshire We’ll cross live to our roving reporter Paul… just describe what it’s looking like out
there. Err…It’s looking quite white Larry;
it looks like snow has fallen… much like it does every single year Because, as we know, frozen water –
when expelled through the clouds… …on to the ground, seems to give this white appearance …so I’m out here – for the radio –
telling you what snow looks like. Yeah, OK, and how
have people been coping? Well Larry, you know,
they’ve all seen snow before it’s cold, it’s white and it’s on the ground… So as a result – people are
coping quite well with it They’re wrapping up warm: hats, scarves, gloves, Wellington boots. That sort of thing. Yeah…er…Paul, you’ve been
speaking to people out and about what have they been making
of “The Beast of the East?” Oh yeah, yeah, you’ve come up
with a lovely comedy name for it to make cold weather seem funthat’s nice I’ve spoken to lots of people,
and they’ve all said “Oh yeah, it’s snowing.
That’s not a surprise.” Alright, Paul… Well, let’s see if we can inject
some fun, shall we? Are you going to build
a snowman for us, Paul?No, I’m not going to build you a snowman, Larry it adds absolutely nothing to your radio
programme …and also – for a start – the snow
is the wrong type …and don’t ask me to do it for
social media My dignity is pretty much near zero anyway a bit like the temperature outside, Larry …which you wouldn’t know about because you’re in a warm studio …and you’ve sent me outside
to talk about snowErr…Paul, thanks very much. That’s Paul, our roving reporter …out and about in the field. Well, 8:22 now.
We’ll get a check on the roads in just a while…

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