What does a social network know about me?
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What does a social network know about me?

A social network knows much more than your friends,
maybe more than your relatives know about you. Social networks are young peoples’ favorite virtual environments in
which creating new network based on social relationships but are we totally sure that our privacy is really protected? In spite of their several good sides social networks can become real traps for all those guys used to use them
with superficiality only thinking to increase their interaction with the whole world But how can we understand how the social network use our personal information? First of all the “never read contracts” are the
starting point to have an idea about how social networks use all the information
(photos, video…) and so on we upload But would most users may collect is that every
single action on a social network contributes to enrich our personal profile, which is available not only to our friends or contacts, but also (mainly) to the social network itself. Are you going to upload some photos? Ok, no problem, but please remember that immediately after the upload’s completion each photo (or video) is duplicated in hundreds of
copies, one for each social network’s server and please remember that every single user able
to see your photos can also download them on his own PC and do with them whatever he wants. Do you love pizza? Do you love mountains? Do you play chess? Well, each time you communicate such a kind of
information to your friends using a social network, first of all you’re telling them to the social network itself which sees users and their profiles growing day by day… Well, those profiles are used to perform customed advertising promotion so, if you are vegetarian you’ll never see banners about BBQs events and in general every social network user becomes a commercial
target, each one with its own purchasing trends What’s wrong with all that? Maybe nothing, but we do believe that everyone has to
consider how social networks know almost everything about us In this way will be sure to use those charming
tools in a funny, useful, but also SAFEWAY.

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