Were the Pyramids Built Before the Flood? (Masoretic Text vs. Original Hebrew)
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Were the Pyramids Built Before the Flood? (Masoretic Text vs. Original Hebrew)

20 thoughts on “Were the Pyramids Built Before the Flood? (Masoretic Text vs. Original Hebrew)

  1. when adam and eve come back from eden garden to the earth is 6000 years ago/ 4000 BC, becouse any time skip time dilatation law einstein, becouse eden garden become tithe of Instant creation 6 days , and the structure of eden garden become high dimension, just look like when we are become and universe become 2D then eden garden look like 3D ball and adam and eve fall from that ball to lowest dimension our universe to days, but that time skip dilation become million years or up more,
    So any 2 universe has exist and 1 new universe in future:
    1. Universe Instant 6 days creation
    (Father God Universe with Eden Garden become Imortal Garden Of God)
    2. Universe Self Recovery Evolution million of years or more up. That we live today(Jesus Christ Universe/Son God Universe/ recovery and sacrifice Universe )
    3. Universe new after the end of the world, universe with new sky and with new earth.(Holy Sprite Universe/Imortal Universe)

    So adam and eve 6000 years ago , becouse Ice Age really2x end in 6000 years ago, but i don't know that other homo sapiens still alive or not? But I think every homo has died all, and the Big Flood is the final end of Ice Age.

    I used Adam Calendar to count :
    Adam died 930, Set died 1042, Enos died 1140 , Kenan Died 1235, Mahalaleel died 1295, Jared Died 1427, Lamekh father noah died 1656, Metusalah grand father noah died 1661.

    And don't forget all this man are super human just like highlender , they have very long live age , and they call Son Of God, but I believe all prime father not guilty but descendant after they that with long live too but maried with common human

    And I count population by the born of baby girl, if Shem ,Ham and Japet have 7 baby girl at their live and every baby girl when they get adult have 7 baby girl then after 225 years population become 5,764,801 and after 250 years become 40,353,607 and 300 years after become 282,475,249 this without baby boy count in, how if baby boy count too, and not just only have 7 baby girl for they live but more, and don't forget noah and his wife become super human becouse noah have died 950 years, and I believe with the rest of very long live , noah and his wife become the son of God and the doughter of God , and I believe the born more son and doughter for the long rest of their live.

  2. So much work here. Just editing alone great work. You also really put forward some pretty conclusive info. Nice work

  3. First of all the pyramids were entirely encased in limestone which would have protected the pyramid stones from water damage. So your theory is pointless.

  4. You lost me when you starting saying it is common sensical that people live to 500 years and don't realize that prophets just copy previous texts.

  5. The pyramids certainly DO have signs of water damage. Dr. Robert Schoch is a geologist who has studied this thoroughly and dates the Sphinx to about 12.5 K years ago.

  6. I love how they do this growth rate thing.(ignoring the fact that people DIE too, either through disease, war or famine…war being the biggest killer of young men and that religious traditions would have taken the virgins and castrated them because that was the thing back then AND that not everyone was a builder. So you are talking a marginal amount of people to do any of these building projects. AND all the people of the planet had to be in Egypt or Babel to do the building instead of being spread all over the planet. I am not tossing all the boomerangs into this story YET. But you get the idea.
    . Like WHY DID THE EXTRA 100 YEARS GET ADDED ON? Also, for a father to have a son, would not 30 seem to be a more likely age than 130? At 130 manopause has happened…and he forgot what that thing did anymore.

  7. Jesus was a descendant of Levi. Mary (miriam) was a cousin of Elizabeth and Zachariah who was serving on the temple when he learned he would have a son (John the Baptist). Josephe's lineage dosent really matter as he contributed no genitic material. Jesus being the creator (father) of Adam who begat… Aberham and David had genitic material from that line because the same material that was placed in Adam was placed in Mary. Adam the first king of the earth, Jesus the last king.
    The spirit provided the genetic material needed to fulfill both requirements what mattered is that Mary had no corrupted DNA from the fallen Angels that came through the flood with the wives of Naoh's sons.

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