We Tried Instagram Rainbow Bagels • Saf & Tyler
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We Tried Instagram Rainbow Bagels • Saf & Tyler

Tyler:I am curious about the poops — What colors they’ll be. Saf: I don’t they’ll — think that will happen Tyler: They won’t be rainbow? Saf: There is a pill that makes you poop glitter, though. We’ll have to do that one next. Saf: Hello friends, and welcome to another video, where we are going to be trying Instagram rainbow bagels. Tyler: I’m pointing at them. Tyler’s rules for vlogging: Here’s step one: Point, all the time…at the screen. Saf: Step two… point. Tyler: Forceful hand gestures. Saf: Julia Roberts Saf & Tyler: Julia Rob- hurts Saf: So I saw these rainbow bagels on Instagram probably, honestly, like over a year and a half ago and I’ve seen them consistently on Instagram and online since then I’ve seen a few think pieces. Tyler: Okay, thick pieces? Saf: Maybe more like uh.. articles and every time I see it.. I’m like “that looks crazy! “I wonder what it tastes like.. I WANT ONE!” The other thing is, it has been at least a year and a half I think since they were released It’s not exactly trendy right now but I’ve seen them so many times that I really wanna go get them Tyler: Subscribe this channel to see us try out trends a year late Saf: So we’re visiting Tyler’s sister in New York over the holidays and I thought what a great opportunity to find these rainbow bagels Tyler: Totally. Saf: I know they’re somewhere in Brooklyn Somewhere out there Somewhere over the rainbow! Tyler: OK we’re gonna go get rainbow bagels Saf: Ya! We’re gonna go on the train, we’re about to head to Brooklyn and we’re gonna get these rainbow bagels once and for all! We’re enroute, in route, on route I’m very excited, I’ve been waiting so long for this moment! Tyler: I’m very excited, I’m very hungry Tyler: did not see that coming *Safiya laughing* Tyler: did not see that coming Saf: We are walking up to… *Tyler: I want bagels*.. the bagels’ store Looks like there’s nowhere to sit, most people are standing outside but that’s okay We made it out to Brooklyn to get these bagels There is a crowd outside the bagel store though, so seems like they’re still doing well Tyler: Rain or shine. Saf: Maybe even more when it’s raining, Tyler: Ya Saf: at the end of the rain… Tyler: Do you know how rainbows works? Saf: comes the bagel And I’m stoked to finally get these things! After wanting ’em from Instagram for like 2 years! Tyler: Instagram has been taunting me! Saf: Instagram and… *Saf looking the background* is it named Jonathan.. Jonathan Cheban, if that’s his name For it being really rainy outside and kinda like a random day, it’s pretty crowded in here I can imagine on like a nice day, um.. like a weekend it’s very very very crowded… So what I’ve seen on these rainbow bagels is you get kinda of like “sprinkle-ly”, like “fun-fetti” type cream cheese and it’s kinda like a dessert bagel I know you can put other things on the bagels, but I think that what i would want is just the full experience Tyler: i’m not gonna get that Saf: We just ordered and i’m pretty jazzed to get it Tyler: I’m really excited.. Saf: yea, i’m really jazzed Tyler: I wasn’t sure how excited I was until I got here and I saw Saf: I got the classic rainbow bagel with “fun-fetti” and Tyler got the “New Year’s Bagel Art” Tyler: I think it festive it’s new year! Saf: With purple, silver, and classic black with edible gold stars. Tyler: Just to clarify… “I’m gonna go get a bacon, egg, and cheese. I’m really hungry” “See that’s my real test” Saf: That’s fair. Tyler: Can you actually use it like a normal bagel? Saf: it might be really weird I’m excited for how the bagel looks. I hope it tastes like a normal bagel so i don’t *Tyler: Yeah, same. Saf: then want a normal bagel afterwards Tyler: I- I’m telling you.. I think it’s just gonna be food coloring, You know, it’s like Coca-Cola is actually clear and they put like the brown food coloring in there to make it looks more caramel-y Saf: really? Tyler: Yea I hope it tastes like a rainbow.. *Saf: taste the rainbow!* or tastes like lucky charms It tastes like lucky charm? Saf: Taste the rainbow is Skittles though So it’s really crowded inside and it’s raining outside, so we’re gonna go back to Tyler’s sister’s apartment where we’re hanging out And eat them there Saf: Bagel! *Tyler: Bagels* Saf: Bagel! *Tyler says something* Saf: Bagel Tyler: I like it Ok, so we’re here in Tyler’s sister’s apartment. We have our rainbow bagels We’ve been waiting for a little while, they might be a little cold, but… Tyler: I’m excited! Saf: The effect is still the same *Tyler clears throught* I just can’t believe we have this in our hands, finally, after all these years! I think the guy said it was like sort of vanilla flavor Tyler: Right. Saf: But to me it looks like a giant fruit loop Tyler: I didn’t think that it was supposed to taste any different, I thought it was just dye Saf: I think it supposed taste like a dessert bagel.. Tyler: I thought it was supposed to just taste- Saf: Like when you get like a pazuki Tyler: And then I’m like McGriddle right now I’m gonna put the meat on it Whatever, i’m just mixing things together Savory, sweet, works all the same Saf: The thing is, at first i thought i was doing the authentic thing and getting the “fun-fetti” But now seeing Tyler’s breakfast bagel make me really hungry Tyler: Real food *something comes out of the bagel* Just fell on the ground Saf & Tyler: Cheers! Tyler: I’m not sure the egg in the bacon was a good call It’s got a different consistency than other bagels Saf: What I can tell you about this is that the “fun-fetti” cream cheese is freakin amazing *Tyler: let me try that Saf: I can’t really taste the bagel at all I’m just getting “fun-fetti” cream cheese and it’s.. AWESOME! *Tyler: Oh yeah Saf: It’s basically like better frosting ‘Cause frosting is too sweet, so this has some cheese in it Tyler: Yea! When frosting gets too sweet This just… kicks in just a little of that sour.. *Saf: the cheese Tyler: The sour cream cheese flavor Saf: The bagel is aesthetically hilarious I want to take an Instagram with it Tyler: Mhm, just a little bit Saf: And it’s really spongy inside I de-bageled just to get a bite of Tyler’s. It’s not bad Tyler: Right. Saf: It just doesn’t taste like it’s suppose to be like that Tyler: No, exactly! that’s exactly right. It’s like.. it still tasted like egg, an egg sandwich, Eggs and cheese and, for mine, bacon, so that tasted good Delivery-wise it’s just a bit different *Saf: All just like together* Tyler: Aesthetically, it actually, definitely exceeds expectations They’re adorable *Saf: they’re so cute* Tyler: They’re cutest little treat ever and you do wanna eat them, so.. It’s really worth going to and trying out Saf: I mean it looks like a Scooby Doo.. like a mystery machine Tyler: It’s literally the pimp my ride It’s the exhibit bagel! Saf: Will I replace all of my bagels with rainbow bagels? *Tyler: no* Saf: Because you still need like… sesame seeds, everything But it’s super fun to look at, and it’s fun for just the novelty of it Thank your for taking me That was super fun *doing high five* Alright, rainbow bagels *sings* accomplished Tyler: Great for Instagram, extremely good for your street cred Saf: Yeah! Tyler: You walk around with this thing and people are like “eh, that guy seriously…” *Tyler mumbling* Saf: Pimped out bagel man Thank you guys so much for watching! If you like this video, give this video a big thumbs up And if you wanna see more videos like this, click ‘subscribe’ Here are my social media handles On which I post things at a pretty normal rate Check out my next vid Where I vlog live every Tuesdays, Thursday, and Sundays Come hang out, chat with me It will be really awesome And yeah.. Tyler: I’ll be there too! We can talk about rainbow bagels, We can talk about different kinds of bagels, We can talk about egg sandwiches Saf: Tyler’s 3 areas of conversational expertise

16 thoughts on “We Tried Instagram Rainbow Bagels • Saf & Tyler

  1. Safiya is having an existential crisis with coke at 3:21 finding out that the brown food coloring is added. Not naturally from the coke flavor.

  2. hey can u put 100 leires of glitter on your face if that fine it would be so fun and your bf has to do it to and you have to make it glue and glitter and put on your face i hope you do it ill be sad if u didn't
    cause its going to be fun to watch L.O.L sorry about the bad spelling plus i cant wait to try these things yummm im hungry why am i still talking everyone else's comment is short!!!

  3. Saf is wearing nailpolish in this video but in her video where she does Cristine's nail art she says she doesn't wear nailpolish ever. In this essay I will

  4. If they wanted weird post-bagel poops, they should have tried the unicorn bagel from The Bagel Store. That thing has so much fluorescent blue dye that you see it for days.

  5. To correct Tyler’s comment Coke does not only have food coloring in the caramel coloring it has many ingredients including wheat so my father and brother that are allergic to wheat can’t drink Coke.

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