We Tried Instagram Clickbait in Real Life ft. Safiya Nygaard
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We Tried Instagram Clickbait in Real Life ft. Safiya Nygaard

hola y hoy estoy acompañada por mi amiga Safiya. Safiya and yo hacemos muchos videos probando cosas, pero hoy nosostras vamos a hacer los experimientos a un nuevo nivel. No se que vamos a experimenter hoy pero yo se que tiene que ver algo relacionado a Instagram… but Natalie lo ha mantenido en un secret. Puedo ver un poco del equipaje aqui, y puedo adivinar talvez una cosa pero lo demas Yo estoy como… Yo no se Como te sientes? Um me siento… lista? Digo eso con much confianza. Lista!? Lista! I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and I noticed all these click bait videos, and so today we are putting some of the most clickbaity videos that you have probably seen on Instagram to the test. Natalie estas lista para esto?
Saf: si!
Natalie: si! Things like setting your foundation on fire for flawless finish or putting your makeup on with a fidget spinner. Yeah, you know I spin it. Saf: All I want to do. Oh no, I’m hitting myself. Let’s see if we can get this video to 150,000 thumbs up, I challenge you to turn this, into this! do i t Comment below if you’ve seen more clickbait on Instagram or on YouTube. What about you? What do you see? What do you think? Well, I think on YouTube you got the title. So you got the like- he said WHAT?! That is true! Or like the WTF! Exactly, but on Instagram it’s like you see (as you say) like the flame, and the person like this: Hey! Make sure to subscribe and turn our notifications on and you’ll be automatically entered into my Summer Macbook Giveaway! Let’s get…! Uh- So the very first clickbait hack is fidget spinner makeup. Now, people are using this to apply their foundation, their moisturizer, their highlighter, pretty much everything. So I saw someone use a fidget spinner to like do their contour like- Natalie: Ohh, yeah Like but they weren’t spinning it. They were just like… spin spin spin My question is, can I do something while it’s spinning (on my face). Natalie: yess Or maybe I can like use it to like walk across my face?
Natalie: Oh, yeah. A little contour right there. You ever think you’d be applying makeup on with a fidget spinner? I didn’t! I didn’t, I didn’t know, I, I don’t know. I don’t know bout this. Oh, that’s so proper! Saf: Yeah? You’re supposed to like- Oh! Okay. N-N-No! Good that’s good. Absolutely the way you’d do it. This is gonna be messy, guys. Natalie: Cheers. Saf: (laughing) Cheers.
Natalie: Let’s GO Wow, appetizing. He kind of goes like this and is like “It’s hard to spin!”
And he’s like “Augh!” And then he goes like, wiping it- oh wow this is… cold matte. It’s like, going through the hole. Very good. Wait, I don’t think I did it right. I don’t have enough mask. Everything ended up under my nose- oh you!! Saf: See now, this one I’m-
Natalie: ooOH Not great. That’s not great, okay? Don’t do that at home, kids. That’s very messy! That was kind of fun. Alright, we did it. You see, it’s funny because I love that that guy just made a video about this. It’s like, listen let me teach you a HACK. You take your fidget spinner, and you slap your face mask on with it. Natalie: and just spin it But this one, I’ve seen everywhere and I’ll admit, I always click on it regardless. It’s just someone literally taking their foundation stick, and then just putting like, a lighter right under it like that. I love these things. Good for lighting candles. To me, what do you have like they’re softening their found again? Just like one of them by a liquid foundation I buy this stick anyway, if you just don’t want to be addicting yeah, there you go. I would click on that Oh, yes a little but you freeze all melting so quick. Oh it almost harden on my finger like wax like My first person yeah now. There’s a like just kind of warm I like it a little bit, but this is actual quick shake like people have been doing this on Instagram And it just gets you wanna quit now. I will say is quite. Soothing like I do like the whole warm has To rely on us we’re looking live oh So do you really absolutely did anything different to the foundation or is it just like it is just for the show I mean, how do you tell me that? We don’t have to do it? Yeah? Yeah, then? That’s yeah, success. I did like the warmth amy – yeah, I think cooper move oh, I think so, maybe baby Young-Min like it might work it might not work. I wouldn’t give it like a happy how oh yeah That’s this one. We are using Pepto-bismol it supposingly shrink your pores. Oh Yeah, yeah, I’d also use a supporting video for Acne and it really were reasoning when your drive alpha that It’s been like you know click baiting around in Instagram We slip apply all over the face and then all of their pores like magically disappear which that I find a little hard to believe We all test it out Now we look crazy nothing right? There’s the black head and a Llama that is that is three days of full makeup at Vidcon Days Yeah, exactly that is like running around convention center with makeup on all right? I just pepto it up Take a little bit, and you’re just gonna like start painting on your face. I do love the color It’s so pretty all kind of minty and then you’re gonna let them fly on your nose you yeah, don’t you pee little um? Yeah, just small pilot Keeley, but you have to walk it off, okay So the tactic here for me is just like applying some letting it dry a little bit and then applying some more thought you can Make it really nice, but yours is actually drying quite nice. See I have no tactic of meddling You know just like a little alert we’ve been here for like five minutes the penis It’s pretty much all dried up you neither start smearing it on Darlings but I’ve got a glob down here. Though yeah It’s a lot in the feel so for me. It feels a little bit like tight. Yes, ma’am It feels like kind of like when you got like boogers underneath your nose. I’ve been all crush. Yeah Yeah, exactly we’re going to get some lukewarm water Just the right way. This is cool. It’s hot this way Hmm Pretty things pile pop so from looking at a post amol camera like I see actually there is a little bit of poor shrinkage Yeah, I agree, but I think also on pink yes. I agree. I think I’ve got a little bit dyed pink I just we wash it off in the bathroom, and then I took a makeup wipe like right to get rid of it and like Tile look something’s blowing our noses for like a while obviously it’s pink in here, but like help me get it right now I swear put one or two it puts whatever oops or maybe baby um I would say probably maybe maybe yeah, maybe So for this one I’ve been seeing it is all over its lip pink and eye shadow Oh, yeah, so anything like those few off with fixed. You know what they do is They put that on their eye and then when they remove it’s almost like really pretty cat. Eye look oh, no. That’s all secure Yeah, okay, so we’re using blue guys her. I mean, where’s it’s food coloring? So we’re also going to be dying our eyes. Just like our noses perf yeah wait, so this is Gonna make up, you’ll again Gray That’s natalie oh, hi. Why are you asking me? It doesn’t look like you’re would interchange. I’m feeling up for making fun God, it’s Natalie someone is giving about them Is this isn’t working whoo? I love tattoos for you guys because like you don’t waste your time. Oh This is what I did on the side three almost look like a Christmas tree with my really red nose and my green eyes Okay, I think natalie did it a little bit smarter than I did my like thin line is kind of like crumpling up by itself So I don’t know if I’ll be able to like even pull it off seal it off I’ll just have to like rub like I don’t really know Gracie Catan is Gonna. Come definitely on that one would be constantly back there technology that muted so Kind of heals because on my IRc two-inch I got a little spats around. I think that I did you like It’s big enough line reading appeal. I think it’s going to come off in section. Yeah and as for me I feel like I supplied all over I open and close open and close my eyes look like it’s Gonna be quite interesting Oh my God, that’s very much. Oh Yeah, no collar hmm. Yeah, nothing nothing. No color unfortunately just a little blocks of loot. Just a little bit of glue Because we need that never Up to what I may be baby. Oh I think it’s a food I like that well, just because I would say probably I would say poop Probably I would say truth Yeah, but you know I can’t necessarily say full poop because we had a diy recipe in olive and right So this one thing all over basically It’s like you glue a bunch of concealer right in the center of your list right and then you add a little bit of color On the side, and it’s supposed to be like the perfect new tool if for your skin’s own interesting MiD-2000 like just concealer lip where you almost got all out I had a friend who would do that like every day and like night grades right down the middle, right? Yeah, she did. I love a big brownie nude lip. I’m down cool Like Queen Amidala You know yeah? And I feel like it comes across a little devil and so that means mutable sickly in person I feel like it’s kind of okay Dennis what he says oh He really did I’d like the news logo would be like how will colors are all the way I see You’re saying it looks a little bit on the yellow side. There’s probably the only thing I don’t like about it I do think it does give that kind of like ombre effect We’re gonna hear let’s look a little bit fuller money in a certain way It’s really pretty I excellent I like I look at you. Yeah, I’m not against it. I actually think it’s just kind of fun track For this one. This is the edible lips and highlighter one So we are taking some nice Sparkle glitter gold dust I took from downstairs at Vidcon through the donut shop Oh, you can do it Oh, thank you me I asked for permission guide, and then some coconut oil those communities are promising however for a highlight I don’t know. What do you think um? valuing it I Think that this sounds like me they don’t work or maybe they exactly from the game. It should be good It’s amazing like no measuring two cognacs calling this all your heart yeah, and then you’re walking to add to the Motorbeam is Litter it up, so Edible claire. I’m curious if you scoop like litter that’ll be fun. Yeah, we’ll check in later Alright, so does it tape it anything. I don’t know I’ve never had it cheers. Oh free lunch usually Highlight Cheek Bones mostly Sometimes I’m feeling like I might not sweat that much that day. I’ll do my nose – oh that’s a lot of times n. That’s Okay, it’s kind of to worry. Oh. Yeah. Look at this right in Rudolph’s nose Maybe I’ve just like more and more reindeer every with every bird every day look I don’t think this is very nice I think for Halloween this actually might look quite cool. If you’re doing like an egyptian Look or something. I’m not I’m not saying the coconut makes merry. Well with this especially I’m just painting my yeah This painted they were creating art This is expression exactly what gives Edible glitter of the concept poop, but this recipe is good I think we got it. Yeah I agree make sure you check out babbling on Collab on my channel where we did a full face of Diy makeup some of which used Edible ingredients. Yes? Maybe link down below check out the PSD is awesome And make sure you subscribe to her as well if you enjoy today’s video give it a thumbs up Let me know down below in the comments. What other? weird clickbait anything you’ve been seeing maybe we’ll test it out next bye guys don’t forget to live we’re orthonormal

100 thoughts on “We Tried Instagram Clickbait in Real Life ft. Safiya Nygaard

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    Also at 0:38 the subtitles are in Spanish again

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