We Faked A Spain Trip On Instagram For A Week
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We Faked A Spain Trip On Instagram For A Week

100 thoughts on “We Faked A Spain Trip On Instagram For A Week

  1. I just realized that you could take the photos and then wait a week to post them so if they got recognized it would be fine…

  2. this was actually cool .i think you guys actually made most people believe that you are in spain

  3. Me: I faked a trip to Jamaica🇯🇲
    Also me: why would i fake that? i live in Jamaica🤣🤣🇯🇲🇯🇲.
    Yow mi ago duh dat fr.

  4. These Sanchas: We hate lying🤥

    Me: ….still waiting for ep.2 for What it’s really like working for Buzzfeed Pero Like

  5. does anyone eles remeber when maya got her first acrylic nails but look at her now with her nice nails and s*** are a baby's all grown up up

  6. Aww i cant believe yous lied I believe everything you say! Lol BUT! I love this video 😂 i love when curly puts on the wig and says “return your library books” lol that was hilarious!! I love maya and curly and all pero like! I hope to meet yous one day!

  7. Y’all should try La Tia Mana cream for people with acne. I wanna buy it I just want to know if it works 🤣

  8. I love how any spaniard would look at your clothes and KNOW cause y'all wearing february clothes, we had 113 degrees last week in the coast 😂

  9. Hi for swapping boxes please please please do Oregon and China! My best friend moved here in Oregon a few months ago from China. She is AMAZING. Please make that video, in honor of Lucy (aka Wenyan) the best person in my life!

  10. I’d much rather fake going to Spain in California than London because of the similar climates and trees. You guys should visit Spain though it’s lovely

  11. I really don’t understand this trend why would you go thru all that trouble to fake a trip
    Also why people find this so entertaining to watch ?

  12. Pero Like should go to Spain and try to speak with the Spanish accents lol
    And I mean this in a beautiful way, Spain is the big reason why y'all speak Spanish

  13. Lindsay is just here to snatch Instagram’s wig. What a lot of fake. Remember kids: Instagram is all crap – do not consider your life against other’s lives on it. As/Is proving wonderfully that one should trust no Instagram ever!

  14. Okay but if your fans are actually mad that you are creating content for them to watch then they're not your fans. Because if you didn't create this content for them to watch they'd also be upset. Pick one. 😂

  15. I'm no expert on Spain BUT even I know a lot of the tile work you guys where infront of didnt look Spanish. Any tile work would be generally in Andalucia and that would be arabic influenced and way diff coloring and style.

  16. And here I am, a Spanish girl enjoying this video. It's so surprising, I never see a lot of vids of Americans doing something related to Spain! Feel kinda proud about it, keep up the good work!

  17. Omg! I completely remember these Instagram stories. I was completely fooled. Also, I've never been to Spain or Catalina Island so ….yeah.

  18. Hey im a spaniard and actually i feel a little big of cringe about this video😬😬😬i loved the "fake london trip" video, i feel they put so much effort on that one… but not on this pne like… theres so much more in here… and also you could have made your research before saying sevilla has a beach 😂😂i love all your other content tho, im not a hater

  19. Why do you say "ezzpaña"?… do you realize the "th" sound is just with the C and Zs when they are together with a vowel?…..

  20. I’m from Spain and I think u could did it better because Spain it’s not only beautiful beaches, it has also beautiful cities with so much monuments and a great gastronomy like “jamón” “tortilla de patata” and u could take a picture of anything like that

  21. These "travel" vlogs make me really happy that I‘m European just because I can go to all these beautiful spots in a few hours.

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