We Faked A London Trip On Instagram For A Week
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We Faked A London Trip On Instagram For A Week

100 thoughts on “We Faked A London Trip On Instagram For A Week

  1. I just realized that Lindsay is wearing The necklace from the video of you wearing a haunted necklace

  2. I live in engaland the wether changes all the time it hot now but it soon be raining soo much

  3. I am from England but never went to London, I'm from Britain I love all the museums though.

  4. buzzfeed it’s like place for famous people to work😭😱 such a cool job!! i want to work at buzzfeed but sadly i live in the different country 😭😭😭

  5. The moment they started taking pics at the museum, I immediately was like: THAT'S THE GETTY CENTER, YOU AIN'T FOOLING ME XD

  6. It'd be easy for me to fake being in London because I live in Northern Ireland and I just got back from a real trip to London

  7. “Man,I don’t wanna hang out with this guy”

    “Wait,I know! I’ll just fake that I’m going to an entirely different country

  8. i used to do this all the time. when it was like spring break or something and all my friends had plans, i’d be like “yea my family’s going to florida.” and pretend like i’m in florida lmao

  9. The museum you went to is The Getty Museum if I’m right and I should be because I went there for a field trip

  10. 11:47 noticed one direction
    Other things in back:2%
    12:29 concentrated on the word one direction and one thing:99%
    Seeing other words:1%
    1d fans👍👍👍👍👍👇👇👇👇👇

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