‘We don’t tackle art, we tackle hate.’ – BBC Young Reporter

Young people you should be taught from a young age that this is their community they should have pride where they come
from. When me and my friends walk to school we realised that there’s a lot of
graffiti which isn’t necessarily good. If you get a jet wash, if we get a couple
sponges, if you have some time out on the weekend instead of just sitting around
doing nothing you could actually do something more valuable for the
community. So in this area the graffiti is legal and absolutely fine and it’s simply artwork which people have been doing over the past few years. So the graffiti we are washing off is the graffiti which is inciting hate towards
the community. So here we have some hateful words which we have seen on the walls which we are attempting to wipe off today. Graffiti in the sense of for
example Banksy is incredible art. A lot of my friends have a lot of
potential that they never really fulfilled. If somebody told them they had
the potential to become a doctor, lawyer, they could go to Oxbridge then
they could’ve. Right now if members in the community aren’t feeling safe and
protected they’re gonna carry around knives. We want to reach out to them, we
want them to do positive things positive reinforcements so instead of carrying of
knives and staying on the streets we could help clean up the streets to make
it safer for the older generation, the younger generations and our generation.

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