Watch: Robert Mueller’s testimony on Trump and Russia investigation
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Watch: Robert Mueller’s testimony on Trump and Russia investigation

90 thoughts on “Watch: Robert Mueller’s testimony on Trump and Russia investigation


  2. Republicans have become from a great party to a party full of liars, brainwashed Trump crusaders, and racists for a lack of a better word. Democrats seems to be the only ones that are calling Trump out on his faults but no one wants to believe it because those who don’t are too incompetent. This country is far too divided and is becoming Hitler’s Germany.

  3. I was impressed when they read through Director R Mueller's résumé and his dedication to the United States. From across the pond it looks like that gentleman has done a vast amount for the country.

  4. Yeah Republicans want to end this charade so they can go back to ripping off the American people and destroying aids and benefits to the public and those in need.

  5. Democrats are doing a good job. If we need to get rid of Trump, impeachment is the only way and later he will be locked up.

  6. Mueller states (regarding the observation made about his team's left-leaning bias) "I’ve been in this business for almost 25 years. And in those 25 years, I have not had occasion once to ask somebody about their political affiliation."

    That is a really good point. I assume he is referring to all the other times he has investigated a President.

  7. Mueller states (regarding the observation made about his team's left-leaning bias) "I’ve been in this business for almost 25 years. And in those 25 years, I have not had occasion once to ask somebody about their political affiliation."

    That is a really good point. I assume he is referring to all the other times he has investigated a President.

  8. 6:39:08 Mueller gets completely owned on the powers of the AG and his BS exonerate comments. Keep editing your video to make my time stamp change you bums and I will keep editing my comment. MAGA

  9. Put him on a lie detectors test and ask the same questions see how all it turns out. Let the detector tell the truth.

  10. A Sondergericht (plural: Sondergerichte) is a American "special court". After taking power in 2016, the Republicans quickly moved to remove internal opposition to the Trump regime in America . The legal system became one of many tools for this aim and the Republicans gradually supplanted the normal justice system with political courts with wide-ranging powers. The function of the special courts was to intimidate the American public, but as they expanded their scope and took over roles previously done by ordinary courts such as Amtsgerichte this function became diluted.

  11. Mueller declined to answer hundreds of questions. If this is what the Democrats were looking for out of today they really must think Americans are stupid. Trump will easily win in 2020. Trump won 85% of the counties in America today certainly won't make him lose any votes

  12. All this is scripted. They do this to make us believe they are worth having around. Dissolve the government. They are pass there prim. Clean house and put people who are not preapproved by the people we are replacing. Wish I could run but I don't qualify. Even though I'm an American citizen

  13. Seriously ,I believe Mr.Mueller was once very capable ,Although he had nothing to work with against President Trump . Clinton ,Yes she is corrupt . however It looked to me as though Mr. Mueller is going senile.

  14. Mueller looking in his bathroom mirror the morning of the House Judiciary Committee
    Mueller: I don't know, I don't, know, I do not know, I can't answer that. Not to my knowledge, I can't speak on that. insert vague comment that can be interpreted incorrectly
    Mueller: I'm ready.

  15. Sorry shitlibs, its over. But thanks for boosting Trump's approval rating 10 points with your desperate hail mary.

  16. What a joke this f*ck*ng Democrats who lack any resemblance of common sense and have forgotten their brains who knows where, if they ever had brains in the first place.

  17. I feel sorry for Mueller the Democrats are Relentless Bill do anything and that's including using agent Mueller to try to bring down our president and do as much damage to this country as possible agent Mueller shouldn't have testified he clearly had a tough time answering questions

  18. 1:53:09 he asked for plain terms. Not fumble then use a word that the average American will have to look up. Smdh

  19. Community guidelines= censorship
    We don't burn bibles, we our progressive fascist in today's technocracy, we create algorithms that make you disappear if you do not fall in line.

  20. All the Democrats keep saying "No one is above the law". What they should be saying is no one is above the law unless they are a Democrat…

  21. We should make the Muller testimony a drinking game!
    Every time Muller says " Uh..uh..can you repeat the question? You take a drink, and I GUARANTEE you'll jet jacked!

  22. They do not have the right to call themselves democrats. They interrogate him as a Gestapo.The Democrats have lost and no one is to blame for this but even the Russians themselves.

  23. this is so stupid… a person is a GOP and MAGICALLY, they cant see any wrongdoing…a person is a democrat, and they see nothing but wrongdoing…

    this proves that people will believe and protect others without any concern for whats before them…they will instead take sides to show solidarity… GOP or Democrat. What a country… LOL

  24. so wait, because you cant indite the sitting president, NO ONE SHOULD LOOK FOR CRIME BY HIM!?!?!?! LOL WHAT A FLIPPIN JOB!!!! LOL we ALL need jobs like THAT!! LOL @8:46:47

  25. Mueller, not a good way to end your career! Repukes had tube socks shoved in his mouth yesterday. So obvious !!! Now we know exactly why it was delayed for so long !!!

  26. I'm not from America and to be honest I'm really scared of Donald Trump. The American people including the Republican party it's and voters/supporters don't have a clue who he is and what his intentions are. Donald Trump just a few weeks ago lied about a request by the Indian Prime Minister to mediate between India and Pakistan which is a an internal issue. I know for a fact Indian prime minister would never put in such a request to Donald Trump.

  27. The American authorities have not dug deep enough. No stone should be left unturned.
    Somewhere in their files or in an obscure bank account they will find evidence to get rid of the bully-boy.
    The President (in name only) had a very good family education learning how to hustle. .He knows every trick in the book, or so he thinks.
    It only needs one small piece of jig-saw to open up the undoubted can of worms.
    The esteemed Bob Mueller is the very antithesis of Donald Trump

  28. "let me make it simpler for you"… a statement made after u just said a paragraph long "question" with quotes, a few soap box comments all states under 30 seconds.. then when u say, "repeat that?" they say "well let me make it easier" — the fact that they ALL are doing it, is a sign that they have spoken as a political party and practiced how to "get at" him. the way the system is rigged, no peace, unity, or understanding is possible. like mixing clay with iron as a foundation for a huge statue

  29. Robert Mueller publicly showed his great INCOMPETENCE by not being able to answer questions regarding the Steele Dossier which was the main justification for the FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign (out of many other unanswered questions), and failed to examine the DNC servers to verify if Russia really hacked the DNC servers (some sources claimed Seth Rich provided DNC emails to Wikileaks). He should return the circa $30 million of taxpayers money that he and his corrupt team charged for this hoax Trump-Russia collusion investigation.

  30. their case against Trump.
    His monotonal yes and no answers might not have made for the most dramatic viewing, but they weren’t without effect. In five minutes, House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff walked Mueller through the most damning details of Volume 1 of his report. Mueller’s answers were short—“that did occur,” “accurate,” “that is correct”—but what he affirmed was that Russia engaged in a systematic effort to help Trump win in 2016, that Trump and his campaign welcomed Russian aid, and that Trump lied to the American people about his business dealings in Russia.

  31. Muller does a great job here, and it's gotta be hard to deal with all the dumbfuck republicans that try and twist his rapport around using things like the False Equivalency fallacy, and Strawmanning…. How and why are so many 'Mericans so repugnantly corrupt and stupid?

  32. 200 times Purview; the scope of the influence or concerns of something.

    Which is it mister Muller – Influence or concern?

  33. 3:43:30–3:43:39 Why couldn't he answer the question? He was mid answer and stopped, has me wondering if they were tryna cover something up 🧐

  34. Just listening to this now. I’m at 1:18:00 and they are just talking about wanting to hear the emotion and drama of the investigation. I thought the point of the hearing was to set in stone what is and is not stated in the report? I’ll keep listening.

  35. Sounds like the dems must’ve written his report for him because he has no idea of what’s in his own report. He can’t speak on anything because it’s all bs. Great display of liberal lunatics.

  36. Why called a man for a hearing when the facts are in the papers, and all you have to do is read it and act? By law, Mueller is not allowed to give any further pieces of information concerning the next steps. From what I watched and concluded "Trump" is guilty of crimes but would not be charged until he gets out of office. But, the Democrats wants to hear it from Mueller's mouth and escape on reading the actual reports." The question then is, "why are the American people paying all of you when you will not read the reports and act?"

  37. Wow Mueller is such a train wreck.. before this, I would have bet the farm that Jeff Sessions had the single worst testimony I ever saw.. Whether Mueller is stonewalling, stalling, or is senile or just unprepared it looks like Mueller tarnished his "legacy" Thanks to Andrew (Mueller's Pitbull) Weissman! At least Mueller didn't cry at Hillary Clinton 's losing the election party!

  38. lmfao 2:04:00 this dyke straight RIPPED those pages out of the MSM interview booklet. look at those tab holes….she was TRIGGERED when she grabbed the pages.

  39. lmfao 2:04:00 this dyke straight RIPPED those pages out of the MSM interview booklet. look at those tab holes….she was TRIGGERED when she grabbed the pages.

  40. it's like anything related to democrats just tend to lose. failing cities, failing msm, and failing elections. PARTY OF LOSERS

  41. 1:45:58 There it is straight from the horses mouth: Russia interfered in our election. NO MEMBER OF THE TRUMP TEAM CONSPIRED WITH THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT.

  42. He didn't have a clue what he wrote? Over 400 pages and had no clue? But people still follow this fool? And you have to ask why? LMFAO LMFAO Any person can see this is a hustle, stupids!! The guy is acting! He's a expert remember you Dem fools?

  43. A proof of the corruption of political and judicial institutions. It makes you not want to pay taxes as it only funds tyranny.

  44. Clearly Mueller was just a name or figure head for this farce of an investigation. I had been led to believe this man was an honorable man, had integrity, would not only look at the Trump association with the "Russians", but also any interference and he completely bombed. He went after "Russian Collision" that has been shown to not even have existed, clearly shows the FBI under the Obama administration, was illegally spying on the Trump campaign, yet he didn't follow that lead that was dangling in his face like a carrot. Mueller has turned out to be a huge disappointment to both the Dems & Reps, yet the elected officials can't get their head's out of their asses & start working together to make this country a better place. Time to take care of immigration laws & stop dragging their feet. AG Barr needs to be bring Mueller before the Congress and make him answer all the questions he couldn't seem to answer due to not knowing what was even in the report. Using key words to cast doubt with no evidence should land Mueller behind the same bars he put many other's behind, yet coislnt manage to put the one man who started this enter farce that cost the tax payers 30 million dollar's. We deserve to see a full itemized report on where every dollar was spent & begin to investigate this man who lied to get the investigation started. Follow up on the illegal wire tapping, the Obama administration spying not only on a presidential candidate, but all the citizens who weren't involved, all illegal activities that he claims happened but were outside his purview. I think the entire job was outside his purview.


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