WATCH: Prosecutors present Amber Guyger’s social media use as evidence during punishment phase
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WATCH: Prosecutors present Amber Guyger’s social media use as evidence during punishment phase

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100 thoughts on “WATCH: Prosecutors present Amber Guyger’s social media use as evidence during punishment phase

  1. This is great that this is showing us the REAL AMBER POLICE OFFICER. A sad case but a nasty person is going to pay for her crime…maybe .

  2. These are random memes. One is about witch craft. One is promoting navy seals. One is all of us when we really can't stand coworkers. These are posted by even teachers in my community. I am lost as to the point of this. I get where they were going, and I do not defend her in any way shape or form. She got what she deserved. Memes are memes. Somebody made them, we repost them. All of us. We didnt write them in our own words and neither did she.

  3. She said she “feared for her life because he was coming at her” but we all know why she was afraid. He was a tall black man. These social media posts and text messages are for all the people that were saying she just made a mistake, she’s not racist and don’t make this a race thing. Amber is guilty as sin! She should get 25-life. These text messages/posts explain why she had no compassion for him, didn’t use her police tools to try to save him, was texting while he was dying, wanted to go party with her married boyfriend days later as though nothing happened, the list goes on and on. I feel so bad for Botham’s family especially his mom. R.I.P. Botham Jean!

  4. Just imagine how many 100’s if not 1,000’s of potential Amber Guygers are right outside your front door lurking for phantoms.

  5. Dallas county alone is very corrupted, all the police departments needs investigation…. Many innocent lives gone 💔, or in jail for no reason….They killed with there gun and pen…..

  6. This is scary I bet all white law enforcement officials n white security officers and public transportation officers think like this…

    This scares me n makes me feel uncomfortable to be here in the US

    It's time for us or me to go back to my ancestors land which is Sierra Leone and Guinea Bissua. 🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬Sometimes I think the ancestors be calling us back to rebuild our mother land since we have the knowledge n tools n wisdom n education to do so. Idk I could be wrong 🤷🏽‍♂️

  7. They should have brought; The Bus Driver in after the verdict..You goon ta Jail now. YOU GOIN TA JAIL NOW!!!.. POW💥👊UPPERCUT.

  8. Ask yourself this, "if any black man walked into someone's house and shot them" and then claimed self defense, thought I was in the right house, etc….What would have been the outcome?

  9. none of these things are particularly damning though, this is like what 90% of cops find funny. Go on policeone or any facebook cop group and you'll see the same. Doesn't make it right, but she's hardly just one exception or a bad apple in the lot.

  10. I guess the black African moors civilizing them which resulted in the Renaissance era, 400+ years of free money thru slavery, deciding factor in all major wars, theft of Africa's natural resources even today's isn't enough for them to like our ppl. WHAT MORE DO YOU PPL WANT

  11. That’s their culture they make little racist jokes to see if object or join in. I have worked white people so you can’t tell me nothing.i have put hands and feet on them in the work place!! This ain’t the sixties no more foh

  12. Amber Guyer your racism has caught up with you, finally. This is pretty bad. Now we know what your thought process was when your shot Botham

  13. The post weren't that bad. Nothing racist, she threatened no one or no negros and just seemed like she posted under cop stuff or things related to being in the service. The text messages were racist but these post anyone working as cop would make and it could be a blk cop who makes those same statements

  14. How are those who expected to protect and serve get away with this gang like mentality and activity??? She’s literally admitting to being a killer

  15. Shes a scapegoat. Those memes are common of law enforcement and military. Its a culture at fault. Shes only a participant.

  16. No wonder she was found guilty, cops are supposed to serve and protect! How many other cops have the same disturbing mentality. SHAME ON HER!!!

  17. Unfortunately, she's not the only bad cop patroling the streets. There are plenty more out there. And that's f*cken scary! Real talk!

  18. Hopefully bothams brothers hig and suggestion to find and accept christ will help amber to overcome whatever demons she has inside of her. Jesus saves us all, IF U SEEK HIM.

  19. All your life as a young Black Man your told not to do this not to do that a whole separate list of rules than your classmates have why is that because that's what this country wanted inbeded your brain even when you dont see physical signs

  20. So she was a killer in the making, but how did she know his door would be open? I must have missed something. Can someone explain.

  21. I didn't see anything bad about her social media tweets they were just tweets… I think the prosecution was clutching at straws here!

  22. Now this woman was guilty and it's right that she went to prison. The only racism here however was against her because she is white. She was racially profiled. As if she only shot him because he was black and she was white. That's racism

  23. The female cop had an antagonistic attitude towards blacks. The forgiveness and grace shown by this one man through his faith in Christ might just change all that and break the chains of racism that had once enslaved her.

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