Watch Live: Trump Impeachment Inquiry Hearings – November 19, 2019 (Day 3) | NBC News
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Watch Live: Trump Impeachment Inquiry Hearings – November 19, 2019 (Day 3) | NBC News

77 thoughts on “Watch Live: Trump Impeachment Inquiry Hearings – November 19, 2019 (Day 3) | NBC News

  1. Why is it ok for the DNC to have an operative, Chalupa, asking Ukrainians to help dig up dirt on the Trump campaign? But it is not ok for Guilliani to ask for dirt on Bidden in Ukraine? Why was it ok for the DNC to hire a foreign spy to dig up dirt on candidate Trump, the Steele dossier? I don't understand why it is illegal for Trump to try to defend himself. Seems one sided.

  2. a whistle blower with no PROOF or EVIDENCE is NOT a WHISTLE BLOWER! its a LIAR!.. Dems need to stop LYING TO US! the impeachment hearings are not hearings for witnesses to be judged by AMERICANS, its a hearing so that Trump can b judged & the whistle blower by congress & senate

  3. Someone please tweet the President and inform him he’s not King of the Republicans . . . He’s President of the United States.

  4. Racist Americans will learn the hard way that people are not toilet paper, Sadistic behavior cause loss of world leader. Most everyone accept these coward bullies know what to expect from these killers. There is nothing that racist Americans fear more than equality for the black man. Soon these will be forced to face the truth. China is the new world leader. The chickens are coming home to roost.

  5. So far the dems have failed to find the "smoking gun" that would link alledged conditions and demands upon Zelenski from Trump that must be met before the security assistance be released. I personally would like to know if the whistleblower has evidence of any criminal intent by Trump that is being withheld from us. If so, he needs to testify under oath.

  6. PATHETIC.. Democrats

    Well Done…
    Well Done…👏 👏

  7. This is a show just to keep the dirty from all Democrats, because they don't want to be discovered all the dirty that they are period, Trump 2020 ✍

  8. Here's what I got from Vilkers testimony it's that Volker is basically saying he was trying to help and didn't realize that what was going on was illegal at the time. that's what I get from his testimony.

  9. What a pathetic disgrace this Schiff show sham scam is. Surely more people are going to vote for Trump next year after these witch hunt hoaxes that were stuffed down our throats for the last 3 years.

  10. Morrison is claiming ignorance as to legality or timeline of withholding assistance. I don't know what Morrison's job is but he's not very good at it or at least he's trying to make it look that way they get out of trouble whatever

  11. The communist owned media lying.

    If you repeat the same lie over and over. The people will start to believe it is true
    Henry Kissinger.

    This is what the communist media have being doing to you. For 3 years
    The Democrats illegal impeachment is falling apart. The witness is a deep state trap. He got paid millions to lie.
    The communist owned media has being lying for decades. It amazing how many believe this communist media
    Why would you believe the tel-lie-vision. Why are you believing a communist?

  12. NUNES, I have a bad news for you. Rating had gone up NOT DOWN. Everything have to do with you and all the REPUBLICANS that support the CORRUPTION TRUMP. You guys lies so much that you have no defense at all but wine, complain and lies even more.

  13. What happened to Ukraine was dead wrong and this can put us American citizens in danger if we have no allies to help us against the enemy. I feel ashamed to be American.😢

  14. Schiff is the Whistleblower. LTC VIndman brought it up to one of the intelligence departments and then someone from that department brought it up to Schiff… then Schiff wrote the complaint. He is the Whistleblower. LTC should have followed the Chain of Command but didn't. He might have thought this was some sort of bribery. He is the cause of this Ukraine impeachment. He should have just waited and put it thru the chain of command and wait to see what happens. If nothing happens, then he can bring it up to IG. He is in military and should know this better. He might have thought he is in absolute charge of this matter.

  15. Oh my what's next with lying Schiff..he is such a joke just digging around. Every one of these so called witnesses are going to say Trump did nothing illegal

  16. Witess: "I heard somebody say over the phone stuff". Next witness: "I heard that somebody say they heard that somebody told them that..". Schiff says this solid reliable testimony cooks Trumps goose.

  17. Yes 28:44 Trump okayed lethal help to Ukraine to help with Russia (to make it look like he isn't Putin's puppet, though he clearly is) but at the same time Turkey is buying Russian missile systems and they already have American missile systems, that means Russians who are installing their missile systems in Turkey will be able to get their hands on the American systems already there allowing them to basically disassemble them and find any weaknesses in them. Way to go Trump!
    We all know Putin has something on Trump (other than the fact he helped him win 2016 with the hacking and the bots and trolls) and Trump gave him Syria, he gave him back his property in the US and is trying to get Russia in to the G8.
    Comrade Trumpski is a danger to democracy, the law and society in general.

  18. Witness: "In my mind I know the president was up to no good". Schiff to witness: you are certain in your mind about this matter?". Witness: Absolutely I am sure IN MY MIND."

  19. Wasn't expecting much from Trump but seriously dark to see him sell out the integrity of our elections for personal gain.

  20. I seriously get so TRIGGERED when someone profusely thanks a military officer or other type of public servant for their service, then proceeds to disrespect and disparage them as much as they can. It’s despicable.

  21. Gotta love the hypocrisy, we discourage politically motivated investigations. While performing a politically motivated investigation lol

  22. how many people haa to testify to confirm theres nothing wrong.with the call…..these people are truely drugged hahaha….nbc rating so low even mexicans are watching it hahahaha

  23. Hahaha Dem had nothing to gain here but looking stupid, Joe and his boy are the real corrupt here put them in jail. Throw Schiff in there as well biggest lair of all time.

  24. Where are the liberal sheep ? ..lmao lmao The Democrats and media play them like the fools they are… Where is the whistleblower? lmao lmao….

  25. Hehe freaking jokes , schiff is the biggest hater in the world , The president and the americans deserve to know the truth about the obama biden hillary gang and the real corrupted ppl , they were after him for all these years, now its time for obama and his gang to pay

  26. Jim Jordan is so pathetic. I can’t figure out why the R’s added him to the Intelligence Committee!.. Unless it really is because his whiny, nasally, and generally unpleasant voice is SO repellent, the R’s use him to get us, the general public, completely disgusted and feel repelled from continuing to watch.

    Sad thing is I think that this theory is perfectly possible 😰

  27. Republicans putting so much mental energy into spinning all this that they all gonna end up losing 5-10lbs when all this is over.

  28. Treasonous Trump and ALL of his enablers, from Pathetic Jordan to Moscow Mitch, belong in PRISON for the rest of their anti-American lives!
    Lock them up!
    Lock them up!
    Lock them up!

  29. Nunes is right on the the money… Shifty Schiff is being called out.
    The Dems are shooting themselves in the foot and Trump will win by a landslide due to these ridiculous hearings…

  30. The Whistleblower could very well have already testified. Republicans believe they know who the whistleblower is according to conservative media. So why are they pushing to break the law knowing outing this person is protected under the law?

  31. 🚨The Person who makes others earn their Respect are not to be respected🚨

    ❤Most Humans are Good and respectable by Nature, hence, most Humans deserve Respect without conditons❤

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