Watch Live: Sondland, Cooper, Hale Testify At Trump Impeachment Hearing | NBC News
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Watch Live: Sondland, Cooper, Hale Testify At Trump Impeachment Hearing | NBC News

100 thoughts on “Watch Live: Sondland, Cooper, Hale Testify At Trump Impeachment Hearing | NBC News

  1. Everyone seems to forget that Schiff asked Sondland about Trump's inquire into Hunter Biden's connection to Brisma, and Sondland responded that Trump never asked about Hunter Binden's connection to Brisma at all. In fact, Hunter's name and Joe's name never came up at all. Liars, liars, pants on fire with each passing day the shifty Schiffocrats are getting more and more mud on their faces along with these suckered media reporters.

  2. Democrat arguments: Orange man bad. Bad man orange. Bad orange man. Man orange, bad. Orange man bad. Bad man orange. Bad orange man. Man orange, bad. Orange man bad. Bad man orange. Bad orange man. Man orange, bad. Orange man bad. Bad man orange. Bad orange man. Man orange, bad. Orange man bad. Bad man orange. Bad orange man. Man orange, bad. Orange man bad. Bad man orange. Bad orange man. Man orange, bad. Orange man bad. Bad man orange. Bad orange man. Man orange, bad. Orange man bad. Bad man orange. Bad orange man. Man orange, bad. Orange man bad. Bad man orange. Bad orange man. Man orange, bad. 🥱

  3. Who the heck would say to their boss that "he loves ur @ss & will do anything u want" if what the boss was asking for was merely the very thing the person's campaign platform was based upon & they had already showed some progress in that direction ….are u serious lol?
    …I could, on the other hand, see someone saying that to their boss if they were requesting something underhanded; perceived as illegal or something they didn't want to do in the first place….. oh my, wake up to truth b4 its too late… its right in front of ya !
    ……Pres Zelensky:
    my deepest apology to u as a U.S. Citizen; this is NOT the norm in our Country (it's actually AGAINST who we r & what we represent!!!!) U can rest assured that ur honesty about what occurred with our Whote House will only bring your country & ours justice we deserve & Gods Light of truth is the only way to truly rid our allied countries of corruption & unite us as a strong powerful force around the globe !!!
    I urge u to please come frwd & show that u WILL NOT be intimidated nor permit any corruption in ur Country as u vowed during ur campaign for President & Congrats!!! ….I'm so happy U R gonna lead ur Country to Victory from devils evil corruption ……Uve got our attention, we do respect u & with truth can make this right for u with our apologies & help to assure it cant happen again …without truth, non-corruption could never be assured…
    Show ur Country ur strength & that u truly r a warrior for non-corruption
    …..we welcome this

  4. Lol Mr Nunes ….George Washington wasnt bribing to interfere with a fair election & tear apart a United Country …he was bettering a United Country not introducing corruption …wow
    The 2 are opposite of one another… hello…?

  5. Amb Sondland
    Glad ur amnesia has taken a PARTIAL turn for the better – God hears all statements
    …if indeed, u didnt think u were engaging in something that was wrong, why did u tell ur colleague, Amb Taylor "call me" & why did u tell him no more texting about the issue… an honest man would have wanted truth in writing if they were against wrongdoings they were being asked to do so Ukraines fragile democracy didnt have to have their Presidents first dealings with our Country (that they looked up to as an example) to be about an unethical, immoral move on a political rival & not be held accountable for their actions (honest persons take notes with dates & times when they know something is not "right" within their jobs to cover their butt, only crooks prefer no papertrail) !!! We r not stupid enough to believe a righteous guy wouldnt take notes & a crook does ….what a disgrace; I am appalled that I must be represented (by the Country I'm a citizen of) by the actions of this W.H. administration & the fragile backbones of its political party to stand up for our Country's values & what is "the right & moral thing" to do …what an example to set for the "New" Urkraine, are u proud? U can thank Mr Trump …please dont represent who I am to others, please – I'm for Lt Col.Vindman or Dr Hill for President!!!!!!!!!!!
    …so help us God !!!

  6. The Russian, Chinese and Arab trolls in this section are supportive of the Democrats and their MSM… because they want a weak (= Democrat) president again… who sends blankets to Ukraine to stop Russian tanks…

  7. Mob-bosses never "say" anything themselves, they never "do" anything themselves, they have people to understand what they want, in code, to represent them.
    Hence the "talk to rudy" referal, by Trump.

  8. So Sondland basically exonerated Trump of "Quid pro quo" as it relates to "aid". Why do people think this is a win for Democrats? Isn't this another big failure like the Mueller probe?

  9. This constant obsession with Trump's personality is a joke. Every time the Democrats embellish a fake charge, we hear about Trump's personality and how it contributes to the problem.  Enough. This impeachment is bogus. The Russia collusion story was rubbish. The real story is that even with the constant attacks Trump has done and is doing a great job. If you don't like his tweets don't read them. I don't. They are hardly newsworthy. What is newsworthy is the threat to the constitutional order caused by Democrat obsession with Trump. Trump's personality is not responsible for the reprehensible conduct of many in Washington to undermine him.  They are doing from their own mean spirited hatred of Trump and the people who elected him.

  10. The company in Ukraine that Hunter Biden "worked" for has been indicted by the Ukranian government. A small matter of $16,000,000. What could the Biden family have used it for?

  11. Here is what is really going on..

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  14. It's almost fantasy story time. .with Adam Schiff..
    Today delusional opening statement with involve flying pigs and and clouds made of cotton candy fantasy dreams for all the Democrats Hurry up and go get your carpet square and find a spot on the floor to sit.
    Cookies and milk will be handed out to all the delusional left-wingers….
    During fantasy story time with Adam Schiff 😂

  15. Trump should serve his time at a
    Fat farm. With lots of cow flop and
    Pig slop. In a couple of years, he'll
    Know as much as he knows now.
    What? You didn't think he could

  16. That's right Georgia Representative … 2 wrongs do NOT make even 1 right …it makes 2 wrongs & God is even more saddened & I'm in tears …can no one see the devastation to our Country this Presidents administration has brought to our Country & continues to bring – if a person is allowed to continue this type of behavior they will & will eventually turn on all Americans cuz they need power like a drug addict needs drugs & will get to an unbearable high for everyone- can our Country benefit from this type state of the union – do we want that to continue till our Country is destroyed? …he does & is trying to bring out the worst in Americans; he came in on lies & bribing a questionable woman & continues to bring the morality of our Country down !!! God insists thru scriptures by 2 TIMOTHY to turn our back to this type person in the "END TIMES" – WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS …lies & distrust lead to destruction in all relationships, we need a fresh start & need to work on corruption in our own Country, if not who will we be to influence any new democracy in any other Country …we will fall as the most powerful United Country if we allow this to continue …playing with fire burns EVERYONE, not just one political party
    I'm not proud to be an American today …Lord intervene please

  17. Deplorables didn't put Trump into office. Obama and Hillary's massive failures did.
    You libs have only yourselves to blame for putting him into office.

  18. Surprising the GOP let’s Schiff speak without interrupting him, I thought they would be shooting spitwads, making fart noises, etc.
    Instead I watched the GOP get destroyed for several weeks by a group of dedicated, intelligent and well prepared democratic congresspeople. The GOP spokespeople were not prepared, and were not naturally gifted and practiced public speakers. It became apparent that the GOP has no naturally gifted speakers amongst their ranks, of at least none who were willing to serve.
    Inexplicably, Nunes chose to mock the entire proceedings, acting like a demented and handicapped right wing jester in a Shakespeare play , but his language skills are so poor that it was simply awful, unbearable and useless as a defense against the valid and formidable charges at hand . Needless to say , the Country was denied the real debate we deserved.

  19. The best thing about watching hearings on YouTube is I can fast forward through Mr. Nunez’s attitude filled remarks, lacking in substance. He can only say the same bs in so many different ways. And I’m so done listening to his bs. I would think that as a national leader her would opt to participate in this hearing if for no other reason than to honestly attempt to engage in hearing. So far, it seems he is completely checking out, only to say the same things over and over. It’s really a sad state that our lawmakers are so embroiled in political games they can see no further than the desk at which they sit.

  20. All the Democrats have is what people think with no facts..This is embarrsing….I will never vote for the Democrats ever…

  21. Its weird that Obama isn't being hung, he was the president at the time who's incompetence is all that democrats seem angry about.

  22. 11 hours and after fast forwarding through the first 2, I almost fell asleep. Funny how long it takes them to get answers yet they call themselves the 'House Intelligence Committee'. There ALL A BUNCH OF USELESS CLOWNS. Such a waste of time and tax payers money. Fire them all and start over from scratch. Every ones dirty. I trust NO politician, all they can do is lie about promising things and fill their pockets with dirty money by big companies and acquaintances.

  23. I am glad Sondland decided to tell the truth finally. As far as the other witnesses… I don't think I have ever been more proud of my country. These career foreign services witnesses embody the American "way" in our ideals and goals and their non-partisan, professional and clear recitation of the facts in their possession is stunning. As a veteran from a family of veterans, I like to think I am strong and would do the same, but as much as I love this country and my people… I am completely humbled and I don't know if I could do what they are doing. I hope I would have the character, courage, faith and clear love of America and it's promise, to do so. I took an oath to do so.

  24. Democrat impeachment effort resembles a bunch of monkeys humping a football.

    Impeachment Hearing BACKFIRES……………………
    Nancy: "well that didn't go well. It was opening night and we failed. So next time we will have better actors and, for your entertainment, clowns, elephants and dancing bears.
    Shiff: "uh, no Nancy, there are no dancing bears available"
    Nancy: "No bears? Well then how about some crippled frogs."

    "As nightfall does not come all at once, neither
    does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be aware of any change in the air, however slight, lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness."
    – Justice William O. Douglas

  25. Dirty Donald "As to our 17 U.S. intelligence agencies that confirm the Russians are meddling in and manipulating U.S. elections…Vlad said he did not meddle in our election and I believe him. He is a good guy. Fake news fake news"!!!

  26. "I want nothing from Ukraine. No quid pro quo" This coverup and backtracking obfustication by the Liar in Chief only after being outed and busted with the texts and emails being put out there, violating the Trump Crime Syndicate goomba speak and code of silence.

  27. The whole lot of them should be lined up against the wall for failing to implement national security measures to standardize voting machines and protect our election process

  28. Nunes is such a pathetic man, how someone can sit there and lie and protect corruption is beyond me. People can be so slimy.

  29. Adam Schiff and the Dems are the Pinnacle of our species. Cunning and lethal, merciless under pressure they devour their unpatriotic prey. No one can stand up to their powers of persuasion. Their intellects are TOO GREAT❗💩 and besides they have CNN and the Never trumper's. We could never hope to win!

  30. One must understand that all these people Schiff has lined up as witnesses against the President are career government parasites. For years they have feathered their nest and brokered deals to benefit politicians for years. Before Trump was elected this was the norm; now they are upset because their gravy train got derailed. Real American taxpayers are seeing through this scam and will re-elect in 2020 with a landslide.

  31. SONDLAND YOU ARE SAYING YOUR THE ONE WHO STARTED THIS WHOLE THING BECAUSE you keep saying what u felt when u sent emails on July 10th Aug 22nd. And the meeting one the 1st of Sep you went in there planting seeds saying I feel loke there is a quid quo pro. Or a financial aid hold up. Your concerns n OPINIONS and feelings doesn't mean he is GUILTY you have NO EVIDENCE PERIOD!!!??… EXCEPT THAT YOU ADMIT THAT YOU BEEN REWORDING OTHERS EMAILS N MESSAGES YOU SENT OUT I FEEL LIKE THIS IS GOING ON MR.SONDLAND YOIR GUILTY AND A LIAR



  34. Ok because Biden broke LAWS and ok so the president was dping HIS JOB AND NOW SONDLAND KNOWS IT ALL OUT OF NO WHERE WOW!!

  35. Everyone is butt hurt that trumps attorney had more power then them well sondland dont be a dirty politician. Like u are bow lying under oath

  36. Trump blocks documents and orders all to not cooperate – that's why no one is showing up to defend him – they don't want to lie under oath. 7 felony counts Roger Stone was just convicted for include lying to Congress.

  37. If people cared about their religion as much as they do their political parties we wouldn't be ripping our country apart..

  38. Why would an normal adult, American citizen, believe MSM any more. It is like watching a sitcom or 'Days of our lives' soap opera. "Impeach the Pres to protect national security!" Who writes these 'drama' stories … SNL?

  39. Democrats: *provide lots of evidence, credible witness accounts, receipts and timeline facts*
    Republicans: "OBAMA CLINTON RATINGS OBAMA!!!!!"

  40. President Donald Trump is a bad politician, that is, he does not know how to lie well and beautifully, but he is a billionaire thanks to the ability to work and conduct business! Therefore, he wants the United States to also be a rich country, but not at the expense of wars and the robbery of other countries, but at the expense of ending the wars and the arms race thanks to which the US debt is about $ 20 trillion dollars. But the Democrats are traders, just against it, because they profit from wars, and wars are paid by taxpayers. And so all this mess with impeachment.
    And what a waste of taxpayer money in this very cheap and poorly played performance!!!👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  41. What is even more scary and just not Right …that this is all Theater and Circus and for this Circus Millions of Dollars will be Paid for which could be spent for other more important Things! It is downright wrong to spend Millions and millions of Dollars for simply Nothing! And to let People of Government sit here all day Long for Nothing!

  42. What do we learn by Trump "winning" the Presidency ? That any Clown Republican Bullyer, Woman Abuser, Crook, Compulsive Liar, Cheater, Racist, Narcissist, Ignorant, Arrogant Individual , can be President of the United States .

  43. You have to be a complete moron to listen to Adam Schiff’s BS. He has been lying for 3 years. This whole time, he and his band of malcontents have had less than nothing. Their entire case is made up of hear-say “evidence” and just made up stories. I only hope that they are stupid enough to vote for impeachment. #Trump2020

  44. Good grief. I don't care what he did or didn't do. He said she said. This is a waste of time and money. It's ridiculous. Get over it people, can we please move on? Let the man do his job, at least he's not a push over.

  45. You guys are the enemy of democracy and the American people.
    Spending usless time and tax money on rubbish instead of helping the president to rebuild this nation .

  46. What is wrong with some of these representatives? Mr. Cooper is not and was not present to testify, but they keep calling Ambassador Hale Mr. Cooper… SMH… I guess they just need to abdicate (or retire.)

  47. first I am a Democrat and this hearing is a Joke on the side of Adam he has no case and it's going to make it better for trump 2020 the people will see thru no evidence all hear say he said she said

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