Wasup Crowd – The Social Network Against Facebook
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Wasup Crowd – The Social Network Against Facebook

I’m Facebook I’m old but popular HaHa
Yeah I know HaHa back to you WasUpCrowd is new and fresh. Your days are over.
Why are my days over? A lot of people hate
Facebook and are looking for another social network What, why am I so hated?
It’s a long list of why you’re hated Mostly because you’ve become an ad
platform and have started posting garbage & other intrusive stuff. I know I’m polluted with ads
sponsored stories and garbage. I sold out for money exactly that’s why WasUpCrowd is here. We deliver a better social experience without all the crap like ads.
So you’re going to offer a pure social experience without ads & other garbage.
Exactly read my lips no ads on your wall only pure
conversations between you and your friends.
Okay well what are the other
reasons why they hate me? You don’t offer strict privacy features. We’ve
focused on offering privacy features and you decide what gets exposed and not. Wow seems like you got one up on us huh WasUpCrowd was created to make
Facebook a thing of the past I’m sorry but that’s just how it is to
me. I have the whole world in my hand and I’m sorry pal but people won’t leave me
that easily. Keep dreaming pal we exist for people
who want to start over and who hate Facebook.
You don’t scare me okay. Thats
what everyone says before they face the end. We are a revolution that’ll change
social networking be prepared to shut down your shop. I’ll have all the people
in the world who hate you and that’s a very very large number. Mom being bullied here. So typical every time you’re cornered you’re shouting bully.
Grow up man. WasUpCrowd is here. Are you ready for
the competition?

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