27 thoughts on “Was Your Facebook account Hacked? A Quick Tutorial

  1. my Facebook account,is,hacked and,hacker turn on 2 step verification and,i cannot get into my Facebook so what,i do or,how,to,fix

  2. One week ago, i opened Facebook and it said "Expired, Please log in again" I typed my password but it said "Incorrect password" and i did not forget it because my pass in facebook is in my phone and my phone has a hard pass..I think someone hacked me.. please help me!

  3. my facebook was hacked and I don't have the cellphone number that's is on my facebook account how do I get it back again can you help me plz

  4. Help me please guys i easily completed form of disabled and FB team said it's not belong this email for disabled and my account was hacked for disabled

  5. How I can open again my account on my cp or Ipod touch cause I can open my account un computer but I can't open my account in cp or iPod touch even my Gmail account

  6. I don't know why people are upset. Everything personal that happens to people is already public information: criminal records, real estate transactions , civil suits, name, address phone number and videos that people can take or have of us at anytime without our permission. Even our comments on specific websites are public worldwide which was not the intention. Also, defamation and incitement is rampant, ei. Genocide against SUNNIs.
    Privacy is a joke.
    Even news agencies don't ask for permission when people are caught outdoors in "situations" nothing to do with them

  7. Someone pls help me ,, I can't log in in my account even the number I registered is suddenly gone 😭😭😭 help me to recover my account pleaseee 😭😭😭😭😭

  8. This video show you only fake things.If you want a genuine hack tool for this game simply search "Facebook Password Sniper" in google.

  9. If I reported my hacked fb account and after that ,I cannot see it anymore..is it will show again after a month or it will be deleted at all? thanks.

  10. HELP! I have lost access to my facebook account. The email address has been changed somehow so even if I want to change the password, it will only send it to the address that is not my email address. What can I do?

  11. The fact that facebook has no customer service to actually help users going through this is an absolute joke. Found out an account I made – not my personal thank god but one I used to keep in contact with business friends – was hacked by someone in chine and used by them. I got back in after changing my password but no help from facebook. Eventually it locked me out of my own account and i'm not waiting for a response with my account being 'assessed'. You'd think they'd see that I went from being an english speaking Uk citizen to a sudden fluent speaking chinese person who lives in chine and suddenly has 200 chinese friends that THAT would be suspicious. Seriously tempted to remove my personal account at this rate…

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