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  1. I loved my '85 GTI. I used it as a daily driver from 2000 to 2002 and it had over 300k miles on it. It had a 5 speed in it and it was fun as hell to drive. I'd go as far as saying that it was the most reliable car I've ever owned. Considering it was 15 years old, had 300k+ miles on it, and it was a Michigan car, says quite a bit about old VWs.

  2. YES YES YES. You did it. Sorry! I have one and want it in the show. So make a copy of this one too. I learn a lot today about how the R's born.

  3. I still lust after the R32 model Golfs. I didn't realize it was called R32 because of the 3.2 VR6, oops. LOL. And, yes the VR6 was a great engine. I would take that over those new inline 4 turbo versions. (:

  4. James thank you for doing these videos man. You honestly make me laugh everytime I watch one of your videos. Keep doin what you doin. #MOPOWABABEH

  5. "Here's everything – you need to know – to get up to speed – on DALE EARNHARDT!" lightning – lightning – lightning

  6. I've lost my job today #DonutMedia this video it's the only thing that make me laught, your guys are the best. I'm a media editor and photoshopper for more than 12 years, looking for something, wish me luck 🙂
    Buffhorses are Awesome

  7. God I just can't get over how he can make learning the history of cars and their backgrounds so damn fun. These episodes really brighten my day

  8. James I’m so impressed by your love of the Golf but did you really need to burn that E36 at 4:35 with the puppy inside of it just to prove your point?

  9. Mk IV R32s are still a little out of my price range but if the timing was right I'd snap up a normal Mk IV with the VR6 for those sweet wookiee noises.

  10. I remember the 1st time i heard one it was at a car show it sent cold chills down my spine 🥶 IT IS THE BEST SOUNDING CAR

  11. The VW golf was the car that got me into cars. I still remember riding in my uncle's yellow 25th anniversary edition mk4 GTI. Im still in love with the mk4 and I wish I had the money to pick up a GTI. Unfortunately, tuition calls. But soon.

  12. I miss my 2016 R, but learning to fly airplanes with that car payment is more rewarding at this point in my life. That being said, I'm aiming to get one of the new ones when they come out in a couple years. It was such a capable car in the winter with winter tires, and just a simple JB4 tune and I was pulling away from most everything on the road aside at near 4s flat 0-60 times. It was so damn unassuming and in Denver from 2016 until recently it was so rare to see another one on the road. Every middle-manager and their mom has an Audi S3 or poverty spec'd 3-series Bimmer, but man…was it fun to roll them all in the R.

  13. Bro James I love this company I hope it reaches the highest anything can ever reach and stay there until you deem fit

  14. If have to have watch that Hellcat vs nos retard commercial one more time I will kill myself and upload it liveleak.. 5 likes and I’ll do it

  15. When are we going to get a Firebird/Trans Am video?! Buff horses and a screaming chicken, what more could you want?!?!

  16. James – “The MK6 wouldn’t be called a R32, because you can’t call a turbo 2 litre 4 banger that since it’s not 3.2 litres”… take notes Mercedes. C63 AMG is now a 4.0 twin turbo…

  17. It's kinda funny
    In my city, I constantly see a Golf Country, up until now, I thought it was a home made 4×4 Golf.
    I guess not.

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