Vox’s Ezra Klein: Negative media is not bad for Trump’s brand
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Vox’s Ezra Klein: Negative media is not bad for Trump’s brand

100 thoughts on “Vox’s Ezra Klein: Negative media is not bad for Trump’s brand

  1. No good news about Trump ever and I don't even like Trump but CNN is #propaganda as well as MSNBC and FOX Such bias

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  3. The GOP are the ones attempting a coup. "If the left (opposition) says we are the ones doing it, they are the ones doing it." Devin Nunes.

  4. This is why no one trusts CNN. If you have a lying fat dick head like steltzer and Lemmon you stand zero change gaining Americans trust. Educate yourselves dems and do some research. Get the facts and stop being lied to

  5. The more CNN posts to YouTube and has segments like this the easier it gets for TRUMP in 2020. Keep up the lies and slander

  6. You're trying to tell us that Donald Trump is calculating his words, bullshit, he's just a stupid asshole that says anything that gets stuck in his head, he has a mad cow disease sponge brain.

  7. You know what will be bad you idiots? When 50% want him impeached and 40% wont do it?

    They will show you in the election that follows.

  8. BREAKING NEWS: CNN fires ( 7,000 ) employees after years of dramatic ratings Disasters.
    " Fake News isn't selling as well as we hoped ? " said. CEO Jeff Zucker. LOL !

  9. The Great President Trump has literally saved this country from these sickening group of America hating Marxist Democrats. Watching the Democrat crime family of Comey,Clapper, Brennan, McCabe etc… etc … Cop a plea deal to reduce their sentences will be Beautiful !

  10. negative news about trump is fake news , because trump  keeps doing the right thing  and keeps winning.    trump 2020

  11. Impeachment originally was a great ideal by the founders. What they didnt imagine was the weaponizing of it by both parties or the strictly loyalty to party over country. Though they did warn us of the dangers of a two party system and what do you know they where right.

  12. Well, they aren't impeaching him because it's not going to happen in the senate.

    If he controlled media coverage you guys would be out of business.

  13. And here's Ted Koppel explaining this to Brian's face last years. Brian gets the point but he's making so much money, he's willing play the part of , "hhhmmm, interesting view."

  14. Negative media? Fake corrupt news? Of course its good for Trump when he has facts to use against the fake corrupt hearsay that mainstream media has. Thank you CNN for justifying Trumps honesty.

  15. Exzra Klein are you serious it's not bad for this Vile racists bigot. You are over thinking this, you are giving this racist bigot too much power. He have no strategy, no plan, you need to stop the fear mongering.
    We will get this lawless bigot out office
    The people will rise up.

  16. You's are idiots CNN. Look at the facts. What exactly is the high crime Trump is guilty of? Pathetic, neither you nor the Democrats can answer that one!


  18. Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

    – Mark Twain

  19. The dems know that they can't win with the voters even though their propaganda media has attacked the president for 3 years. They have to resort to every dirty underhanded trick they can. Sad day for the country when the left trys using the same way of getting rid of the leader as despots in socialist countries.

  20. The mainstream media is an arm of the democratic party and everyone knows it ! Everytime you say impeachment Trump gets more votes !

  21. there is no impeachment – get over it – all that's left is the ugly coup attempt that went all wrong from the start – so now the race is on with Durham

  22. Nobody asked this moron the meaning of the words "Impeachment" and "Coup". Just like he chose to characterize Trump's Phone call as pressuring Ukraine to "interfere" in 2020 elections(Russia 2.0), other people from that publication see this impeachment as coup from Never Trumper Bureaucrats and Partisan Hacks of the media fueled by Do Nothing DemocRATs… That view is closer to reality than his assertion that Trump's call to Ukrainian President as some sort of coercion.

  23. "Do not answer a fool according to his folly, Lest you also be like him. Answer a fool according to his folly, Lest he be wise in his own eyes." proverbs 26:4/5

  24. Uhhhhh.. Brian… Mark Dice threw a challenge like Bill.cosby and the Tap.dancing challenger… Where is uoir reaponse..

    Brian's baby girl lispy voice is a sooo nice

  25. I wonder which presidential candidate has been saying this for weeks now. I think it was some fellow by the name of Yang or something.

  26. We are seeing in real time how Hitler controlled his people and we must stop this dictatership now before America as we know it is destroyed

  27. You a dumbass once attorney general William Barr
    finish with his investigation head will rolled. I hope CNN fall with some member of house of congress. With their Russiagate fantasies, the Democrats have done infinitely more to delegitimize US institutions of governance than any foreign power could dream to accomplish. “The Democrats have come up with a permanent excuse for failure and they're going to use it again in 2020.”

  28. Klein's analysis of Trump's media strategy is spot on. It still presents him as an incompetent opportunist, but it is effective.

  29. NARCISSISTS ARE LIKE DOGS – any attention is good attention, Want your dog to stop stealing your socks – ignore it…!

    And Trump is the ultimate narcissist.

  30. I mean all over the world this happen all the time, it’s kind of the job of gov to do, if you mess you’re out!

  31. Trump is americas cancer so are its followers ..hes making hes own religion …jim jones ..trumpeters 😒😒😒😒

  32. Trump 2020…..the hypocrisy of CNN talking about conservative media taking up for trump, the left is 95% negative news 24/7…..that's almost as funny as little Brian smelthers show being called reliable sources 😂🤣

  33. I just can't figure how so many people see Trump as some brilliant tactician. He's a buffoon and the media can't get enough of the clown show. Period. That it works to his advantage is a symptom of the fact that both the GOP and the media know that 48% of the population are morons too.

  34. For example, If Trump gets away with riping our constitution to shreds then by gully I predict that there will be a coupe. Laugh out Loud 😃

  35. You idiots have called for impeachment since the day he was inaugurated. You throw spaghetti at the wall and hope something will stick. You made crap up for three years. Middle America does not believe you “Chicken Little” idiots. You’ve lied for three years!

  36. Impeachment is like a self lancing boil. It gradually fills with pus and vile death, but then magically relieves itself and self heals. It is a cool process.


  38. #exposeCNN says everything. Stop Brian. Everyone knows that CNN is FAKE AND ANTI-TRUMP CONSPIRACY CHANNEL. Nothing to do with NEWS

  39. #exposecnn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7XZmugtLv4 GOOOD : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ny9v_O0sarg&t=8s
    @CNN has nothing to do with JOURNALISM. Their panels looks more as group of peoples plotting and conspiring against @POTUS than developing REAL NEWS. they're constantly trying to suggest 2 viewers fake stories and negative narratives about him. THEY ARE DISGUSTING
    Especially @brianstelter @jaketapper, @donlemon, @fredo @wolfblizer.

  40. Out of the oval office he/fox will continue to expound lies to and for the deplorable .Until he is dead and buried it will continue on some level. Someone needs to do something about it!+

  41. When a wild cat is corned,,,he becomes very dangerous,,,,and that is how the president and his actions is now ,,,,,,like a wile cat, that wants to kill.

  42. Man we are tired of telling u Libtards "we told so" time and time again. It's up to you if u wanna keep listening to these liars.

  43. if rump feels hes investigated more than others its cause hes a corrupt lying racist .he feels that unemplymnt is low everything is great and thats all that matters.bull sht

  44. All that impeachment bullshit is something they can drag on and it doesn't necessarily strip the presidential powers.How about do him like they do everyday ordinary people,you get caught committing a felony,you will be arrested and locked up,you may post bail or you may have no bail but your ass getting locked up 1st then we discuss all that other legal bullshit later.

  45. Is it constitutional to removed or impeach a president by a concucted lies like Russia , and is it right to spy the president and watch his everyword , is it right to dictate the president of America what to say or do , only other Presodent does that or leaders 8 years ago and past , they are dictsted by the one paying them , that is why china bullied America economically ! All fake are a rebuke ! Amen ….

  46. I constantly remind people that THIS IS NOT ENTERTAINMENT. I know how easy it is to fall into the trap of getting excited to see what "wild and zany" thing Trump has done now. Yes, it's "click gold" for media from the news to late show hosts. But this is serious. Even if he were to magically leave office today, we will be cleaning up the mess Trump has made for DECADES. And people DIE from his decisions. Just look at the insanity that happened when he just up and pulled out of Syria. He must be stopped.

  47. Mr. Klein is a shining beacon. How the US managed to have a dullard and criminal in the White House is hard to fathom unless one takes a hard long look at the way politics and civics have been downgraded by Republicans. Trump is a manipulative clown, an amuseur public, the right-wing press and Trump's retinue of enablers are all beneath contempt. A special shout out here to Miss Lindsay quite simply a loathsome dirty little man.

  48. Things are so damn flip flopped that the folks abusing power on the right are LITERALLY accusing the left of exactly what they are doing. What the hell is this kindergarten shit? Our congress is full of babies and unpopular kids.


  50. I'm a lifelong Democrat living in Nancy Pelosi's District, but me, my family, and neighbors are tired of the Homeless junkies, needles, vomit, and feces on our sidewalks.

  51. Trump does what he wants, right wing media supports him no matter what, AND THE REPUBLICANS IN HOUSE AND AND SENATE DOES NOTHING.
    Your democracy isn't in danger. IT IS ALLREADY BROKEN.

  52. It’s hilarious how desperate the liberals on CNN are to try to justify this attempted coup of a duly elected president of United States.

  53. This show should be renamed Unreliable Sources! Brian Smelter does is shill for the democrats and cover up for the lying leaking Schiff and Pelosi! These people are a fraud and should be ashamed of their obvious and blatant biases against the President of the United states! All they do is spew hatred and vitriol against him! We the people are sick and tired of your lies and twisting of the truth! Too bad all of your corporate sponsors are so in bed with the globalists and democrats and continue to support the "Fake News CNN" Funny they can't answer why they didn't cover the Epstein story 3 years ago either!

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