Visible: Out on Television — “How Much Longer” Clip | Apple TV+
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Visible: Out on Television — “How Much Longer” Clip | Apple TV+

At the height of my career I had a dream that I was holding a finch, a tiny delicate bird and it was my pet and I put it back into its cage. I had been auditioning like crazy, I had been pounding the pavement, and there was a breaking point where I was just like, I’m tired, I’m tired, I don’t know if I’m going to do this anymore, noone’s seeing me. “Oh he’s too this, or he’s too that, or he’s too flamboyant, or he’s too …” You know I heard flamboyant so many times. I wasn’t sort of either thing that society said that I should be and so I always felt a little out of place. I thought, well, there’s no place for someone like me. I’m too weird! I’m probably too gay! I just could not get a show made. I couldn’t get a show made. And I didn’t want to write it, I didn’t think it was that fascinating, didn’t think it was that entertaining, I was just thinking, it’s just, I can’t, how much longer can I do this without having a breakthrough. Literally the next day, I get a telephone call. And my agent sends me this script. And the character breakdown for the character of Taylor Mason said nonbinary. Hello. I’m Taylor. My pronouns are they, theirs, and them. Okay.

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