100 thoughts on “Viral ‘skull breaker challenge’ circulating on social media puts children in danger

  1. Why are so many people saying it's "natural selection"?
    It's not! The third person (middle person) doesn't know that their two "friends" are going to kick their legs. They're only told that all three of them are going to jump. How is it natural selection? It's not the victim's fault. They were lied to!

  2. I hear the jump off a roof challenge and the cut your throat challenge are getting hot. These kids are idiots.

  3. Can't wait for headbutting a moving vehicle challenge. This has got to be the dumbest generation at the moment.

  4. This is literally called “the skull breaker challenge” this has implications that the goal is to cause as much damage as possible, this is a twisted game. “I got a new height score in the Skull Breaker Challenge! The victim got permanent brain damage and was paralyzed from the neck down lmao! 😂

  5. When she says “I’m surprised theres not more people injured by this” bruh do you think we’re all that stupid???

  6. Unfortunately this is a case of the stupid people removing less-stupid people from the gene pool—instead of themselves..

  7. Cane these little fuckers. They know it has the potential to cause serious injury when they do it. If not, they will after someone beats some sense into them.

  8. You guys want to be in my gang and hang? You guys want to be cool? So what if you walk funny afterwards and don't know where you are anymore, it's a small price to pay to call yourself our friend.

  9. so you telling me. that kicking your friend or causing harm ,these teenagers don’t know to not harm their friends????

  10. I support this challenge. I think it is a good way to filter the planet from idiots. I hope they die. More food for me.

  11. Stupid fking millennials. I mean just STUPID. They eat tide pods………want everything for free………….these are children with stupid parents who had no business breeding.

  12. some few idiots told me to jump, i said to them : "I can't jump" they keep forcing me, and i keep repeating it until i annoyed them so they walked away.
    This happened in school, thats why I hate TikTok

    But hey, I have good friends now that don't do that.

    And also, another 2 told me to jump, and their hand is on my head, the trick is that if i jump they will punch me in the head, and I *die*, which is also bad.
    If you ever encountered this, IMMEDIATELY Call the cops or tell the principal, or the teacher about this.

  13. I am sorry, at that age we know the differences between right, wrong, insane, and pure stupid, and Social Media should ban this crap

  14. You can't tell me that these people, who are under age, don't fully understand what they're doing to someone when I watch something like this, "THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY'RE DOING, THAT'S WHY THEY'RE DOING IT!" I think that anyone, no matter their age, who participates in this, or anything else like this where they intend to hurt another child, should be punished like they were an adult, "No Exceptions," they should make an ex.
    out of them and do it for all to see, I'm talking about every child in school to see, before they end up killing someone! No one wants to hear them say, "I'm sorry, I didn't know
    what I was doing," when they end up killing another child, or disabling them, then it will be to late!

  15. Well girl, it was your fault for attempting the challenge. Not sure if I should feel sorry for you.

    This generation is going in reverse.

  16. Yeah, these are the geniuses who will want to usher in socialism and start a revolution in a few years. The most thick generation ever to grace this earth.

  17. Being that the name is skull breaker, if you do this to someone this is premeditated attempted murder

  18. i only heard about this challenge a week ago from my friends at school and all i could say was that people are so dumb.
    this type of thing happened to me when i was about 9-10 i fell of my sister's shoulder and she's really tall and i landed on the tiles head first. no i didn't have a huge injury but i still needed to check if anything was wrong and go to hospital, and with experience not in the same way but close in ways, it is a good idea to know what your doing before doing a 'challenge' your 'friends' told you to do.
    i'm still a kid but are people really that dumb?

  19. Some suggestions of future challenges for this generation of geniuses…

    The freeway frogger challenge… Tie your shoelaces together and hop a cross a busy freeway 5 times.
    The drano chug challenge. Drink 16 oz of Drano and try not to literally vomit out your stomach for an entire minute and you win.
    The chainsaw jumpscare challenge. Hide behind a wall or door with a mask on, holding a chainsaw. When a stranger walks past, jump out and start the chainsaw as fast as possible. Bonus points if done in a conservative state.

    It goes without saying that you must film and upload to social media.

  20. what is going on with these KIDS today do there parent not teach them anything sure i learned the har way sometime LIKE WHEN I STUCK A KNIFE TIP INTO AN OUTLET i was like 5 when that happen GUESS WHAT I NEVER DID IT AGAIN

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