Video Editing Apps for Instagram!
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Video Editing Apps for Instagram!

100 thoughts on “Video Editing Apps for Instagram!

  1. Hi all. My IG tag is @wilsoncarson please like, share, follow, and hit that notification button. Thanks. It's another day in paradise.

  2. Too much talking and not enough showing what the app can do…describing it doesn't cut it, tech talk is ok, but SHOW best attributes, most of stuff you said is almost common knowlege, wasted 8 minutes

  3. Thank you so much! My french bulldogs' (Vincent and Zoe) Instagram is @snortandsnarfle and they are fast approaching the 20k mark! I have been focused on their photo content but I have been wanting to kick up their video content and have been having so much trouble figuring out what to use for vertical videos. I would tell them that the $30 is coming out of their treat fund, but I know that won't fly hahaha. Thanks so much! Definitely going to watch more of the detailed videos!

  4. I think the reoccuring monthly subscription on Power Director is dumb. I would pay for it but i refuse to pay for monthly subscription. Ill just use Adobe suite for my IG.

  5. If you don't want to pay £$20 simply get the app inshot so simple to use.
    If you want to download videos in your camera roll from Instagram, get the app instadown
    Alls you need to do is copy the link using the 3 dots on Instagram, go to instadown and put your link in and obviously download it


  6. Doubleaa_edits on insta! Trying to grow my page for everyone to see💯

    Check it out and let me know what y’all think!!

  7. Do these apps charge their fee every year? I've downloaded some apps that charge me the fee again after one year is over. A continual yearly fee.

  8. Thank you, Justin! This was super helpful. I've started following you so I can continue to receive your ideas! Come and find me at @psychiccheerleader

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