Venezuela’s Assassination Scare & Alex Jones’s Media Exile | The Daily Show
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Venezuela’s Assassination Scare & Alex Jones’s Media Exile | The Daily Show

Right now the nation
of Venezuela is not having a good time. The country is bankrupt, there’s food shortages,
and something tells me, everyone is not a fan
of the president. Next, the alleged assassination
attempt playing out on live TV. The president of Venezuela
speaking in a public square, interrupted by a series
of blasts. -(speaking in Spanish)
-(explosion) (indistinct shouting) TV REPORTER:
His body guards, jumping in to protect him,
holding up shields. The president says
it was an attack by drones armed with bombs. Okay, that is insane. Why are they trying to protect
the president with yoga mats? (laughter) Like, what is going on there? I knew that they were pretty
left-leaning down there, but that’s next level. “Quickly,
get into downward dog, sir.” Now, luckily for Maduro,
he survived that attack, but I wouldn’t be too secure
if I were him, because he is holding
his military parade. But did you see how they reacted
when the explosion goes off? -(speaking in Spanish)
-(explosion) (audience laughter) What the hell is that, military? It’s like,
“Left, right, left, right– (speaking very fast):
“Oh, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right,
left, right, left, right.” So it’s still developing, and
this is really a weird story. I don’t know what to make of it, other than I like
how Maduro wears a sash. It’s like, it’s like he won
Venezuela in a beauty pageant. I love it. Meanwhile, somewhere in
the Middle East, there’s news about the world’s
worst royal wedding. TV REPORTER: And the son of
Osama bin Laden is now married to the daughter
of a 9/11 hijacker. 29-year-old Hamza bin Laden,
here on the left, married the daughter
of Mohamed Atta. The family says Hamza is now an
Al-Qaeda leader himself, vowing to avenge
his father’s death. Wow, bin Laden’s son married a
9/11 hijacker’s daughter. I guess, congratulations
to the happy couple? I mean, if you want
to get them a gift, they’re registered on
the No Fly List. (audience reacts) But, yeah, I heard… -(laughing): I heard…
-(laughter) I heard it was a really, really
small, intimate ceremony, you know, just closest family
and hostages. But, uh, you know, just like
with every wedding, there was some terrorists
who didn’t want to attend. They had could come up with
excuses. They were like, “Oh, I’m sorry, Hamza,
I totally want to go, but I’m blowing myself up
on Thursday, man. I’m sorry.” In other news, for years, America’s most famous conspiracy
theorist, Alex Jones, has said that they
are out to get him. Well, today, they got him. YouTube, Apple and Facebook,
joining Spotify in removing content
from Alex Jones and his Infowars brand. Each claiming the content
violated their policies against glorifying violence
and promoting hate. (cheering and applause) That’s right, Alex Jones
is officially off all of the major platforms. And if you’re one of
Alex Jones’s fans, this isn’t as bad as it sounds, because you will still be able
to hear him everywhere on Earth if he just speaks
in his normal tone of voice. Yeah, I bet he’ll try to sneak
back on to YouTube, though, pretending to be a vlogger. He’s gonna be like,
“Oh, what’s up guys? “It’s me, Alex.
Uh, no hate. “This is my tutorial
on how contouring is secretly controlling
your mind!”

100 thoughts on “Venezuela’s Assassination Scare & Alex Jones’s Media Exile | The Daily Show

  1. I despise Allex Jones and all the bigotry and idiocy he represents, however I this country we the so-called right to the Freedom of Speech. That also includes the clueless like Alex Jones. These Monster corporations are censor ing content, this contradiction is hypocrisy plain and simple.

  2. Venezuela is full of oil…How can a nation full of oil be banckrupted? This is totally not the case…Venezuela suffers from a desease…It is called rightwingerism…It happens when the right in a 3rd world country loses the election repeatedly…instead of accepting it they start a conspiracy…they have most of the media, they control most of the business so they can create a shortage of goods and blame the left and incite violence and sponsor anti-government groups…It happened in many countries before…Chile, Brazil…The only difference is that Venezuela left did not bend over like the left does most times and instead they said go fuck yourself and fought back…

  3. I doubt it was an attack; Maduro is much like the Traitor-in-Chief and Turkey's Erdogan, who also 'suffered' an 'attack': they all love drama and create it themselves to come out 'victorious' and suit themselves.

  4. all you libtard pussies that agree with Alex Jones being banned you are not American you should be stripped of Your citizenship and deported to the center of the ocean f*** you libtards

  5. Wow, so obvious the applause sign turned on after announcing shutting down a guy speaking. Bring back Jon Stewart please God, at least he’d be reasonable.

  6. all these foreigners on American news stations should be banned from speaking they're not American they don't have rights to speak in America

  7. everything these foreign news anchors say negatively about America is hate speech because they are not Americans ban there show and Deport them

  8. It looked like Maduro was confused. Like he was seriously trying to figure out if that was really a bomb or a loud drum. Also I find it weird that his bodyguards first reaction is to bring out bulletproof blankets and not ya know get the president away.

  9. "Vowing to avenge his father's death" the Fucking, Fuck! That cunt killed himself!!!! FUCK him and his son!!!!

  10. So… why is it ok to make fun of a terror attack/attempted assassination, unless its American? People blowing up is still people blowing up.

  11. The censorship of Alex Jones is a bad sign for the freedom of speech globally. No matter if one agrees with his views.

  12. "Avenge his father's death." Um… Could someone explain the concept of self-martyrdom to this guy? You don't "avenge" suicides, and if you did, I think 9/11 pretty much covered it.

  13. Trevor Noah is anti-American speaking on American TV how is that a thing ban him I don't like what he saying it hurts my delicate feelings I think I need a blanket and my teddy bear and a safe space f*** you libtards I didn't even watch Alex Jones just thought ide call out the real Nazis democrats

  14. Alex Jones, the only person on Earth who can out stupid Donald Trump.
    I am for free speech, even one as despicable as Alex Jones. He is free to be as asinine as he wants to be and fight the good fight against gay frogs if he wishes.
    However, he crossed the line defaming the Sandy Hook parents and inspiring violence against them, that isn't covered under the 1st amendment at all.

  15. That’s what socialism did to Venezuela, Trevor. The same socialism that you foolishly promote when you have people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on your show.

  16. Yes, it is funny how they reacted on assassination attempt. Obviously they expect long range sniper, not close explosive attack. But it is funny to see that your country failed again in attempt of assassination. Of course that whole country doesn't support Venezuelan government, only 80% support them (15% hesitantly and 5% oppose). They know who is their main enemy. They remember what your country made to theirs during your occupation, they know what bolivars did in saving them and they see what you are doing now. They have to believe your version of truth??? How??

  17. Bin Ladens son can still legally buy an assault rifle in America. He can't fly but can buy as many assault rifles as he wants. Well if had citizenship he could

  18. Trevor is fake. I Like him. But people not aware of chemtrails and stuff are pain to my ears. What a shame.

  19. So US companies decide what free speech is and apply censorship where and when it suits them – and all US citizens do is cheer?
    This is the worst assault possible of freedom and democracy and people cheer?

  20. illicit drugs like marijuana have also been banned but all of "you people" are stoned right now even though the trump attorney general jeff sessions is reefer madness in human form.

  21. uninvited border crossing is also banned but all of you are raping the national border hashtag me too, America is a strong independent woman that's filled out in all the right places and you never asked her for consent, she should have the right to abort the unwanted children inside her

  22. 9/11 was a zionist job u stupid Israeli whore.
    U critisize alot of other countries why dont u look at the facts of 9/11 how Israel wanted a war with Iraq at any cost. Like they want with Iran now at any cost. And your media people was in on it. Not all of us are sheeps, who is brainwashed by the zionist Hollywood propaganda machine . Who trained bin ladin? Who fought the Soviets the mujahaddin over one million children and women died in Afghanistan. And under the first gulfwar when amaricans but sanctions on Iraq 1000 babies died because u had put sanctions on the medicin, so women died under child birth! BUT GOD sees everything and hears every word u utter. Dont worry u May escape this planet with no Justice, but death u cant escape and u Will be brought to justice in the hereafter.

  23. Funny how the tables turn;
    One day: "You can't force a Christian baker to bake a gay cake! He shouldn't be forced to promote views he disagrees with! His freedoms! Rabble rabble."
    Next day: "YouTube and Facebook et al. should be forced to broadcast Alex Jones! Even if it promotes a view they disagree with it! Muh freedoms! Rabble rabble."

  24. Those lithium ion batteries go pop at the worse times, am I right?
    The soldiers weren’t running in fear, they were finding cover in preparation for an organised counter-attack.

  25. "You have to be able to tolerate what you don't necessarily like so you can be free." Larry Flynt
    I think Alex Jones is a paranoid crazy motherfucker, but to be banned by billionaire corporations and liberals glorifying the ban is scary and dangerous.

  26. But when there's consequences for believing in the second coming of Jesus Christ, living in the country and believing in history and Bible prophecies what do you say to that? That LACK OF FREEDOM OF RELIGION, AND LACK OF FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE!!! It will soon be that a Christian will be marginalized, persecuted and even be put to death for not just believing these truths but for sharing them too!!!

    Please read the book Great Controversy which is packed with vital information that will not just inform but prepare you and your family for the conditions that are in the process of coming to America and this entire planet very soon. Now, this is not fake news or conspiracy theory but FACT!!! Read this book while it is still available!!!

    The Great Controversy:


  27. I get that its funny to watch but can ya blame the soldiers for scattering when they hear danger? I mean privates in the US Army who are rehearsing their graduation ceramony will go through a drill where if someone say pops up and tries to assassinate the general whos conducting the graduation theyll break formation and book it to the trees, think about if they even have a gun they wont have any ammo, most likely no armor, and are otherwise sitting ducks if they keep formation, its funny to watch but dont drag on em to hard :p

  28. If I'm not allowed to make jokes about sensible subjects like rape or race, how come this fucker is making jokes about anything that happens in Venezuela?

  29. However, the military is doing great. Their salaries are high and get adjusted for inflation (700% per year). The military is happy as they can be. The reason Venezuela had lots of coups in the past is because the military were not properly remunerated. This time, Maduro had done the smart thing. Generals control the drug trade with the US, Bolivia, and Ecuador, supported by the Colombian Farc.

  30. So they took Alex Jones off because his media stirred up hate.
    Why can't they do this for the anti-gay commercials? These things literally are the majority whining about feeling they are being oppressed when they aren't and trying to encourage others to treat the LGBT community as 2nd class citizens or worse.

  31. Okay, I’m not going to defend Jones, but the entire point of free speech is you can say anything you want on whatever platform you want, however bad of an idea that is. If you remove the right of speech from the people you don’t like, you become totalitarian.

  32. People will continue to wake up and see through all the medias lies!!! For every piece of propaganda and lies, people will gain the knowledge of what your really doing behind the scenes, mark my words! No more fooling the people, its coming to a end!

  33. Too bad the Drones didn't kill that disgusting pathetic excuse of human being. One day though!!!!! I'm still hopeful. 🤞

  34. Dear Trevor..I'm Venezuelan/American… Chavez & Maduro have a Dictatorship for years. Juan Guaido didn't auto proclaim himself as president..he is the president of the Congress..the constitution allow him to be a interim president.. because Maduro has been illegitimate in power

  35. I couldn't watch more than a couple of minutes of this smug cunt clown taking the piss out of a failed U.S assassination attempt on a country's leader or his laughing at men who have more belief than he'll ever conceive of if he had 100 lifetimes. In comparison to the way the FBI pick up an American president like a rag doll I thought Maduro's defense was pretty dignified.
    Trevor Noah……..sell out clown.

  36. Interestingly @0:36, I don't remember which, but I came across a company online that sells bulletproof bags that when opened look just like that

  37. Could you imagine other countries joking about a bomb assassination attempt on an US of American president. I can't . How disgusting

  38. Damn yall are some brain washed people. Everything alex jones covers is facts. Thats why they banned him because it makes people think.

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