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Vandhana Vs Warden || Warangal Vandhana || Tamada Media

Vandhana, get up!
– Give it a break, ma’am. – Get up! Ma’am, please, let me sleep for 10 more minutes.
– This is your last chance, get up. Ma’am, who wakes up in the middle of the night?
I need proper sleep to understand my lessons well. You too go and sleep now. What the..
– Get up now. Who studies in the middle of the night? What are you looking at, ma’am?
– Why didn’t you oil your hair? – Even my mom never asked me that. I hate oil, ma’am.
– Good. Now put your hand forward. – Ma’am, please.. Now, you’ll remember your lessons well.
– Provided, I study them. – What? I said I’ll study well.
– Good. Start with maths. Hey, get up! I’m sparing you as it’s the first day of the new time table.
Now go have your breakfast and attend classes. You’ll have your lunch at 12:30PM.
From 1PM to 6PM, you’ll have more classes. If you skip any of this or if you score less
in the weekend exams, I’ll have to talk to your mom. Ma’am, please, don’t do that.
If you want me to score well, I’ll do that. We’ll wait and see. How are the dishes?
– Great! – Is it? What do we have? Dal soup.
– Dal soup? You call that great? Why? Won’t you eat it?
– I’ve asked the caterer to get me biryani. I’ve studied a lot so I need to dig into the chicken leg. Interested?
– Of course! Shit, she is still here.
You go and distract her. Hey, sir, did you get me biryani? Can I have the change back? What! The biryani costs only Rs. 200.
– Rs. 200 for the biryani and Rs. 200 for me for getting it. What a business you are running. Hey, come back.
It’s all cool. Okay, ma’am, I’ll see you around. Wow! It smells so good!
May the Lord be praised! Finish it before the warden arrives. There 4 pieces of chicken in total.
So, three for me and one for you. Why? We both paid Rs. 200 each.
– You can’t even sacrifice a chicken piece for your hungry friend? Whatever.
Finish it before the warden arrives. Outside food isn’t allowed. How did it get here?
Who brought it for you? Answer me! Let it be, ma’am, please.
– You tell me. You anyway snatched it from us.
– Shut up unless you want to be slapped! I just checked the CCTV footage. Why were you asleep
during the maths class? – Busted! Let’s see how you perform at the weekend tests.
If you don’t score good marks I’ll see to it your mom
turns you into biryani. Mind it! You said you’ll have 3 out of 4 pieces,
but she ended up having all. Screw this lady! How I wish she suffers
to death from a 108 degree fever. How could she snatch a chicken leg piece
from innocent young people? Old witch! Wonder where that bird was from?
Now, it has ended up in a trash bin. Look how innocently
they are staring at us? I, Warangal Vandhana, take an oath
to get back at that lady. Warden Vanajakshi, I’ve set my eyes on you.
Be ready to feel my wrath. Hello, people! I’m Warangal Vandhana.
My granny always used to say ‘One can’t study well, if one hasn’t dined well.’
Now, you tell me if my granny isn’t right. Incase, you too felt the same
during your inter days, comment and let us know. I’m planning my revenge
on Warden Vanajakshi. Tell me if you have any tips for it.
Alright, I’ll see you around. And please, subscribe right away.
I wish to see our subscribers count touch 1,00,000. This is Warangal Vandana, signing off.

100 thoughts on “Vandhana Vs Warden || Warangal Vandhana || Tamada Media

  1. battala meeda oil posetollam. oil vasanaki rats vachi battalu korikevi.papam warden Chala dress lu paduchesam

  2. Too bad,😃👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  3. Hai Warangal ka sher Vandana aka 😍 m ledu me wardan madam thiney food or liquid lo motion tablets vesey daily Khel katam dukan baand

  4. All are commenting like this it is difficult to take revenge on warden in private school especially cbse schools if it is government we can do but we can't do in private if warden complain in principle we will be suspended it is difficult task

  5. Nen inter gouthami junior clg , nyt 10 steady hr tharvatha andaru Panaka goda dunki nodules techukunetollam , aadi tutor gaadu kanipettindu ,oka roju mrng 5ki nidra lepaniki vachindu lights apppu duppati kappi masthu kumminam

  6. When she comeing into your room keep bucket of water and next day keep bucket of ice cream mix with cheese keep this all on the 🚪 door

  7. Tarchar barimchaleka suside chesukumtunav ani dummy police tho warden ki phone chesi yedipinchandi warden ni..

  8. Really sister hostel kastalu Eva nenu 6 th class kani hostel kastalu ento Naku thelusu ma Annaya kids 6 th class lo hostel lo na unnadu hostel kastalu padaleka 1 year undi vacasindu

  9. Warden ki juice lo motion tablet Ivvu akka dhanitho inka adi bathroom chuttu tiragali😂😂,ma warangal vandhanakka revenge successful, lekapothe painanunchi tose dhebbaki podhi Warden😂🤣

  10. Bro water lo motion pills kalipi icheyandi debbaki konni rojulu aa godavey undadu

    P.S: naa bathukuni sarva nashinam chesindhi sri chai**nya

  11. నడుస్తున్నప్పుడు కొబ్బరి నూనె మెట్టులపైన పోయి

  12. Bad wardens I will never go to this kinds of hostel and the warden acting too much I will give her real slap

  13. Getting caught by warden when climbing trees n plucking mangoes n gauvas. Pzzz do this vandan its my real life experience with my bestfriend

  14. Lights off ayyaka or Tinna taruvatha migilina curry and rice in warden mokam paina visarandi and plates tho kottandi ma hostel loo elane garigindi madi boys hostel kanuka ala

  15. Warden ni bayapettalante nail polish drink chesinattu act cheyandi adi ala ante mouth daggara nail polish puyandi

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