Vampr – Invest in the world’s #1 social network for creatives
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Vampr – Invest in the world’s #1 social network for creatives

Hi, my name is Josh Simons, one of the
co-founders of Vampr. In 2015 I set out with my good friend Baz Palmer to create
a social professional network for musicians. Vampr is now one of the
fastest-growing and most active networks of its kind in the world. With a single
swipe our app lets users connect with other musicians anywhere on the planet.
Half a million users have joined Vampr in 198 countries, with our largest bases
in North America India Brazil and Europe. Our community has made 4 million
connections with hundreds of thousands of new songs produced along the way. We believe the creative community doesn’t need gatekeepers, it needs facilitators.
The bigger our community gets, the bigger the opportunity grows for all. That’s why
we want to expand our network and open it up to all the creative verticals: from
filmmakers to fashion designers, actors to animators. The hundreds of millions of
you immersed in the creative arts. And to do this we’re going to need your help.
Equity crowdfunding is a popular new model allowing anyone to own and
actually share in a company and its ongoing market value. It also allows you
the opportunity to help shape the future of a platform you already love. And as
many of you would know the value of connecting people is substantial.
LinkedIn solved for twenty six billion dollars in 2016,
whilst tinder went public with a valuation of three billion dollars in
2015. That said growing a social network takes real commitment, capital
and a shared vision. That’s why we want you to own a piece of us and help us
make Vampr the LinkedIn for all creatives. The place to establish your
network, showcase your work, find the job you really want and communicate and
collaborate with like-minded souls. Vampr has been acknowledged by multiple industry and tech leaders from being included in Apple’s Best of the Year
apps list to Facebook and Amazon contributing funding support. We also
recently partnered with Capitol Records for their Capitol Royale hackathon event
and have been acknowledged by multiple awards from SFMusicTech in San
Francisco, to the Lovie Awards in Europe. Honestly there’s no better team in the
world equipped for this challenge. Everyone at Vampr has enjoyed a career in the creative arts. Literally everyone, including our developers. We understand
inherently that people will spend money to further their career because we all
spend a boatload of cash furthering our own. I myself have worked with everyone from Travis Scott to Keith Urban, racking up
tens of millions of streams along the way. My co-founder Baz Palmer is a Hall of
Fame musician. He’s gone 12x platinum and has spent the last 20 years
touring the world with his band Hunters & Collectors. Investors from our last round include Nick Feldman of 80s pop band Wang Chung and our advisory board
includes Matt Adell, the former CEO of Beatport and Native
Instruments CDO. Everyone who works at Vampr started off playing the club
circuit and would go on to theatres and ultimately arenas. We understand a
creative person’s requirements at every step of the journey. We translate this to
Vampr. We didn’t have to learn how to find our audience, to use text speak.
We just spoke directly with you. This is why Vampr hasn’t had a problem building a user base. In 2017 and 2018 our average cost of onboarding a new user
was nine cents. This is three times less than the top 10% of all music apps
worldwide. No outside advertising agency could ever deliver this result for us. We
know what this market values, even if the top end of town thinks you’re too stingy
to develop your own career. Every day tens of thousands of listings are posted
on Craigslist Fiverr and Facebook groups with creatives looking for work. These
options are okay for one-off gigs but these aren’t platforms designed for
creatives to build a meaningful network. A community invested in your creative
journey. It’s opportunities, conversations, support and friendship. If time is our
most valuable asset then resorting to classifieds in the 21st century is no
solution at all. Vampr has modernized networking for musicians are finding
lifelong creative partners all over the world. We now want to do that for people
in all other creative fields. Plenty of startups have attempted and continue to
attempt to crack this space. We would argue that the only platform that ever came
close was MySpace… that is before Murdoch went and made a mess of that one. Last year we conducted a three-month study using Apptopia data where we
looked at the mobile growth rate of some of our competitors. ReverbNation, Jammcard, Treble… we’re sure you’ve heard of a few. We’ll let this pie graph do the talking.
So why trust us? Why believe that Vampr can sustain the kind of growth that
we’ve enjoyed to date? The proof is in the pudding. All we can do is show you how
much Vampr has grown between the last time we raised money and now. When we
closed our last fundraising round we optimistically forecast 10,000 users in
the first year and a 100,000 users in year two. Never in our
wildest dreams did we think we’d get to half a million users. Suffice to say our
investors are incredibly happy with the progress and will be joining us again in
this new round. This brings us to the future of the platform. Half a million
uses is great but how do we reach saturation point? With one and a half
million dollars Vampr is well on track to onboard 10 million users within the
next 5 years. We will invest in expanding the platform with new features and added
functionality. And we will do this with the introduction of the feed. Watch your
contacts network with one another and engage with each other’s updates. Comment,
like and share the things you love. Build your public identity on the world’s
fastest growing creative network, expanding your opportunities. We will
deploy all funds raised over an 18-month period in which time we forecast
revenues of 3 million dollars. That will bring the company to a position of
Raman profitability. This is to say that the next time we go out to raise
funds it won’t be out of necessity. It’ll be because we’re trying to scale our
growth. And we hope you’ll be around to share in that success. That begs the
question, how will Vampr make any money? Well advertising is a low hanging fruit
and it accounts for about 30% of our revenues in our business model. We have
already tested ad campaigns with the BBC and Atlantic Records, and we observed
click-through rates 10 times higher than that of Facebook. Far closer to our
hearts is the introduction of our subscription, premium tier:
Vampr Pro. It’s been 2 years in the making it’s the product of extensive analysis
as to how other meet platforms and creative networks make money. Meet
platforms are social networks built on the interaction of strangers, as opposed
to friends. Think LinkedIn and Tinder versus Facebook and Twitter. These
platforms make the vast majority of money from premium features that enhance user’s networking opportunities, as opposed to running ads. With Vampr Pro we will extend the users reach on the platform on multiple fronts. For example,
let’s consider you’re a guitarist in Los Angeles. There’s 50,000 of you on the
platform already. How do you cut above that noise? Boost your profile for 24
hours on Vampr Pro. Exhibit additional links to your work, and make your profile
standout. Get verified and reach out to your dream contact directly with
Vampr Pro. We will be keeping our free tier almost identical to its
current incarnation. The objective with Vampr Pro has always been about
extending your possibilities on the platform. Our business model is built on
the assumption that if 4.5% of users sign up to Vampr Pro
and we continue to grow a 12.2% per month, that will cover costs
within the first year of launch. I’ve said a lot and hopefully some of it has
excited you. Here’s an opportunity to own and help influence the future of
Vampr. We are uniquely positioned to continue to dominate this market and
monetize our product, whilst ambitiously growing into the first proper social
network for creatives all over the world. Vampr was created to help make your life
easier and solve your immediate problems. Now we’re asking you to help us, so we
can continue to make your networking life richer, bigger and better. Thank you.

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