Using Facebook For Brand Awareness
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Using Facebook For Brand Awareness

18 thoughts on “Using Facebook For Brand Awareness

  1. hello. how often do we need to run brand awareness campaign? and how much would that cost? can you also give us an estimate please? thank you

  2. Thanks for the video! When you say consistency is key, how consistent? I'm sure it depends, but for music for example : if we

    release music and people don't like it at the moment for some reason, could we post another ad 4 months later and still get

    that increase in effectiveness? How do you interpret when people WILL be interested if not now?

  3. Hi Ben,
    I have a question. Does brand awareness campaings bring new Fb page likes and followers?
    Kind regards

  4. How do you deal with the fact that facebook audience lists are dynamic and will change form month to month even if it is a targeted audience that I have saved?

    For example, instead of targeting hundreds of thousands of people, I've instead chosen 25k people for my long-term brand awareness campaign through facebook targeting, which I plan on serving ads to regularly since it's building equity, like you mentioned in the video.

    But the thing is that even thought I've already saved this targeted audience list, they will change from month to month since some targeting options are dynamic, such as 'behaviours of people that have engaged in shopping in the last 90 days', along with other behaviours and interest which will change based on the posts and pages that the people on those saved audiences are interacting with.

    Meaning that this approach sounds good in theory, but this list of 25k people that are currently saved, for example, will have changed a year down the line since facebook user behaviour and interest targeting are dynamic.

    Would like to get your take on this dynamic audience issue in regards to long term branding approach.

  5. Thanks for the sharing! Great video!

    I know branding campaign is really crucial for marketing while for us to measuring brand campaign's result, it seems that we always use impressions and video views. But for a business owner who are looking for ROI, impressions/video view seems meaningless for them. In what way you would measure the effectiveness of that brand campaign and linkage those data to evaluate ROI of the campaigns?

  6. Hey Ben, When we run a brand awareness campaign, after the campaign gets over, how do we pull up a report showing how many people have said yes seeing an ad as FB lifts ads in terms of asking ppl if they have seen it.

  7. How to measure purchase intent on facebook. E.g. 6.6-point
    Lift in purchase intent
    (what does this mean?) How is it measured.

  8. Hey Ben, love your detail explanations in your video. I was wondering for personal accounts, would you recommend branding campaign or direct response campaign?
    I`m looking to increase the engagement and followers count as the main goal.

  9. When running brand awareness campaigns do you recommend this first before direct response. As it may increase he results of the direct response campaign. If so for how long & how much $$$ should I allow for a good branding campaign.

  10. Hi Ben,

    I'm a late watcher of your video. I have a questions regarding on brand awareness campaign on your explanation. What do you consider as `brand awareness` campaign ? Is it just `Brand Awareness` in Facebook Objective ? or are there some sort of content requirements (which the FB objective can be anything) ?

  11. Would you say that brand awareness ads work better than page like ads for growing your facebook page?

  12. I run a few businesses… clothing in Uganda, and painting company in USA…

    I really appreciate the quality of your videos…

    Suits Avenue, Suits Centre, and Bella's ladies collection…

    Are in Uganda…

    Exterior and interior painting specialists in USA…

    My question has 2 parts…

    I linked book now buttons on the painting website as an event for conversion tracking… how many conversions do i need to start a conversion campaign?

    Second, the clothing shops do not sell online… so what suggestion do you have for conversion tracking, or evidence of successful campaign…

    I asked to be in your group, pls continue the great videos…


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