Use an external camera to stream on Facebook Live, PC and OBS Walkthrough
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Use an external camera to stream on Facebook Live, PC and OBS Walkthrough

in this video I’m going to show you what
I think is one of the cheapest and best ways to streamline Facebook live on
YouTube hello I’m Stephen ballast welcome to my channel where I explore
worship technology solutions live streaming is a really popular topic
right now everybody is looking at how to get their church’s live stream up and
running so I’m going to show you one method for streaming to Facebook live
using an external camera or a switcher with OBS software on a PC there are
several reasons you’d want to use an external camera through a video
interface like this Blackmagic intensity shuttle first it allows you to use
better cameras with better lenses longer zoom capability and more control over
exposure and use external audio inputs all of which are important in a
production environment also this setup lays the groundwork for growing your
video system if you start with one camera just add a switcher and another
camera and you’ve got a multi-camera setup still using all the equipment that
you invested in originally let’s talk through the hardware I have here and
some gotchas to look out for with the intensity shuttle on the input I’m using
one of our production cameras with an HDMI output but you could also use a
switcher with an HDMI output the intensity shuttle takes that in through
a full size HDMI connector and then connects to your computer through a
regular USB 3 connection some people struggle to get video working through
the intensity shuttle and I think the reason is an overlooked technical spec
or limitation in its specification if you look at the video standards that it
supports it doesn’t support 1080p 60 unfortunately a lot of cameras output
this format on their HDMI connector especially a lot of cheap consumer
cameras for instance I couldn’t get the usual entry-level camera that I
recommend the canon r 800 to work directly connected to the shuttle
because it’s HDMI output defaults to 1080p 60 even if you set the camera to
record at its lower bit rates which are supposed to be 720 resolution the HDMI
output still stays at 1080p 60 if I ran it through a format converter that
forced the output to 720p which is supported then it worked fine so what
this comes down to is if you’re going to use the intensity shuttle which for
about 200 dollars is a good video interface just be aware of what the
limitations are and pay really close attention to the video standards that
your camera supports and here’s one that lets you control
video standard the camera is set to if you’re using a switcher like an ATM just
set your video standard to something other than 1080p 60 and if you’re
streaming on Facebook live there really isn’t any reason to be doing anything
over 720p okay let’s talk about how to configure the software on the computer
first you’ll need to download and install the Blackmagic desktop video
drivers I always go straight to their website and download the latest drivers
rather than use the drivers they send on the SD card because they’re usually
really old then download and install OBS from their website I’ve got the links to
all these downloads as well as the hardware I’m using down in the
description of this video once you’ve got all that installed one quick check
you can do to make sure your hardware is working correctly is to open up the
Blackmagic software media Express this was installed as part of the desktop
video drivers in it you can verify that you’re getting a picture from your
camera it’s a good troubleshooting tip that you can use to verify that
everything on the Blackmagic capture device ID is happy and working once you
have your camera connected open up OBS and first you’re going to add a source
and select black magic device and then create new select intensity shuttle and
click OK then we need to go to the settings button and click on the stream
settings select Facebook live as your service default server should work fine
and then enter your stream key that you got from your Facebook Connect page
that’s all you need to do to configure OBS the rest of the defaults for
facebook live should work fine but I’m going to show you a few other settings
in case you need to configure them under the output settings is where you can
adjust your bitrate the default of 2500 is probably fine to start with depending
on your internet speed then also in video settings it should default to an
output of 1280 by 720 since this is the highest resolution you can send to
Facebook click OK and you’re ready to start streaming to your Facebook page
just click the start streaming button and you should see your video show up in
the preview window on Facebook if you’re having issues with reliability your
stream dropping out or getting glitchy that’s when you’d want to adjust your
video size and bit settings try having your resolution to
640 by 360 and also half your bitrate to a thousand most issues with video
streaming are going to be due to the reliability of your internet connection
or the horsepower of your computer so lowering your bitrate can help you with
both of those your internet connection should always have at least double the
upload bandwidth as the bitrate you stream at and that’s it you should be up
and streaming on Facebook hey if you found this video helpful give it a
thumbs up and be sure and subscribe to my channel until next time bye you

100 thoughts on “Use an external camera to stream on Facebook Live, PC and OBS Walkthrough

  1. How can I remove my camera viewfinder (STBY 1/200 F1.4 etc) settings from the screen when using OBS to livestream?

  2. I am currently livestreaming a single camera through a BMD into my Mac. And recording onto the camera at the same time so that I can edit the video for posting on YouTube later. What would be a good choice for a basic switcher so that I could use multiple cameras? What would then be the best way to record the video on my Mac so that I can edit it and post it to YouTube later? Thanks.

  3. Hi Ballast,
    I'm looking for a capture device with 4 hdmi inputs. Or i will go for 4 capture devices with single hdmi input. Which one you recommend according to the video delay. If i use 4 devices do i get 4 different video delays? Share your idea please. Thanks

  4. so I bought the Decimator Md-HX and I totally lost on how to set this thing up, could you please help me? I have a Sony Handycam HDR-PJ710. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  5. First of all: Thank you for a a great channel! We are building a multi camera set up in my local church in Norway, and have watched many of your videos with great interest! This may be a stupid question, but what is the difference between the BMD Intensity Shuttle and an encoder. As far as I can see, the Intensity Shuttle is cheaper than, for example, the AJA HELO or BMD Web Presenter.

  6. Hi steven, i have an old Blackmagic Intensity Pro card do you think it will support a Canon r800?
    as you said the canon r800 hdmi defaults to 1080p 60. and i cant find an old specification on the Intensity pro if it supports 1080p 60?

  7. I purchased the Black Magic UltraStudio Mini Recorder to do some live streaming to Face Book. However the unit does not come with the thunderbolt wire. I have been searching for this cable o hook from the recorder to a PC. What I believe i need is cable with a Thunderbolt connection on one end and USB on the other, where would i find that? Thanks

  8. I have received my Intensity Shuttle, I walked through your setup, My camera works great on the Black Magic Media express, i see a picture and audio. however, I do not see anything through OBS, and when I go to Facebook, and go Live, there is no picture nor audio I get a black screen with the "Live" and countdown up in the left corner of FB. again, no picture nor sound like I get through the media express showing my camera is working well.

  9. shallom bro , nice video . but i need your help , how to live feed video with lyric ? currently i used Easyworship for my church ,.. what device do i need ?

  10. Hi Steven, my PC doesn't have thunderbolt (just HDMI) port but I want to use the Blackmagic Ultra Studio Mini Recorder. I saw on Amazon that they have a thunderbolt-to-HDMI cable. Would this work? Thank you much.

  11. I am using intensity shuttle Usb3.0 to livestream with OBS. However, the image from the camcorder displayed through OBS is jagged when the image is moving. I do not know how to solve this problem. Can you help me solve this problem? Thank you very much

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  13. I'm using a Logitech 920 can you make a video on using the lower end Cams such as the one I'm using, for Facebook Live?

  14. Great Tutorial. Clear, not complicated and easy to understand instructions. Technical learning will surely be a success.

  15. Great Video. Do I need to change the camera source on my facebook live too? I use a macbook pro and the only facebook source is facetime camera

  16. Hii very nice explanation.
    I have following requirements please help me :
    I wanted to do my classroom live on YouTube and Facebook as well
    My class have following components
    1. Whiteboard
    2. Mylaptop screen
    Sometimes I want to show whiteboard in and as per requirements my laptop screen also
    I have video camera which is Panasonic pv100 ..
    Please help me it's urgent

  17. I video my services. I decided to update the front camera by getting a new one with external mic.. I can't pass the screen that shows MSDS OR PC CAMERA.

  18. can you please describe here the software links used for live streaming fb, i m using macbook air , macos , also the hardware needed for this.

  19. My Panasonic 2500 streams on obs just using micro hdmi from the camera to 3.0 usb. Why would anyone spend the money for something like this if they have hdmi out on their camera?? People like you who put your Amazon Affiliate link in your description and try to sell people crap they don't need are scammers

  20. OBS has been very problematic for me because on two different PC’s it sometimes displays a white screen when trying to record and a black screen when streaming. Other times it’s the other way around streaming the images but no sound. I tend to do remote into my streaming PC since I’m usually at work.

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  22. Hi Steven, it's still me, I've been trying to be live and on OBS right down as soon as I go live the CPU goes up from 15% to 83% + – and 30fps become 15fps, I I was 15s late. and Kb / s at 2400-2700, it varies.
    What's wrong ? tell me what should I do? Is this my internet connection? I have download: 28.59Mb / s and upload: 11.53Mb / s, or is it my laptop network wifi.
    And here's what YouTube says for the feed:

    5:19 pm Poor video output
    YouTube receives an insufficient video signal for constant broadcast. Therefore, buffering will be necessary.
    Please check the video resolution. The current resolution is (1366 x 768), which is not optimal.
    The current bit rate of the audio stream of 0 is less than the recommended rate. We recommend that you use an audio bit rate of 128 Kb / s.

    ASUS X455LJ
    Intel Core i7-5500U 2.40ghz 2.39ghz
    Memory 8GB HDD
    ACPI x64
    hard drive replaced by: PNY CS900 SSD
    2.5 SATA 6GB / s 7mm
    Graphics Cards: NVIDIA GE FORCE 920M
    Can I stream live videos that are already on my computer?
    I also bought a 300 'SDI cable

    Thank you very much for your help, it is very appreciated.

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  24. wanted your help, need to know if i can use Black Magic Intensity Shuttle for Live Streaming Class room sessions or plaforms like or BigBlue Button or even skype (More or less use my Cacoder like a web camera) plz help..

  25. God bless you brother!! Hi there 👋🏻, I’m new to what is streaming live for Facebook for our church down here in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷. I wanted to know what converter can I use with my canon camcorder. I have a canon hr 800 the same as which you have in this video. I also downloaded OBS Studio software on my windows pc. Thank you and god bless you brother.

  26. Hi!

    With windows 10 os and two Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle is possible a multi camera live stream? I don't want to buy a switcher.

  27. ★★★wow, very nice video
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  28. Quick question. I’m planning on getting the intensity shuttle for our church. But we are using a pc instead of Mac. I was told that using the usb 3 may not work on pc. So, the guy at black magic design told me to get the shuttle with the thunderbolt output. He said that I need to get an apple thunderbolt to usb type c adapter! Does that sound right to you?

  29. My hard sony hdr pj 675 camera is there, will it be possible? Can you guide me in Marathi or Hindi?

  30. I am looking at a Panasonic AG-MX70 8 Input Digital Audio-Video Switcher / Mixer 

    To buy for our church to upgrade from a Edurol non digital. Does this have the converter built in for video to broadcast?

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    I have an issue I hope you can help me with!

    I have just received a Sony AX33 camcorder, and I wish to set up a livestream through OBS. How do I get the live videofeed to the PC? The cam has both USB and HDMI outputs, but I cant get the feed to my PC.

    I hope you can assist me!

  36. A new way to multi-camera live stream with OBS:
    Also, my favorite video interface:

  37. I have two live recurses , both with music, I want to keep one of them on my live streaming
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  39. Hello brother first of all thank you for all this very helpful videos.
    My question is I want to start using a camera for Facebook live what camera you recommend and what else do I need to get. Thank you

  40. I am very very upset with this, because this works with your camera but-not with mine, as mine has Bnc an rca connectors where as yu use a camera that has a direct connection, an 1 problem i have had in past is that when i connect a camera to my computer, indirectly with a capture device on for, instance skype, it picks up capture device but-not camera that is connected to capture device, with microphone on camera, an it is same with facebook, tells me there is a capture device but no camera found an never Looks for camera's microphone but always build in computer microphone, an i tried obs software which does-not seem to connect to fb.

    I sort some advice from a commercial seller about streaming before i saw this video here an they said i need something called a wozwa, but-then yu mentioned H.264 device so i bought that an checked that it had connections for bnc, before buying it, but-since i have had it, i at first did-not for a Long while know what cables connect to bnc on device from camera an over an over again tried every single 1 for a number of weeks, and-of course your video did-not show how-to connect camera if yu have bnc untill i emailed company i bought it from an they told me, but apparently this device is realy a gloryfied recording device to computer as it is called a pro-recorder an i did-not buy this decive at about £450 pounds sterling just to do what a normall capture device does.!!!!

    I am also starting to think that perhaps yu can stream with an ordinary video capture device as i saw 1 video where the guy was saying yu could.!!!!

    But at this moment i am around 450 pounds sterling down t drain if this this device that yu recomended does-not work for me.!!!!

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