18 thoughts on “URGENT: Instagram Algorithm Updates Kill Engagement in 2018?

  1. Are you suffering from engagement plummet on Instagram? Leave your IG handle and we shall speak about it. Watch Everything Instagram episodes here https://bit.ly/2pbvIxa

  2. I like the point you made about getting bored with regularly updated posts. I never really thought about it, but you're right. I never really thought much about it, but now I realize that a lot of the time I just scroll passed posts that are on my feed. This is mainly because I run somewhat of a niche fanpage on IG, and my mutuals post the exact some thing almost every day as new updates on the celebrity come in. It's really redundant. Your point was a good reference and reminder to myself to not fall into that boring pattern. I try to be quite different from majority of the fan accounts within my community. Thanks for making me acknowledge this. 👍🏻

  3. good stuff Mike! had a bunch of my buddies say their engagement was down , but we've notice big updates usually play a factor in the decrease

  4. Hey, thank you for your video. It was very interesting to hear your thoughts on this and actually gave me a new point of view. I started my Instagram 7 months ago and grew it organically, didn't buy promos, no engagement groups etc. I was always super happy with the engagement, got a lot of great messages and comments and always responded. But lately, I feel like everything really decreased…when I ask my followers if I should switch things up/get a new design etc they always say, no its great the way it is. I post one fact every single day because everyone always told me that's the only way to grow. Now I thought my followers might be annoyed by too many posts but when I asked them, they said I should keep it that way/post even more. But now your video got me thinking…maybe I should only post every other day. This might increase interest and engagement. However I'm worried that it also might hurt my growth algorithm wise or whatever. What do you think?
    btw my insta is @schauderhaft_ if you want to check it out

  5. i was listened from other channels too but got it better from you . but still i have problem with my account İG:onursecer if you have any thought feel free too tell

  6. Will you please review my page instagram.com/manofambition_ . I started getting 100 likes per posts on average and suddenly got about 150 in some recent posts. However, my likes on yesterday's post is only 70

  7. I really like your thoughts on instagram, you seem to be very genuine and i appreciate that, so you definitely deserve a Sub from me 👍👍👍

  8. Hi Mike, my engagement drop drastically even i posted it at the best time and day based on Instagram analytics. Please pay me a visit at my profile, thanks
    IG: andrewng0414

  9. I'm having a problem of instagram advertising, used to be usd5/day which I've ran for 4 days, received huge engagements and 50-80k of total impression, September onwards my ads were drop from 50k impression into 2-4k per 4 days advertising for straight 15 months. My Instagram account @rgb.latteart if you could enlighten me

  10. After reaching 1400 followers in a slow and steady way over the years, after May 2018 I started dropping and now I am at 1.170 or so and can't seem to grow. For every 10 followers I will gain, I will lose 10 and / or more. 1 step forward, 2 steps back .

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