Upload on YouTube on your Android phone or tablet
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Upload on YouTube on your Android phone or tablet

In this video, we’ll show you how to upload to YouTube
on your Android phone or tablet. If you have any questions about
uploading after watching this video please let us know in the
comments, so we can help you. To get started, open the YouTube app and tap the Camera
icon at the top of the screen.>From here, you can choose videos
that are already on your phone or tablet or you can tap the
Camera icon to film a new video. Once you’re set, tap here. After recording a video,
or selecting an existing one you’ll be able to do some
editing before you upload. You can choose to trim the clip
by moving the blue bars at the bottom. You can also add a filter to
give the video a different look by tapping this Magic Wand icon. Finally, you can also add background
music by tapping the Music icon here. You can hear a preview
by tapping the Play icon and, when you find some
music you like, tap the Plus icon. When you add in background
music, you can adjust the volume levels to balance out the background
music and original audio of the clip. You can also move the audio clip around if you’d like the song
to start at a certain point. Once you’re done editing, swipe up here to enter a title,
description, and set the privacy. Once you’re set, tap this
icon at the top to start uploading. Once the upload is finished, you can go
back anytime to edit your video’s details. And that’s it! Subscribe to our channel for
more YouTube tips and tricks. If you have a question, we’re
here to help in the comments below.

100 thoughts on “Upload on YouTube on your Android phone or tablet

  1. Bonjour l'équipe YouTube. Au fait je suis entrain de vouloir commencer à poster mes vidéos qui porteront sur "femme de différence " quelle est la procédure pour y arriver ?

  2. I want to upload something on youtube but not responding.even there have a wifi connection.what is the best to do?

  3. How do I download the video with ed ames on the ed sullivan showing singing, When The Snow Is On The Rose's to my personnel channel?

  4. ho bisogno di parlare con una persona fisica in italiano che mi risponda alle domande specifiche sulla mia specifica situazione. ho già provato al 0236618300 ma dopo attesa mi chiudono la chiamata.grazie!!!!

  5. Hey youtube support team! Thanks for the information, one quick question. Why does the final uploaded video occurs dramatic quality drop..? I have set up 4k 24 fps, edited and upon upload, the video does not look the same as my original.
    I used my ipad to upload via the app. Please advise! Thank you 🙂

  6. Just the three options? Title, description and…., It doesn't have the option of monetization, tags, them nails, etc. How can those be done?

  7. E agradável termos bons programa o YouTube me agrada por termos muitos programas continuados como o quais é infinito muito bom e me agrada muito okey

  8. i have two YouTube channel one is old and other is new…i get mails as YouTube creator monthly report in the old account but not in the new account why?

  9. Hi youtube hope you see this i know its 2019
    im trying to upload a fortnite video from my IPad Mini 4 with talking in it and when it uploads it mutes me talking please help me ASAP

  10. I am 40 years IT veteran. I do softweare development as well. I have to say that most of the Google web projects SUCK ! because of the interface.
    I guess YouTube falls into the same category now. It is so counterintuitive that it seems like the interace was designed by somebody on drugs. Even simple tasks (i.e like DELETING a video take so much time simply because thngs are hidden all over the pages and no logic seem to exist). Every new iteration and Google products it becomes worse. I really cannot understand how the IT giant can hire such crappy developers who have no idea what the end user expects (or perhaps have no appropriate skills to do this type of work).

    It is so easy to go on the web and see how others design their screens and compare that. It is so easy to take some (unxeprienced users and ask the to compare this and that interface and see how can they move around pages). New Video Editor sutdio (which I just tried to use) is just disastrer. Although it might have god functionality, they way the pages are designed is terrible and a shame for major development company. I use YouTube for years but not really extensively. Recantly decided to do more work on videos and having really hard time to find things around.
    Most of the time average user has no time or guts to stand out and eplain what and why it is no god, so I deicded to do it right up front here.


  11. when I upload video it plays in one mode only like portrait when i turn it in landscape mode the video cuts from both left and right side. So please help me.

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  13. I found the little icon of the camera which you described when I clicked on that there was only 4 videos in there how do I get all my pictures and videos to show for some reason when I hit the share on my picture in my gallery it does not show the app for YouTube all my other apps are there except for YouTube?

  14. I just saw a nice video on the unveiling of the statue of Frank Sutton where he lived. But missing was the name of the sculptor, or else I didn't know where it was. I also made a comment under the relevant video. Thank you.

  15. Can you make your video fullscreenwhen I record it comes out as a thin strip or it comes out sideways if I use landscape can this be corrected also if you already made a video can you correct it your answer would be welcome thank you

  16. How do you upload your photo from your pictures collection to YouTube to send to a friend that is on your YouTube home page


  18. When I am on my channel using creators studio the camera icon is replaced with an arrow.⬆
    When I click it,nothing happens. I have cleaned out cashe,history etc. and have also logged in and out but nothing changes. I am using an Amazon fire tablet and I have over 30 videos and this has never happened before. Help!!!

  19. Can an uploader or channel

    operator can see his / her

    Videos / uploads

    Very much confusion

    Please clear it in details

    Thanks in advance !

    Stay Blessed n Connected!

  20. When I select the camera icon, I get 'record' or 'go live' …the pictures and videos below that is where I have the trouble. How do I load pictures and videos into THAT part. ? Thank you…Tom,Bristol

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