Upgrade Your Television to 4K for Free

Guys, what if I told you that the TV you own right now may be capable of displaying 4K resolution? Without having to pay anything or buying a new TV or anything like that? It may sound crazy, but it’s actually possible for most of you. So what am I talking about? How is this possible? So you might be interested to know that ever since 4k TV panels have been coming out, Manufacturers have found that it’s a lot cheaper to just produce the same 4k panel and put it into all TVs as opposed to producing a whole bunch of different resolution panels like lower ones as well as 4K and And producing smaller numbers of each so what they’re actually doing is putting 4k panels into every level Tier of TVs and on the lower end TVs They’re just full hd advertised just have some of the pixels duplicated or disabled so you don’t get that full 4K resolution. But the TV is still capable of producing that image. So what’s the big deal? Well the big deal Is that you can actually activate those deactivated pixels and get a way higher Resolution than what your TV was producing before so what they do is. They put in Way more pixels than their typical resolution and then those pixels are Duplicated, so there are no gaps in the TV and it appears brighter And it looks like one solid image even though a lot of the pixels are just duplicated there might be 4 pixels that are displaying the same thing so on these panels you can actually activate these pixels So instead of just duplicating the image each pixel can play a portion of the video so you effectively multiply the Resolution so say you have 4 pixels that are being duplicated as [one] then if you activate each Individual pixel that’s effectively multiplying the whole TVS resolution by 4 and that’s what most Manufacturers, do now the only difference between these high-end 4k TVS and the lower-end 1080p TVs is that the manufacturer puts in a Display driver with less memory so the TV isn’t able to display that 4k And that’s why it doesn’t but if your able to add memory then you can allow [the] TV to display it It’s fully capable resolution. So you simply need to allow the TV to have access to more memory and do that We’re going to need a thumb drive the faster the flash drive You have the better and as well you need at least four gigabytes and makes sense 4k four gigabytes But a higher capacity flash drive such as this 32 gigabyte one will probably Perform better so what you have to do is format your memory card, so that It’s wiped and your TV can use the full memory and you have to format it in either FaT32 or ntFs these are pretty standard your computer should be able to do this no problem [and] then all you have to do is literally plug the memory card into the back of the TV most Modern TVs Have a USB port if it doesn’t have a USB port chances are it’s not going to have that type of panel That’s capable of upgrading anyway so Sorry if you don’t have a uSb port Then you’re probably not going to be able to upgrade it at all and this is going to be all Automatic so as soon as you plug in the thumb drive you might have to turn the TV off Iran or try unplugging It and plugging back in [to] completely reset it. You should notice an instant increase in resolution now I did this on [my] TV and I was amazed it worked and here’s a before and after you can see zoomed in just how Pixelated the original it looks when it’s zoomed in and how detailed the new one looks when it’s zoomed in. It’s really a dramatic increase 4k is four times the resolution of 1080p so you can imagine that you know it’s basically like Multiplying the resolution and putting four screens in one it’s crazy, and that’s pretty much all there is to it It’s a pretty big secret. It sounds really stupidly simple, but I guess the manufacturers have kept this a pretty big secret So why don’t you guys let me know in the comments how it goes? Also, don’t forget to like the video and subscribe for new videos at least once a week I also want to send a big shout out to to our Twitter followers they helped me out with the idea for this video That’s not heat, Islam. I think I might have pronounced that wrong. I’m sorry and George force those two guys They follow me on Twitter, and they help me [out] the idea So if you want to send me suggestions, you can follow me on Twitter. Well, it’s just @ThioJoe I do look at all my tweets. You know. I don’t get that many So hint hint if you want to get my attention. That’s probably the best way to do it I also have a new series where you can ask me any question whether it’s a joke or a serious question [that’ll] be linked Right there on the right and [yeah] all the links to my other profiles will be in the description I hope this helped you out guys. Thanks for watching I’ll see you next time have a good one

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