Upgrade Your Playstation 3 to PS4 for Free
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Upgrade Your Playstation 3 to PS4 for Free

Hey guys, ThioJoe here, and for the last few months, so many people have been asking me if it’s possible to upgrade the PS3 to the PS4 just like it’s possible to upgrade the Xbox 360 to Xbox One, and yes I’ve finally figured it out, this is gonna show you have to upgrade the PS3 to the PS4 for free. It’s really not that hard, might take a couple of minutes, but I think you’ll have no problem with it. Basically what’s gonna happen is we’re gonna trick the PS3 into installing a PS4 update, so it’s gonna overwrite the OS, and wipe everything off so that we can get that PS4 OS on there. Now it’s no surprise that this upgrade process is similar to that of the Xbox 360, but it is a little bit different. Again we’re going to be using the game disc update, these are updates that are on a PS4 disc that are mainly for people who don’t have an internet connection and so they can update their system and play games that require a certain system version, without having to download that update. So you’re just going to need any PS4 disc, I’m going to be using call of duty Ghosts but it really doesn’t matter which one you use. Now the way we’re going to upgrade through this disc is different from the regular update process. We’re gonna have to boot into a special safe mode on the PS3 to get to this more lenient upgrade process, so I’ll walk you through it, and it’s not that hard, but I want to point out that there’s no way to go back from this. Once you get to the PS4, you’re stuck there also, that means that any data on the PS3 is gonna be gone, it’s gonna be all wiped, you’re installing a whole new OS. So obviously, as always, if you have anything important on there, back it up now. We’re going to go to the PS4 right now and I’ll show you exactly what you have to do. Alright so I’m at the TV with the PS3 and obviously it is off right now. You want to start with the PS3 off, you want to unplug any USB drives or anything. The only thing you want to have plugged in is a controller or two. Those are the only things you can have plugged in, and then you want to boot into safe mode by doing the following process. Alright so we want to boot into safe mode, don’t put your disc in yet, just have it ready. What you want to do is first, with the Playstation 3 off, press and hold the power button. After 5 or so seconds, you’re going to hear a beep and then you wait a few more seconds and then you’re going to hear another beep, and the playstation is going to turn off. Alright so there we go now we want to do the same thing, press and hold, after 5 seconds there is going to be a beep, and then shortly after you’re going to hear two beeps. Now it’s going to boot into safe mode, and at this point, you want to put in your PS4 disc. So when you boot into safe mode, this is the first thing you’ll get, you gotta connect a USB cable, with a controller. Now I already have one controller. Now, be very careful at this menu. If you select the wrong thing, it’s going to completely wipe your system, and it’s not going to upgrade to PS4. So ignore everything except you want to go down to System Update. Do not click any of the other options, except perhaps Restart System. Now, once you click system update, it’s going to say connect that contains data, then press start and select at the same time, but we’re not gonna do this, because we already have the disc in there, and it’s gonna just look for the media, and it’s really lenient so it’s gonna be tricked anyway, so we’re gonna press start and select. It’s checking. Now we don’t have any USB drives, so hopefully it’s going to see the disc and read the update off of that. Alright so it took a while but it’s finally preparing to update and it just says “Do not Turn off The System”, obviously. Now it’s just reading from the disc now, so hopefully it’s gonna work it’s worked in the past, so I know it will. And I’m just going to skip through I guess…. Ok so we’re at 95 and we’re about to get to the end of update processing, and then we’ll see what happens after this, I believe there is going to be more prompts. So we’ll see what happens, because it’s done now. Alright so that took longer than expected, but we’re back and it’s ready to do the update it says PS3 system 4.75, I think it just defaults to that because it’s the latest version of the PS3, so we’re just gonna press the PS button, but really it’s going to update to the PS4 So checking update data… please wait… Alright and after it checks, we now get to the agreement just get through all that, do not turn it off during the update, obviously, and now we’re ready to install the update it’s now installing the PS4 OS onto the PS3 Again, I’m just going to skip through so you guys don’t have to watch, and we’ll see what happens at the end of the update… Oh wow, ok, it just zoomed to the end there! Alright so I guess it’s restarting now, that applied really quickly. And… yea ok here’s the boot up logo, let’s see if it went through completely, and alright so here it is, we’re at the setup screen and it worked, and you can see, I’m not going to go through the whole thing, but you know, it’s going to ask us to set it all up, but you guys can see that it worked and that’s all there is to it, you now have a free PS4. And that is it! You should now have a freely upgraded PS4 running on a PS3 I haven’t even noticed any performance issues, you might though because it is older hardware. I’m not sure if Sony is going to patch this I doubt it, because it is an older generation console, so you should be good for a while. I really hope you guys liked this video, let us know in the comments how it went, you can interact with other people there as well, and like the video if you found it helpful, and you can subscribe for more videos just like this. On the right hand side you can check out some other videos, such as how to upgrade your Xbox 360 to Xbox One, or even upgade Xbox 360 to PS4. These links will also be in the description if you’re on a phone, as well as any other social media links, you can follow media links, you can follow me on Twitter, subscribe, all that good stuff. Thanks again for watching, I hope you found this helpful, I will see you next time, have a good one.

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  2. Notice how he doesn't show the console in the whole video🤣! So how do we know if he switched the consoles when he skipped the update!( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. Yeah it certainly upgraded my PS3, put not in the intended way. In a related story, I just found out I live with Optimist Prime.

  4. If you want a ps4 here are steps
    1. PS3
    2. Get a ps1
    3. Buy tape
    4. Get peace of paper
    5. Pen
    6 tape ps3 and ps1 together than grab paper and write ps4 there you go!!

  5. not being funny but who would want to even go through that just buy a PS4 well this video is old now and PS4 is half way done now very soon it will be PS5

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    Step 2 look for anything of value or money

    Step 3 sell the things of value

    Step 4 get over 300 USD

    Step 5 buy a ps4 from best buy

    Step 6 enjoy

  7. Coming back here when I'm not an 8 year old and I cant believe I actually believed this. Its hardware based ffs not software lmao

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